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Put the shovel down

Lets face it, even the most hardened Microsoft fan knows that Microsoft are digging them selves into a deep hole with the Xbox One. I can not imagine the meeting where Microsoft employees sat around a table and agreed that the Xbox Ones policies where a great idea, who are these people and do they have a clue what gamer's actually want form a console. I can understand that piracy is costing developers money, but to require a check in every 24 hours or after just one hour if your at a friends house is overkill. Whats wrong with validating a game when I decide I want to turn my console on, But this isn't the only problem as you no. Used games are a huge part of gaming, not everyone can afford to go out and buy a new game at launch. So they wait a few months and purchase it used, Forcing people to buy games new is only going to encourage piracy. If you cant afford the new Halo game, what are you going to do if you can get it for half the price from a friend of a friend. I have never agreed with piracy in gaming, but Microsoft are asking for it with the Xbox One's used games policy.

I was a day one purchaser of Kinect, at first I loved it. But it quickly became a novelty item gathering dust on top of my TV. Kinect 2 has been improved, its now more accurate. Has a higher resolution camera and is REQUIRED for the console to work. Again I have to question those who thought this was a good idea, the first major issue that comes to mind. What if it breaks?, are Microsoft going to send me a free replacement?. Are they going to fix it free of charge?, I think not. The obvious second issue is privacy, is this thing listening to our conversations, can someone hack in from the outside and use it to spy on us. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I am sure there is someone clever enough out there to achieve this. But one thing that struck me form Microsoft's E3 press conference was the lack of Kinect, there were no demos, no Kinect only games. So you have to question, if it isn't for games. Whats it for?, Surely they didn't include this expensive piece of kit to navigate the console UI. So like most things about the Xbox One, it raises more questions than it answers.

I have both the PS3 and the 360, both are great consoles. Last gen I owned both the Xbox and the PS2, can I see myself owning both consoles next gen?. No, I have yet to pre order an Xbox One. I pre ordered my PS4 the day after the February reveal. There are so many positives regarding the Xbox One, great games, great controller ETC. But all of them are over shadowed by the stupid policies Microsoft have forced on us with the Xbox One. A lot of my Xbox friends have already stated they have no intention of getting the new Xbox and they will buy PS4 instead. This is no small thing either, we have been gaming together on the 360 since launch. Now we are all moving over to the PS4 exclusively, I wonder do Microsoft actually care though?. I was told time and time again that Microsoft do not care about gamer's, but I was happy with my 360. Now I am beginning to think I should have listened, How many loyal 360 fans were consulted regarding these stupid policies?, I am inclined to think none.

Will Microsoft back track these ideas and listen to what gamer's want?, is it already to late?. The PS4 is looking like the greatest console ever made, they have listened regarding the controller. Its close enough to the dual shock to keep loyal Sony fans happy, but improved enough for the likes of me who didn't like the old dual shock. They have made a console that's easy to develop for, so there will be none of the rubbish ports that plagued the PS3. Me personally, I think Microsoft have dug a hole to big to get out of. They need to drop a console that requires Kinect, internet and no used games and bring out an Xbox that gamer's want.

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GutZ311642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

They won't backtrack. If they do, it will be on very minor things, or just revise the implementation to make it seem less anti-consumer.

The 24 hour checks are likely to stay, but I see no reason they couldn't just make it a check every 72 hours. Even if you could beat a game in that time period, it would still make the online(if any) impossible to play, as the DRM checks will be waiting for you to sign in.

Like Don Mattrick said, "Stick with Xbox360" if you can't be online all the time.

Or jump ship, like any reasonable gamer would do. Go after the games.

BitbyDeath1640d ago

They should only make digital games require a 24 hour online check and disc games a 3 day or so offline check which happens via inserting the disc.

hennessey861638d ago

The put the shovel down :D

GutZ311638d ago

I sure hope they show a better policy in the coming months. The one they just recently outlined doesn't sound complete.
As for my original post, I stand corrected. Never would have thought they would backtrack so aggressively.
Future will tell if it was all worth it.

NYC_Gamer1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

MS needs to learn a tough lesson just like Sony and Nintendo have

mac_sparrow1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

It's the 3rd console problem. Microsoft have just taken it to the extreme.

madpuppy1642d ago

Microsoft SOP is to enter a market. kill all the competition, either through buying them out, FUD or selling for a lot less than everybody else. once they are the only player, they make back door deals with distribution to undermine any chances for competition. after they control distribution they start to forcing policies and raise prices.
This has worked many times for them. but, as of late they lack the patience and cunning that they use to have and are jumping to the last step, It makes no sense at all. I am glad that they are failing in dominating the console gaming market, If they succeeded, It would be the true end of console gaming. a true dystopian nightmare.

maniacmayhem1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Microsoft as they have said is pushing for an all digital future. As I have no doubt that this may be true, as MS's style they are pushing it on to an audience to soon and they haven't fully embraced this type of media yet.

What MS needed to do was have retails and DL available at the same time as they are now but slowly over time faze them out. At least their own first party retail titles and have other publishers do the same.

All this digital, 24hr check in and no used games are just way too many X's on the negatives going against the Xbox One. I know that big execs always see the big picture and are thinking ahead for the future but they should have taken two steps back and looked on paper how all of this appears to the common gamer. Especially just coming off the heels of the Sim City fiasco. Not to mention you just handed the "good guy" keys over to Sony as they triumphantly proclaimed that used games would be able to play for the PS4.

Very bad move on MS's part.