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Has Nintendo made it easy for Microsoft and Sony and my review of the Fanatec GT2

I think Nintendo has made a big mistake, why are they bringing out a console only slightly more powerful than the PS3 and 360. I think this has given Microsoft and Sony a big boost this gen. Do Sony or Microsoft need to bring out a new console now, If they can compete with the Wii U in the graphics department I think they could go another three to five years with the PS3 and 360. This could also have ramifications on PC a swell because lets face it consoles are where the money is, so if Microsoft and Sony decide they can wait I think graphics wise PC could be held back. Not on the exclusives obviously, but on multi-platform games it will happen. I'm not a PC gamer but I want graphics to move forward, but with Nintendo relying on another gimmick, ie the controller and not pushing the technical boundries like they used to it could give Microsoft and Sony the breathing space to really push there next gen consoles. Resulting in a release date way beyond what we all want. It could be a good thing, we could have really powerful new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Even reliable one's, But we will probably be waiting longer than we'd hoped thanks to Nintendo's lack of ambition in the graphics department. What are your thoughts on this.

Now for the good stuff, I have recently purchased a Fanatec GT2 and seen as you can't review hardware in the review section I thought I'd give you my opinions on the wheel

My first wheel was a Logitech Driving Force GT and it was a really good wheel, but it was loud. The fanatec is almost silent in its delivery of ffb and its very strong, to the point I have to turn the settings down. You get a really good feel of what the cars doing and its the closest I've felt to driving a real car without actually getting behind the wheel.

I paid 249.99 for the wheel and 49.99 for the pedals. They are both worth every penny, the pedals were my biggest shock. I was expecting them to be ok but they are great, each individual pedal has a unique feel. They don't feel cheap like the DFGT did and you get the clutch pedal.

Both the wheel and the pedals feel really well made, there's no rattles or creaking noises. It feels solid to use and it is made out of quality materials which includes and alcantara covered wheel rim.

The wheel works on the 360, PS3 and PC so its perfect for sim racers who like Forza, GT5 and PC sims like gtr2.

I give the wheel 10 out of 10, its perfect and I know of no other wheel that works on all three major platforms.

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_CoD-Pro_2490d ago

i give the wheel 9 out of ten .

Neko_Mega2490d ago

I think Nintendo misses those hardcore gamers and is trying to give them a reason to come back.

But I don't think it will do well.

bunfighterii2490d ago

Regarding the Wii 2, it's the same business model as the Wii, which proved successful. They're releasing essentially old hardware (with another gimmicky control) and will sell it most likely at a much more competitive price than a full blown new console with new tech.

The Wii was just essentially a Gamecube in a new case and with motion control. This will be a HD console on par with the current HD gen, with a tablet. Nintendo has realised they don't need to break the bank with power and instead go for something different.

That said, having owned the last two nintendo consoles, I can say I was bitterly disappointed by their game lineups. It'll take more than new hardware for Nintendo to win over hardcore gamers. They need exclusive, mature oriented titles and lots of them, otherwise Wii U will be Wii all over again with nothing but promise.

jessupj2488d ago

From nintendo's perspective, their last strategy worked; releasing a cheap underpowered console with a gimmick, in the wii's case a motion controller.

Now for the wii 2 it's a controller with a screen.

The question you have to ask yourself though is will it work again?

How many people were disappointed with their purchase of the wii? It seems a lot of core gamers were, but the wii's attach rate isn't that far behind from the other 2 consoles so perhaps families were happy with their purchase.

I guess only time will tell.

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