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Forza Motorsport 4

I've been playing GT5 since launch day and i'm loving it, I take part in a weekly series called SSCS which is run from GT Planet by a guy called virtualbornracer. It's what GT5 is all about, great racing and you can't fault GT5 on the racing aspect. The physics are spectacular, it provides a driving experience you can only be bettered on PC and that says a lot for the game. But as for everything else, it leaves a lot to be desired, the graphics for instance. The car models and interior are the best on console's by quite a margin but the price for that is next gen cars in last gen surroundings. Look at Leguna Seca, its shocking by today's standards and I guaruntee if you compared even Forza Motorsport's 1 Leguna Seca to GT5, Forza would win. Even on the last gen xbox forza had 3D tree's, well textured road and track side details compared to GT5. If you want to talk about London, look at PGR4 it has better graphics for background detail as well. Its been the same with every GT since 3, more effort i put into making the cars look good that features and the rest of the game take a back seat.

Forza Motorsport 4 really interests me, I stopped playing Forza 3 as soon as GT5 came out. Forza 4 though seems a massive step up from Forza 3 which is what the fans wanted because the last ones have been a minor step up in quality. The new image based lighting looks fantastic, it really gives the car a realistic look because they have always had a plastic look to them in Forza. The interior view has also been improved, its now further back and not so rigid. What really excites me though is the new partnership with Top Gear, as most of you have seen you can drive the Kia C'eed round the track to compare your time's to the celeb time's. Something I know the GT5 fans wanted, also Jeremy Clarkson gives his opinion on the auto vista cars in a way only he can. Only time will tell what else Top Gear will be used in, but from interviews iv'e seen it will be used in other aspects of the game as well. There is also a partnership with Pirelli who have provided tyre data for all the cars in the game so that should see a marked improvement in the physics which were not arcadey in the last game but were over forgiving.

I will be buying Forza motorsports 4 and it makes me buying a Fanatec GT2 even more worth while, I can't wait to get my new wheel which arrives on Monday. There has been a official Fanatec Forza wheel announced, well two actually but there are little details known so far but the wheel does look great. The fact that there is now a official Forza wheel that tells me there taking their wheel support seriously this time, Forza 3 has week support and the wheels that do work are let down by the game which offer's little ffb effects compared to other games in the genre.

Another game i'm really excited about is the announcement of Halo 4, I love Halo and I can't wait to play as the chief again. I don't think we have anything to be worried about with 343, they are basically bungie with a different name, alot of ex bungie staff work there so its in good hands.

Is no one worried by the lack of console footage from BF3, apparently it was shown behind closed doors. But surely if you have this amazing game to show, you show it to the public. I am impressed with the PC footage, but I don't own a PC so i'm far more interested in the console versions of the game. I'm also impressed with what they shown of MW3, for me its only Treyarc that mess up COD games. The footage looked great with a lot going on in the background. Epic comes to mind.

Of course I have to mention gears 3, the footage they shown looked great and I will be getting it, no doubt about that. The Microsoft conference was a bit of a let down, no where near as bad as some would have you believe, but I was hoping for some news on Alan Wake 2 and PGR5 but nothing. As for sony they were concentrating on the Vita which I have no interest in, what they shown of uncharted 3 looked stunning as you would expect. I don't think they wanted to announce to much regarding PS3, so they didn't upstage the Vita which I understand. Nintendo was my biggest let down, they showed us the control pad yes, but where was the specs for the console itself. The Zelda tech demo looked astonishing, which would back up the rumours that it is more powerful that the PS3 and 360. That could have been fake though aka killzone 2 at e3 with pre rendered graphics, only time will tell.

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BlmThug2571d ago

Cargasm In The Form Of Forza 4

Kon2570d ago

Im 80% sure that Forza 4 will be a better game than GT5.

sdtarm2570d ago

Im 100% sure you are a troll

coolbeans2570d ago

Yeah, you can really tell with those 1 bubbl...oh wait :P. Seriously though, jk I've heard complaints of losing bubbles unfairly so I don't really want to generalize.

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crazyturkey2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

I just hope that you can use the same car models in vista mode and while racing, though I doubt it. As for the biggest improvement I've seen in Forza 4 is the lighting though somehow some colors look really saturated still. By the way did anyone saw the new fanatech wheel for Forza 4 it looks great.