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Here we go again

Well I have now watched the big three's events and i'm happy unlike most of the so called gamers on this site, apparently Microsoft had the worst event in the history of the world and as usual Sony is god and had the best E3 the universe has ever seen. I saw it differently, for me Microsoft had a very good event. Not perfect but very good none the less, I loved seeing kingdoms(RYSE) being showcased although we didn't see much and I also enjoyed the gears 3 single player reveal. The big one for me was Halo 4, I love halo. Not the multi player but the single player. I was fully immersed in the halo universe and I loved finishing the fight, but I always felt Halo had much more to offer with the chiefs involvement. Heres hoping 343 can carry on the same standards set by Bungie who I feel will not just stand by and let there beloved franchise go down the pan, i'm sure they will pop in from time to time to see how the chief is doing. Obviously I am super excited about the Halo CE remake, that game was the reason I traded my PS2 to in after many years of joy out of the play station brand of which I didn't return until 2 years ago when I finally bought a PS3. I remember my jaw hitting the floor when you first step out of your stricken ship and stand looking at the grass, amazed about how detailed it is and how the sun distorted when moving behind objects. Few other games have had that effect on me. I'd happily pay full retail price for that game again, even more so with Xbox live integration. Forza 4 is another game i'm really looking forward to, iv'e used up all of forza 3's charm so i'm ready for the new one. The new lighting engine looks beautiful, there was never anything wrong with the models themselves but they had a plastic look to them which gave it a cartoon like look. Now though they are using image based lighting and it looks fantastic, they seem to have added a lot more detail to the interiour of the cars which was really needed. I am a GT5 fan so i'm not going to compare but forza has some big GT5 shoes to fill.

Sony,s press conference was a strange one, not bad but strange. It seemed they were too scared to show there full force incase of over shadowing the NGP reveal, I wanted some news on GT5 DLC and maybe something on God of War 4 but they stayed very low key on the PS3 front and mainly showcased the PSvita which I think is a great name. There were some good games shown for move but i'm not really a fan to be honest. I did like the humility of there apology though, it seemed very sincere. I am more than happy with the welcome back pack as well, it really does show Sony to be a very consumer driven company. There were no new announcements regarding new exclusives so it was a strange event for Sony, usually they have 1.2 million new exclusives to announce but there was only dust which i'm not really interested in. I'm not a fan of massive multi player online games so i'll look at this one from a distance.

Having just watched Nintendo's conference, I have too say i'm baffled on how they insisted on talking about every man and his dog and not the new console. Yes we saw the controller but where were the specs, official photos or videos of the console itself. I am optimistic about the new Nintendo console but having not owned anything by Nintendo since the 64 i'm keeping an eye open but I can't see myself buying it.

There have been a lot of comments regarding Microsoft's event and how they have changed to a casual company. The 360 has no games apparently, it only has Gears 3, Forza 4, MW3, BF3, RYSE, Mass effect 3, fifa 12, pro evo 12, dirt 3, la noire and countless other 3rd and first party games. Yes its really going down hill lol

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