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I'm a fanboy apparently

I've recently sold my Xbox 360, making me a PS3 only gamer which I am happy about. I had my usual look on N4g and seen a thread showing two direct feed screen shots of infamous 2, to me they looked jaggy. I played infamous one and that game suffered from the same problem. Here's my exact comment

"very jaggy
like the first one"

Too me that is just my observation about the screen shots and infamous one. I'd love too no how I can be a 360 fanboy when I don't even own one. Its unbelievable that you can't have an opinion with out being labeled a fanboy. No wonder Sony fanboys have the worst reputation, even PS3 only gamers get attacked by them. I think you need to lighten up, I'm not going to name names but if you do read this I'm sure you no who you are. One of the reasons they gave me was that my TV wasn't good enough yet I think my Philips 32" LED 1080p TV has a stunning picture and shows all the little details so that can't be right. Or maybe I'm posing as a PS3 gamer, let the conspiracy theories comence. If you feel the need to check up on me my PSN ID is on my profile but if your lazy here it is, hennessey_86.

So how do you escape the fanboy name tag, I don't think its possible on this site. People are far too defensive when it comes to there gaming. The only way is to not have an opinion on anything and just try to please everybody but that won't happen because if you say a Ps3 games good the 360 fanboys will take your bubbles and vice versa. The best thing to do is not comment at all but thats the whole point to this site, gamers discussing there faviroute games and systems. They should split the site four ways, PS3 only, Xbox 360 only, pc only and gamers. I would join the gamers site, I love gaming and I like to game on as many systems as possible. The reason I sold my 360 is simple, Money. I'm a little skint at the minute and my PS3 is getting used alot more lately so it was a simple choice. I will be getting another one for the release of gears 3 and Forza 4 though. Which site would you join, I think its a good idea. There should be strict rules on trolling in the gamers section so we don't get any fanboys in there, just gamers looking to give there honest opinion on the subject at hand. The PS3 site would be PS3 gamers having a love in on how amazing there exclusives are and the same with the 360 site. PC gamers can compare specs, I know the love that kind of thing. I have left the wii out because I have never seen a Nintendo fan trolling anything.

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mightyles2506d ago

I had a similar thing when I commented on the number of times Killzone 3's online multiplayer crashed on me. Most of the replies were calling me a 360 fanboy, or saying I was lying. Then when one guy even found a video on youtube of the Killzone glitches and showed them, they tore him to pieces.

Sony fan boys are very defensive, and seem incapable of handling any sort of criticism. They're the worst of the bunch with their smugness and blind arogance - I mean, they act like the long download time for updates and forced installations are a good thing that other consoles should be envious of! :|

Maybe the whole PSN issue will teach them some humility.

hennessey862505d ago

i had the ordasity to say killzone 3 had some graphical problems in the beta and it was as if id burned the koran in a mosque.

InLaLaLand2505d ago

Yeah the hit detection the K3 beta was annoying, it was annoying when it was still in the full game.

The framerate was quite bad in some areas in the beta and the full game (salamun market map).

ian722505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

@ Hennessey86
I saw that comment you made on inFamous 2 been jaggy. I saw the jaggies also, they weren't bad but were there.
I noticed all the comments like yours had more disagree's also. Some fanboys are just blind to things they don't like, and wont believe it, even though its plain to see.

stevenhiggster2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I saw your comment too, it wasnt what you said but how you said it. You just said "Jaggy , Like the first one." It just came across like flamebait.
And anyway, it isn't jaggy like the first one. Jaggy yes, jaggy like the first one, no.
The first one, whilst being one of my favorite games, was a mess graphically. This one looks great, if not amazingly perfect. So no it's not like the first one at all.
I'm not gonna call anyone a fanboy, just dont word comments like flamebait as people just automatically go on the defensive.
Personally I'm a big believer of the old saying, "If you've got nothing good to say, dont say anything at all." It's the only way to avoid the wrath of one fanboy or another.

Non_sequitur2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Many comments may be viewed as being fanboy inspired if not delivered with tact. It isn't that people don't believe problems exist with what they like. They may feel that you are belittling their opinions by bringing your observations, on minor issues, up in every article as a response to one of their comments of admiration. Your situation can only be worsened if you give a follow up comment whining about the amount of disagrees you received. Such comments only show that you have little respect for their right to disagree with you and they will respond by not respecting your comments by bubbling you down.

edit: You aren't a fanboy but constantly making a big deal over minor issues just annoys some people.

pocketaces112504d ago

@Non_sequitur I agree in the most part but the disagree button is the bane of my existence it's a complete cop out most of the time it's fanboys just disagreeing for no real reason. The disagree button should include some type of forced comment displayed to only me if necessary. 1) it might make me think twice before I make a dumb ass comment because I don't want to receive a tone of messages in my N4G message box and 2) I will at least know why someone disagrees with a comment I think is well thought out. 3) might help open my eyes to another view (hopefully people with a good alternate view are replying anyways but just an added point) 4) might make people think twice before they disagree for no reason especially if I could in turn take away bubbles for a dumb ass disagree

Active Reload2504d ago

There is no remedy for the problem. I find that fanboys make the most delusional and irrational comments and get 50+ agrees and 5 disagrees, lol. People like that, I just hit the ignore button on them.

rockleex2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

First thing is to make sure your comments don't sound 1 sided.

If I go into a Halo article and say, "Very colorful... like Kinectimals." I would be labelled as a PS3 fanboy trying to troll.

Now is Halo colorful? Yes. But I could have stated it better so it doesn't sound like a jab at the franchise.

How you say something can totally detract from any merits your comment may have.

kane_13712503d ago

I think you people are forgetting one thing, the only reason Ps3 fanboys are so brutal is because of 360 faboys, until 2009, for 3 years 360 fanboys bashed the crap out of them, so now it is their revenge!

QuodEratDemonstrandm2503d ago

"InFamous 2 will be released on June 7"

"Diablo 3 is currently in development"

"Doctor Who is available on Netflix streaming"

Stating the obvious right? Simple statements of plainly obvious facts have gotten disagrees. I think some of these people, most likely a small minority, are hitting the disagree button just for the giggles.

Or, as with the InFamous 2 statement, they're fanboys who disagree with any statement that has to do with the "wrong" system.

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blackburn102505d ago ShowReplies(1)
dantesparda2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

the truth is that everybody on site is a fanboy of some degree or another. Everybody (well almost everybody) on this site acts like things are black and white and everybody is a completely and other douche about. That includes 360, ps3 and pc fanboys. And to Henessey if you had made a similar comment about the 360 you would have gotten the same kind of response from the 360 fanboys. You's are all a bunch of hypocrits. And i love how pompous you's are all acting about it. Just listen to yourselves. Everybody on this site thinks they are right and that their opnion is so right and great. So give it a rest. You's are all fanboys, or haters or just completely and utter assholes

Godmars2902505d ago

Welcome to the club! I too am a 360 fanboy who only owns a PS3.

And sorry, but PS3-only or 360 only sites never work. They just foment fanboyism. The members either eventually taking their reinforced mindsets to other sites, or become the perfect thin skinned targets of trolls - or worse - someone raising an honest concern.

kyl2772505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Same here, got a gaming PC and a PS3 and somehow I'm on MS's payroll and telling me that Gears 3 will be crap will annoy me.

Lost a bubble defending Nintendo's decision to only have 8GB of flash memory, some of what I said was incorrect as I misread the guy's post but all those trolling votes lost me a bubble.

Send a PM to 2 mods, never got a response.

Bear_Grylls2505d ago

No point ever going to the mods.

mastiffchild2505d ago

@Godmars-thing is I've noticed a lotof the print mags which only deal with ONE platform have been UBER fair to the "other" systems this generation. OPMUK is a case in point. they don't guarantee a big sony release a 10/10 and never savage the opposition even going on to praise the Halo, Gears and, before they went to PS3, the ME and DR games too. Christ, they even give Molyneux page space!!

To me, in real life people are fair and this madness is happing solely online. If the print publications can be grown up why not all the sites and their mods?

As someone who, though I game MOST on my PS3, has stuck up for EVERY system at one time or another(and knocked them all inc PS3)and been called out as a fanboy of ALL and a troll of ALL systems online and never in real life I can totally, 100% tell you all it's just the net doing this. The anonymous(Christ has a word EVER had it's meaning abused recently)nature and the bravery it breeds among idiots allied to the lack of tone in text arguments leads to all this. If you could tell the tone of "voice" a post was written in hardly anyone would get offended and real trolls ignored. As for the sites perpetuating this: I have no answer except don't go there.

Solidus187-SCMilk2504d ago

tahts just crazy. I lost my bubbels talking about PSN outage in a perfectly normal matter. I even said Im not mad nor do I really care that much, but I think sony is not helping themselves in the PR department. Repeating the "we didnt know the extent" line in every statement they make isnt helping them much, but even that made people mad.

Just_The_Truth2505d ago

i believe it's that your comment came off as you wanting the game to be jaggy why not say it looks jaggy but also mention that they games not even released and that those pictures aren't from an official source. you've been on this site long enough to understand that if you say something negative about a exclusive there's going to backlash don't play the victim you raced to be the first comment just for this effect.

Tachyon_Nova2505d ago

So basically you are demanding that he concedes that the issue will probably fixed when it most likely won't seeing as they didn't for the first game?

I see hennessay's comments every so often and it is clear that he owns a PS3 and isn't a troll. Why would he want to recieve backlash for his opinion. Only a troll would want that as trolls thrive of fanboys who take things to seriously.

hennessay, you are absolutely right. It is ridiculous how you are denied the right to have an opinion unless of course your opinion is that all upcoming PS3 exclusives are 10/10 and that all Xbox games are 1/10 if that. Get real fanboys, its pathetic.

--------2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

He hasn't been denied anything. He's annoyed, big deal. There are fanboys. Deal with it.

If you word your comments properly like some users on N4G then you've got a well structured opinion.

People rarely disagree with those guys, because they convey their opinions in a mature and calm manner.

I just lost a bubble for saying "Hopefully the people who Disagree(d) with you get their identities stolen in some manner and are tortured every day by it...maybe then they'll stop being so ignorant and immature."

On a PS3 hacker article. Should've thought about re wording that one shouldn't I?

outwar60102505d ago

lol i have both consoles and whenever i voice my opinions i get called a fanboy. I lost 2 bubbles for saying halo was better than gears of war all uber psycho fanboys are subdivided amongst games too.
btw do you think that your choices from your infamous 1 save will transfer to part 2

--------2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

If your opinion is that Halo is better than Gears that's fine.

But saying just that is going to piss off all the Gears fans who don't like Halo. Bubbles = gone. I think that makes sense.

And I doubt it, but it would be a nice feature. It's the mission creator I can't wait for.

outwar60102505d ago

i bought part 2 didnt like it and the online was horrendous and i bought it like 2 years after it came out WTF lol halo has never given me any problems in terms of online

Redempteur2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

i game on everything i'm hardly a fanboy and i've lost a bubble already but One comment doesn't TAG you as a fanboy here ...

why don't you just say what you want to say and not try to prove or force your opinion ..

he think he was jaggy .. so YES and then what ? Even after the explanation , screw that AND move along ..was that necessary to prove that infamous was jaggy on your tv set ?

maybe you're not a fanboy but that was acting like one ..
I say what i want to say , maybe i can clarify my comment but i move on afterwards ...

also maybe if people didn't have jaggies with infamous , the reason you might have one is something else maybe ?. i mean isn't there lot of thing to try before going into the fanboy debate ?

andron6662505d ago

Many people aren't that bothered with jaggies. If they are not to severe I personally don't think they are a big problem. Screen tear and frame rate issues are what I notice the most.

Still no reason to loose a bubble over, but it matters how you handle it too...

hennessey862505d ago

frame rate and screen tear are bigger problems, on my tv jaggies show up so bad, ive tried everything in the settings. when a game has got decent aa it looks amazing but when its jaggy it seems to get exaggerated on my tv so I tend to look out for it before I buy a game.

blackburn102505d ago

I agree. It's amazing how everyone is so sensitive. Since I have been on this site all I have heard is 'Sony fanboys are so sensitive' but all of you are sensitive. Look at Wii owners. They pretend they are so level headed and thick skinned but just say anything negative about a game on their system and prepare to get PMed with a long lecture about the subject. Last year someone got all up in arms because Yatzee said bad things about Epic Mickey and started raving saying a Nintendo exclusive is better then all Sony's exclusives combined.

My point is gamers are all the same. You pretend to be better then the other guy but just criticise anything you want to be good and you get all pissy and b***hy about it. And even worse are the people like you hennessey86 who insist on saying something negative and cry and moan because everyone doesn't like or agree with what you say. So what if you saw jaggies in early pictures of IF2? So what if your called a fanboy? Move on.

rob60212504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

It's amazing that you get disagrees. That somehow we're very different people, and one group of fans is superior than the other and one group of fans is more irrational than the other. We're a lot more alike than you may realize.

It's usually a sign that a person doesn't have a lot of ground to argue about when they resort to personal attacks against a group of people rather than the arguments themselves. If they have been wronged by one individual that made a comment they didn't like blame the person not everyone we associate them with.

People that say 'x' fanboy group is better than 'y' fanboy group never serve a constructive purpose.

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