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"loving MW3, Forza 4 and Uncharted 3"

GT5 made me see the truth

hennessey86 | 1772d ago
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I love my racing games and the main franchise I have been playing over the years has been Forza, the latest being Forza 3 and I used to think that game was a sim. But recently I bought GT5 and I wasnt expecting that much because I hated prologue to the exstent that I condemd the Gran Turismo franchise in general, don't get me wrong it looked great but to me everything elese didnt feel right. The handling didn't feel realistic and the racing was very mundaine due to the average A.I, so I kept with the Forza franchise proclaiming it to be the greatest racer on any console. The early videos of GT5 didnt tempt me, it still looked like they had only bothered with the cars and everything else they had imported from the PS2 and the engine noises were still terrible but then came E3 2010 and sony showed a video of GT5 and it blew me away, they had sorted the engine noises, sorted the terrible tyre squeel and added some much needed detail to the rest of the game. Then came the deal maker, they had finally shown the weather which instantly made me want the game there and then but unfortunatly it wasn't releasing till November which left me with Forza 3.

I expected it to be better than Forza 3 but not to the extent that it is. As soon as I started playing GT5 it had me hooked, the handing felt amazing even with a pad (my steering wheel hadn't arrived) and I got stuck into the Aspec mode and I was instantly satisfied. A couple of days after my copy of gt5 arrived my wheel finally came and thats when I realised how arcadey Forza really is. Obviously I was still playing it but the more time I spent with GT5 and went back to Forza the worse it became. Don't get me wrong Forza isn't a bad game but the more I played GT5 the more Forza felt like a Project gotham type game, it felt floaty and like the car wasnt connected to the ground. GT5 on the other hand even with pad translated the road perfectly through my hands so I could feel what the car was doing. GT5 has its bad points too but they are superficial descrepancys and in no way affect the gameplay so i'm not going to list them because you already know what they are.

Like I said I used to think Forza was a really good sim, now I know its just a really good driving game. Its not just the handling where Forza falls short, take for instance the incar view. I used to use that view on forza but after playing GT5 like that It doesnt feel right and i'm not talking about graphics, its the way the steering wheel only moves an inch either way and how the car seems to be on a railway track. I'm hoping Forza 4 can corret these issues because GT5 will lose its shine one day and i'm going to need a driving game to tide me over untill GT6 but Turn 10 will have to sort alot of issues, otherwise I don't think I could play a Forza game again. Not after playing a proper SIM.

NeaL_ThA_GaMeR  +   1772d ago
GT6 mate not for another 5 years lol
starcrafter  +   1771d ago
Takes time to make the best console simulator :)
outwar6010  +   1771d ago
it was in production for nearly 7 years but for me it didnt show
starcrafter  +   1771d ago
I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy what is the best console racing sim :/ Btw it wasn't even in production for 6 years. Don't know where you got the extra year from :S
Xbox360PS3AndPC  +   1772d ago
I Think Forza 4 Will Fix A Lot Of Issues
zootang  +   1771d ago
Look at forza 2 to Forza 3 for that answer.
zootang  +   1770d ago
Remember the outrage from the community because lack of improvements made.
Kurt Russell  +   1770d ago
I liked Forza 3 :(

Never finished my 6th year though, became samey and boring by then.
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jneul  +   1769d ago
yeah sure it will when it's using kinect.... /s
Kon  +   1772d ago
At least when you modify the cockpit in forza you can see the changes in game...
hennessey86  +   1771d ago
you can in gt5
but not only does it put a role cage in it actually changes the dash board aswell mate
jadenkorri  +   1771d ago
i love it when people make comments who haven't played the
Neko_Mega  +   1771d ago
I got the game and then got the GT Force Driving Steering Wheel for it, now I just need a chair that holds my steering wheel and I be set.

Already own a lot of cars and got about two Vipers, one being the Viper ACR an it is set for friends to use (watch out, it does have 1030HP).
Rage_S90  +   1771d ago
good post teh truthzzz if only it had forzas customization
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Z501  +   1771d ago
NateCole  +   1771d ago
lol! at least once gamer can now see the difference. This is what every hardcore GT knew. PD are car fanatics first and gamers second. I guess this is where i can understand "gaming sites" not liking GT5 in particular. GT has always been about driving simulation. Its why car fanatics love it as well. Its not just another game like Froza is. Even now people still don't get this. To hardcore GT driving fans GT5 is a revelation. I am one of millions of them. The feel of driving the cars in GT5 is unbelievable.
Vesemir  +   1771d ago
Anothet human being have been enlightened by the truth. Amen to that.
Away with the ignorance. Let the world be cleansed from this cursed condition.
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subzero-08  +   1770d ago
I was so blown away by the handling when I started playing.
ProGrasTiNation  +   1770d ago
Gt5 is what a driving game should be,the tunning alone is enough to call this game king,example you say?there was an online event that you needed a stock car for entry to the nurburgring,well my first try i was 7th & after some serious tunning i had it handling like the AMG in the specials,i finished 4th with the weakest bhp stock.
The control you need with a Pad to drive some of the cars in Gt5(458)gives a real sense of accomplishment.
& lastly i would buy an xbox if gt5 was their exlusive & i hate M$
Kaz you are KING!!!!
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Blaine  +   1770d ago
So, what--you just thought you knew better than everyone when we've been saying GT is the king of racing games? At least you saw the error of your ways.
ProGrasTiNation  +   1770d ago
There was no error in him liking forza which is a good game in its own right,theres so much miss info on the web that unless you try a game for yourself you will be misguided by others.
Blaine  +   1770d ago
Sure, I didn't say people shouldn't like Forza. And I won't argue with you on trying games for yourself to make your own opinion, especially with the crap journalists we have this gen.

But some things you just don't argue against; like that GT is the king of racing games. But of course fanboys of other games/ consoles will think it's just PS3/ GT fanboy talk, so they'll go on ignoring how great GT is.
Bathyj  +   1770d ago
I like that you acknowledged that GT5 has minor issues, but none of them effect the gameplay.

People have been going on like they are GAMEBREAKING problems when they dont impact on the driving, (which is the main focus) at all.
jneul  +   1769d ago
GT5 is 100x better than gt5p and i played on gt5p so dont worry, i also played on forza when i used to own a xbox, and much to say i was not impressed at all, but each to their own

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