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PS3 OR 360 OR BOTH Part 1

Its a question that gets asked on this site pretty much every day "which console is the best" and to be honest in my opinion its to close to call. On one hand you have the PS3 which is clearly the more powerful console, it has a great roster of games exclusive and multiplat and it has a blu-ray drive which is a huge bonus. On the other hand you have the 360 which also has a great roster of games exclusive and multiplat but doesnt have a blu-ray drive. But the 360 does have xbox live and in my opinion its superiour to Playstation Network in most areas.

Ok so lets do the games first, exclusives wise the PS3 is the console to go with if you thats what decides your purchase. It has some truly stunning games including Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain and countless others. The 360 on the other hand has exclusives but know where near as much unless you count kinect games which im not because this is about core gaming and which console offers the better service. Yes the 360 has some great exclusives including Halo Reach, forza 3, gears of war, fable, splinter cell, alan wake and a few others that are worth mentioning, the problem is that compared to the ps3 list of exclusives the 360 list looks a little thin. The problem I have is that why would you want to miss out on any of them games, I havnt. I purchased a 360 and ps3, I couldnt resist the temptation either console offers. Its brilliant that ps3 owners get to play there exclusives but why miss out on gears or halo. Alot of them will tell you "there rubbish" but the simple fact is halo is one hell of a game as is gears. So in this area even though the ps3 clearly has the better exclusives I vote both due to the fact that there are great games on both systems not to mention the multi plats like crysis 2, dead space 2 etc.

Another advantage of owning both consoles is that when a multiplat releases you can choose which system you want to play it on for exsample Red dead redemption. The console top play that on was the 360, it was the superiour version where as final fantacy you went with the ps3. With owning both consoles your always playing the best version of the games you like. Surely ps3 owners would have prefered to play the 360 version of the orange box and 360 owners would have preferd to play final fantacy on the ps3. Why settle for second best. Another thing I like about owning both is the fact that there never seems to be a game drought, theres always something new to play.

In part 2 ill be looking at the online aspects of both consoles and there features.

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ABizzel12701d ago

LOL I just wrote a blog on why Microsoft should drop out of the console business.

I think there's not question about it, you NEED both to be a hardcore gamer this generation.

I love my PS3 because the exclusives are easily some of the best games in their genres. They offer great gameplay, along with great presentation, and stories (GPS). And even though I don't use all the features just having them available makes me satisfied with my purchase. I like watching Blu Ray's, going into PS Home ever now and then, Free online, all the media files the music player can accept, the photo album, printing from my PS3, it's just an all around great device if you use those features.

I love my 360 as well, but honestly it's strictly for gaming. XBL is the better service and has a talkative community (sometimes good sometimes bad), and I like everything they have on XBLA, as well as the exclusives it has.

But I look at it this way. If I could only take one I would take my PS3.

Love them both, but the PS3 is my favorite.

-Alpha2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

I really don't think I need both to be considered a "hardcore gamer"

I think if you want to use that logic then you may as well include PC gaming, handheld gaming, and the Wii. Problem with me is that I can't afford both. If I had started with the 360 and then bought the PS3 I think I would have been happy. But I started with the PS3, stuck through it in its bad years, and now have a console that I have all my uses for. Buying my 360 in 2010 was a mistake that cost me financially. I didn't even have time for both consoles.

I sold my 360, and I am happy. I don't consider myself not "hardcore" but then again I can care less with the definition. I know that I'm a gamer with a heavy interest in the industry.

jneul2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

ps3 all the way it has more games coming for 2011, and all of them will be really good quality

killzone 3
socom 4
move heores
uncharted 3
resistance 3
ape escape
the last guardian

and much much more...

GWAVE2699d ago

For me, it's hard to be a multi-console gamer. I have limited time and I already play games on my DS, PSP, PC, and PS3. There's no reason why I would need a 360. I hate how some users on this site act as though you need to own all the consoles to be a "true gamer" or to not be a fanboy.

Rush2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

GWAVE you are a massive fanboy though it's been proven countless times so why you have a point it's made totally void by you making it.

Lyr1c2698d ago

Why does it seem as if all you do is stalk this guy?

Seriously. Hop-off.

Rush2698d ago

Why is it all I see you doing is sticking up for fanboys?

ActionBastard2699d ago

I have a Wii, 360 and PS3. I play my PS3.

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