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The Death of CoD Competitive (PC)

hazR|1851d ago |Blog Post|7|

The console competitive scene is thriving. An upcoming $1 million tournament. There is everything to play for.

The PC competitive scene is dying. League play in tatters; only occasionally breaking the 100 player mark on Champions Series. The last resistance of competitive players playing PUGs and scrims.

Now a lot of people will not care at all about Call of Duty anymore. A respectable decision. However, it is a game that I have given numerous chances but has become stale especially with the public mode. The competitive scene however, it's debateable.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was not a great game for some. It had factors in it like the perks 'Frag X3', 'Martydom', and of course the infamous 'Juggernaut' that made the game unbalanced and frustrating for the typical competitive gamer. But then the modders came along. They introduced a new mod called 'Promod'. This was the game type 'Search and Destroy' on certain maps, without perks, killstreaks, attachments and only certain...more fair guns. It was more similar to CoD 2 which attracted more players to it as it was more competitive friendly. CoD4 Promod thrived.

Recent CoDs have attempted to create a similar Promod experience, Modern Warfare 2 in particular. But the majority failed compared to CoD4 and MW2. This wasn't a big deal as CoD4 and MW2 Promod still were playable as they had an active community. Writing this in the year of 2013 I think it is fair to say these communities are now dying, if not dead. There may be the occasionally LAN tournament, but these are becoming less and less frequent and are nothing compared to what is happening on console.

When Black Ops 2 was released there was hope on the horizon that this would be the Call of Duty to put the tired bodies of CoD2, CoD4 and MW2 out of their pain and carry on the legacy of Promod. So far, this hasn't been the case.

Of course the diehards are playing the 5v5 Promod ruleset on Black Ops 2 using websites like CEVO and ESL to find them PUGs and scrims. There is somewhat of a community. However, the Black Ops 2 PC developers are not releasing mod tools which therefore means that an official Promod gametype for Black Ops 2 like the other CoDs cannot be created. This therefore makes the community reluctant to play it and I have seen a lot of competitive CoD players either quit or move other to an another game like Counter Strike: Global Offensive where the developers are supporting competitive play.

Now of course Treyarch have been promoting competitive throughout the Black Ops 2 season. But this has been for XBOX 360 and occasionally PlayStation 3.

And this is how the death of Call of Duty competitive on the PC occurred.

Now with next-gen consoles on the horizon it is impossible to guess what will happen next regarding this, but leave your thoughts on whether I'm right, whether I'm wrong or if you simply don't care.

One thing's for sure - Battlefield 4 will be massive in deciding Call of Duty's future.

Call of Duty 4 Promod on the famous map 'Crash'.

There are regular tournaments on console offering large cash prizes. Compare this to Black Ops 2 on PC and you'll see the difference.

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hazR1851d ago

I'm new to this website so I apologise in advance if I have accidentally broke any rule regarding blog posts.

DragonKnight1850d ago

The only thing I can see that you did wrong was advertising yourself at the end there, other than that it's a great blog.

hazR1848d ago

Thanks a lot, and I apologise for that - I'll be sure not to do it in the future. :)

Banok1848d ago

Well yes because every cod past cod 4 was not worth a penny on PC. no dedicated servers, QE lean, mods, etc etc etc.

plus the gameplay got worse and worse and imbalanced. more focus on killstreaks and other bullshit less of actual skill.

if you cared about PC gaming you would not have bought those games on PC, otherwise you are part of the problem.

I also miss loved cod4, all you can do is buy CS:GO, and adapt.

InSpectre1841d ago

Agreed PC gamers have a hard time with it.

The competitive scene is thriving in other genres at least.