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Xbox One.... 359 Steps Back?

So today we experienced the very hyped up announcement of the Next-Gen console (is it even fair to call it that) from Microsoft, showing off their next foray into the games industry. Except it really wasn't all that much about what really mattered to their current consumer base.

The presentation iself was somewhat lacklustre, the focus seemed off, third parties were pretty much advertising their own thing, and the flow was generally off as well. Presentation issues aside, let's talk about the console itself.

In terms of specifications, we know the basics. It will have 8 GB RAM (Unspecified but likely GDDR3), a 500 GB HDD, and an AMD processor. The system will run 3 separate OS', one for entertainment, another for games, and finally, one to join the two.

Now, here's my first gripe. Why is there a need for 3 different OS? It will be a massive system hog, potentially 3 GB of RAM may be used on this alone, and is it really necessary? I mean, its great to be able to surf the internet while watching a movie, but is it really worth it? In my honest opinion, that portion of the console could very well have been used to maximise power, or even been removed to reduce manufacturing costs. I'm puzzled as to why this design choice was required.

Next, let's talk the about games. From the very little we've seen so far, it seems like the graphics are an improvement, but we haven't seen much of games so its a light subject.

From what I saw of the new CoD:Ghosts, the engine was alright at best for next Gen, sure it was a bit of an improvement, but I had to watch it twice to realize that it wasn't just the PS3 or Xbox pushed to their limits, or a Wii U port. In comparison to say, Kill zone Shadow fall, it's got a LONG way to go.

Finally, the direction of the new Xbox seems unusual. For one, it wants to compete with Cable providors. This is unusual to me, because of the many restrictions. Cable service is a declining industry as it is, and the Xbox One doesn't really seem to add anything to take a peice of that pie. Secondly, the Xbox One also wants to compete as a media providor against Netflix which is also unusual. Third, the Xbox One seems to have a lower focus on games, which is disappointing considering it has taken such a large market share with the 360, and is now letting it go.


Now, I have no clue why people haven't focused on such a massive problem. PAYING A FEE for USED GAMES is a completely unneeded and just a plain greedy option. It's ridiculous that we should be forced to pay to play a game lent by a friend, or to try it out, it's just complete BS that they would put this in. Mandatory installs are also ridiculous and show a major step into the deterioration of this industry as a whole.

The Xbox One wants to compete with so many others, and in that, I believe that it will fail. The likes of Google and Samsung cannot be contested with a box spread so thin.

Speaking of box, I'd like to leave this here:

The Xbox One presentation leaves a lot to be desired, let's hope E3 brings better news.

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HammadTheBeast1830d ago

By the way, is it possible to change my user name now lol?

Crazyglues1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Yes I should you how in the other blog that you asked this..??? -but let me put it here too in-case you missed it.

@ HammadTheOne

Click on your name /

Then top right corner click Account /

Then under Account click on Details /

Then on the left you see your name and right next to it - change username...

||.........___||............ ||

HammadTheBeast1830d ago

Thanks. It feels weird being associated with Xbox One.

Donnieboi1830d ago

Genius title for the article BTW.

RoninRaven1830d ago

Brilliant picture also, that's the X1 right there in a nutshell.

HyperBear1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I agree....I actually thought it was the Xbox One when I looked at it, but a closer look reveals that it is a Saisho VHS Player...LOL

BitbyDeath1830d ago

Posted this in another blog but anyways -

RAM was confirmed to be DDR3

MrMister1830d ago

Is that good or bad compared to PS4? I don't understand this techy stuff

thorstein1830d ago

Well. PS4 Ram will be better.... The rest... it isn't so much the tech as it is what the tech is doing. For instance: 3 OSs? that will hog system resources. A blu ray drive/ dvd drive. Okay, but not having games on blu ray? or maybe they are (why not?) Mandatory(?) installs? Fee for used games? That has to use resources to check if the game is "new" hence the forced installs. Can't just borrow a game from a friend and play it?

BitbyDeath1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

PS4 has 8GB GDDR5
X1 has 8GB DDR3

GDDR5 is said to be twice as fast as GDDR3.
GDDR3 is faster than DDR3.

PS4 OS is rumoured to take up 1GB, leaving 7 for games.
X1 has 3 OS's and was last rumoured to take up 3GB, leaving 5GB.

So not only is PS4's RAM much faster at processing it is also rumoured to be much larger overall.

SonyPS41830d ago

Well I am not interested, much rather buy a "last-gen" console (The Wii U) than some cable box.

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