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Playstation Network downtime

The Playstation Network has been down now for over 3 days and the effects are starting to show. There has been the usual rage, despair and oaths never to touch Sony product ever again.

My own PS3 died last week after 4 years of gaming and good times. I was able to copy most of my saved data and I had bought a new slim 320 GB PS3. But because of the downtime I haven't been able to log on PSN and verify that the saves are actually mine so I haven't been able to play. For this I am little irritated of course. I was for example under one percent away from completing Red Dead Redemption 100% and thought that it would had been a fine thing to do this easter.

Last year there was fear that PS3 had a console breaking bug that prevented PS3 from working because the internal clock was confused about the date. The consequences have been very much the same this time. There have been the articles about changing to Xbox and what are gamers doing while PS3 is out of use (playing on PC of course).
At first when Sony didn't maybe actually know what caused the network going down there was very little information. Many concluded that Anonymous was behind this attack. Their lengthy campaign against Sony has been going on for couple of weeks because of Sony suing Geohotz. When Sony didn't actually verify this info at first many were already reacting to it. There was and is many new articles about why the Anonymous made a mistake attacking PSN instead of only Sony and its employees.

I personally think that Anonymous made a mistake attacking PSN causing more inconvenience on the consumers than on Sony. This was probably a move that cost more supporters on Anonymous than to Sony.

At the moment the PSN is still down eventhough Anonymous has stated that the attack has been halted. Sony has responded that they are building the PSN more secure at the moment and this is the reason network is still down. If this is true or not can't be really confirmed as Sony has been very scarce giving info on the situation and you never really should trust Anonymous.

I for one have been enjoying Metro 2033 while the PSN has been down. The game costs 10 euros on Steam sale. If you are fan of S.T.A.L.K.E.R or Fallout and don't mind playing a little linear game then it is worth the price.

Best we can now hope is probably Sony fixing the network soon. Maybe Sony hires the cyberpolice to backtrace Anonymous IP addresses.

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hetz152428d ago

Yeah, I bought Metro 2033 during the sale and I'm liking it so far. I didn't even know PSN was down until today when I was playing SF4. been busy with final exams and other things.