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Assasins Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer BETA impressions

I just finished playing the Assassins Creed multiplayer BETA and I must say I'm impressed. I'm a huge fan of the first two games and have been waiting for this for a very long time. The controls are familiar to veterans of the series but they have been simplified. Assassinations happen with the square button and you don't have any other weapons. Well that and being anonymous. You earn new skills trough leveling up and in the BETA you have access to 20 levels and you can earn a few new abilities and unlock one more character.

Gameplay has clearly been paid attention to as the climbing is much easier and responsive now. The match consist of killing members of other team or cooperative mission. I have only played "deathmatch" and I must say it is very thrilling. The maps are filled with look a likes of the assassins and you need to stay hidden in plain sight or on rooftops and figure out who is your target based on a compass and the actions of the target. It is easy to find your target when they just run around but I faced quite a few who were really hard to find. Also the other members of the other team try to stop the assassins and this of course works the other way around. I'm happy that the concept works but I really wish they add more people to the final game who aren't look a likes because now the streets are filled with only 8 or was it 9 different looking people.

The characters are very personal looking and pleasant to watch. There are a lot of kill animations and they are extremely fluid. The look of the game overall is already polished but I feel like the streets at least in the Rome map lack colors and aren't as nice as in AC2.

For now the gameplay is covered well but I think there will be people who get fed up with the multiplayer after leveling up. I also think that the multiplayer isn't ready because it lacks lot of things for example other people who don't look like assassins and it could use a little more colour.

For me this is a definite buy but this is not a product that I can recommend to all at least not at this stage. It looks promising for now. I was worried the gameplay would suck but it didn't so thats good. In conclusion I'm looking forward for the full game but I have some worries about the multiplayer.

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MrMccormo2822d ago

I played the beta too and it's good, but I agree with your complaints. It's fun, but there are some flaws.

-X-2822d ago

I want the beta....why only Europe!!!!!

Joshee232820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I agree with you...
Thanks for sharing this article, serve as lesson.