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Making Nintendo a Must Have Again....

Making Nintendo a Must Have Again…….

Gears of War makes you buy Xbox, Metal Gear makes you buy Playstation. What makes us buy Nintendo? The natural answer to this is Mario but this really does not appeal to the hardcore gaming world as others do. In my opinion they need one game to move from hand held to console and then sales would go through the roof. The game……………Pokémon.

I have had almost every game that the Nintendo guys have release across multiple hand held consoles. I don’t naturally buy the next Game boy or DS Lite so I purposely went out and bought a hand held just to get my hands on the addictive RPG. Of course there would be challenges with making a hand held game into a console classic but just imagine if it was only half as good as Skyrim?

And they don’t really even have to go down that route. You could have a very short one player story with a massive multiplayer option. In my dreams I want to train my Super Six Pokémon in my world and take their abilities and fight them against my Northern Irish comrades.

You could have a straight up Tekken style battle with one on ones or true Pokémon league tournaments. You could earn experience through the battles and level up just in the same way the hand held consoles do it now. Sure you could just lift the game up and plonk it on a console but with the system specifications of the console far superior, why wouldn’t you want a Skyrim-like world!

I would reboot the whole series starting from the old Pokémon Blue and Red games and bring them to life console style. I want to get lost in Mount Moon for real this time!

What im talking about is within the grasp of Nintendo. I think it would suddenly give the gaming community a reason to buy a Nintendo console and I certainly would buy one.

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Nicaragua1767d ago

I agree - i would like to see a fully fledged Pokemon on the WiiU with over the top battle animations like the Disgaea series has.