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Your Next Console Choice; PS4 or 720?

With both consoles set for release this year millions of gamers will have to decide whether they fight for Team Xbox or Team Sony. A lot has been rumoured in the last few months on what to expect from the next generation of consoles however nothing of any substance has officially been released.

So this leaves gamers in a position at the moment where they will have to base their early thoughts on which console to choose from their past experiences.

Let's look at Xbox first. The first thing I would say about Xbox is the imperious nature of the online multiplayer. The PS3 just has not been able to compete with the never say die attitude of the Microsoft servers. That said you do have to pay for this level of service which is the equivalent of missing out on an additional game to play and experience.

One thing every Xbox console holder dreaded was the red ring of death. I personally had this twice and while the Xbox repair service was very good, nothing could numb the pain of not being able to play for a few weeks.

Another positive factor for Xbox is the online marketplace and the fact that Xbox seems to always get big DLC's before its Sony competitors. This will probably be the biggest frustration to PS3 owners right now as Black Ops 2 Xbox players will also get news maps and weapons before their Sony counterparts.

On to Sony. You can't deny that the fact that the PS3 had a Blu-ray player incorporated within the system played a big part in this purchase. I personally killed two birds with one stone getting a new console and the ability to watch The Dark Knight in stunning HD again and again.

Another massive plus point for PS3 was some of its exclusive games. Killzone and Metal Gear are two games that made my purchase my PS3. Little Big Planet is another marquee game however that one is not really my cup of tea.

The only thing that really has let Sony down in my opinion is its instability online. Every game I have played I have encountered lag or extended periods where I have been unable to play online. This I not just myself as many of my friends have the same experiences.

Overall, im leaning towards the Xbox 720 at the moment on my past experiences however I expect the PS4 to have some hardware that the 720 can't compete with. This will ensure that the sales for both consoles remain very evenly split. My ultimate decision will be decided on how big the controller for the system are as I really cant get on with the DualShock controller of the PS3 do to its small size. I have happily heard that Sony is dropping their legacy controller for something new. Here's hoping…..

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Valenka1943d ago

Xbox is my priority and then I'll purchase a PS4 down the line.

GorillaGameGuru1943d ago

Think I will end up doing the same to be honest.

Godmars2901943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Now that Monolith has announced something that looks like Monster Hunter + Xenoblade + Untitled Mech game, the WiiU is suddenly looking VERY appealing to me right now.

or at least will be once the above game is announced and released in the US.

Until Sony and/or MS get their head out of the @$$ of FPS, again announce and deliver a more diverse lineup than they did this gen, I can really wait on their next systems.

GalacticEmpire1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

With absolutely no solid information on either machine the only reason to lean toward one now would be through some kind of brand loyalty.

Also why is it always one or the other? They probably won't release within a month of each other so it's likely that you have time to afford both.

Even if you really can only afford one console, making your mind up now before you've even heard about any games and, more importantly, the price is just foolishness of the highest level.

Nicaragua1940d ago

PS4 because its got the franchises i want to play - Wipeout, Killzone, MGS.

For everything else ive got a gaming PC.

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