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Sony sets goal of 150 Mill: WHAT?!

At this years E3 Sony's Kaz Hirai said they have a goal of selling 150 million PS3's in its life span. Now i have to ask this. WTF? Was he being serious? I think there is absolutley no chance of selling of 150 million consoles. We have two other consoles on the market right npw with the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Though Microsoft's Xbox has been slumping in sales, Nintendo's Wii has still been going strong selling 666,000 units in June. Sony has also been picking up in sales selling 405,000 consoles compared to Microsoft's 219,000. Though I don't think Sony will sell 150 million units, I think it will outsell the 360 in its life span. My predictons for Sony's sales is somewhere around 100-110 million consoles. Unless they come out with alot of genre-defying games, theres no way they will sell 150 mill. As for the 360, I'd say around 80-95 million consoles. I predict at some point in time Microsoft will give up on their 360. Because of the sales difference, Sony will win the console war.


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SilPho3564d ago

I'd say it's a reasonable long term target. The PS2 is approaching 150 million units itself, and the PS3's first 2 years of sales have been tracing the PS2's first two years quite closely.

Le-mo3564d ago

No way can Sony win this console war. The best they can do is beat Microsoft to get 2nd place. As for the 150 million sales goal, it's possible, but very unlikely.

three3043562d ago

10 year sound better than every 5 years.
don't think 5yr sales can beat 10yr.
and the price will continue to drop which mean more sells

Hueco Muendo Leader3563d ago

people thought that they couldnt pull off something, and those same doubters ended up looking stupid, oh well, sony will show you

socomnick3563d ago

You guys do know this is just a bunch pr bs right. If you put projections of say 100 million it will be less than the ps2 and stock prices will plummet. The ps3 will sell nowhere near 150 million.