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Captain Obvious Versus Random

As usual, with any and all apologies to the real Captain Obvious. Wherever you are...

Yeah, just some musing and conclusion - predictions? - on recent events and subjects.


PS4 Preview: Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
Overall Sony hit it out of the park with the PS4's announcement. It wasn't perfect however largely because third party devs such as Square Enix presented nothing new during their presentation. Blizzard showing up with Diablo 3 while hinting at some empty Sony-only alliance, offhandedly commenting it was coming to the PS3 as well, might have been the major disappoint to others, but I have to go with those I formally felt trust towards.

The failed appearance of the console itself is both an empty and real concern. On one hand its just the automatic response of fanboys and scandal-revenue sites trying to crowbar in controversy for their own goals, while on the other with around eleven months until release such a trivial detail - which was likely held back for a more in-depth E3 reveal - could just as well result in another Red Ring of Death escapade. Something caused from a production delay because the marketing department held up the outside design until the last minute with little or no time for engineering to confirm how such would effect its insides.

Again my bet is on a full E3 showing, but if there's one thing a self-honest and reasonable person should be aware of, its that the gaming industry is prone to cutting corners, rushing things out and hoping for the best.

What should be of real concern, more so than backwards compatibility, since despite everything being able to play PS1/PS2/PS3 games on the PS4 is more a privilege than right, is Gaikai and game streaming. This is likely how PS+ will be given more value, make the PS4 itself more appealing to newcomers with an instant subscription-based library, but also how Sony plans on weaning used games from their system, controlling piracy, and giving off-line consoles more reason to go and stay online. Always.

On semi-final note in regards to the PS4 for PS3 users intent on keeping the older system for all of their PSN purchases, keep in mind that at some point your console will breakdown. That while it'll likely be replaceable if not repairable, the servers which hold your backup data will be shut down at some point.


The Next Xbox: The Next Cable Box(es)

Given what little and more is coming from Microsoft, there will likely be two different Xboxes. One a full system with physical media and all else, and another which will be a glorified cable box that only plays downloable and streaming media. MS will make both available though cable providers as replacements for cable boxes while the full, standalone, console will still be available through normal retail, but you'll be able to lease either at different prices. Plus XBL Gold. Plus a required internet connection that will come with special packaged deals. And the cable box Xbox will have to always be "on" and online.

This will be an enormous and likely automatic win for Microsoft. Any current or future plans Sony have for the PS4 would become trivial. The Next Boxes wouldn't even need to match or surpass the PS4's specs as the systems practically will sell themselves thanks to a joint ad blitz from MS and any and all cable/internet providers they can bring aboard.

There's more I could - and should - say here, but given the community there's no real point. But I do have more to say.


The WiiU: One Thing

Whether the Nintendo faithful wish to admit it or not, the WiiU is in a query. Currently facing current generation systems and apparently not doing too well, its the next console cycle it needs to be concerned with. Especially when its not particularly flying off then shelves like its predecessor.

All that said I will buy a WiiU. I will buy one for Monolith's "X" project which is likely a Xeno title and features world exploration, giant monsters as well as robots. Transforming giant robots.

Look at my friggin avatar. Web search my name minus the "290". Do not speak to me of the WiiU until that wet anime dream is announced for the U.S..


To sum up, in edit:

Personally my current next generation console of choice is the WiiU provided it gets a certain title in English. Like what I saw with the PS4, but what was shown honestly is really nothing new or all that exciting. Expecting that the Tokyo Game Show more than E3 will change that. Most of its media features are on the PS3, not overly fond of the social one much less its Kinect-clone camera.

Likewise the next Xbox is still a worrisome question mark, but if suspicions are true then its coming general market success will make the brand's fan base ecstatic where such applies. Many others will be S-O-L.

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PopRocks3591914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Pretty good overview. Not too much to disagree with here.

I'd like to make a point about the Wii U. It's $100 more than the Wii and has no games coming out right now literally its current lineup after three months is its launch library. So a lack of sales since then is fairly obvious to see. Compare its third month to the first two where it managed to sell over three million units however. When it gets more must-have games, it will probably start to sell better, especially as more expensive consoles come out and the older, cheaper predecessors become less relevant.

zerocrossing1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

I enjoyed Sony's conference for the most part, they've added a lot of interesting new features to the PS4, some of which took me completely by surprise, like being able to play games while downloading them and being able to share content on the fly. The tech demos didn't mean a whole lot IMO, showing "what we mite get" vs "what we will get" is hardly ever the same thing and the 3rd party devs telling us "all the new and amazing things they can/mite do now" did nothing to impress me since talk is cheap and doubly so when it comes to the games industry.

Wii U... Now this a tough one, admittedly it could be doing better, a lot of the Nintendo loyalists have already bought a Wii U so that mostly just leaves the fans that are waiting for the big Nintendo console selling franchises to release so they can justify the purchase (Im actually in that crowd myself tbh) it's still unclear how Ninty are going to fair when it comes to 3rd party support but it could be worse for them.

Im not sure if I even care what MS are doing with their next console... I do try not to be biased but going by their recent activity I just hope they have more 1st party games beyond GoW and Halo, the nextnox needs more going for it than the prospect of a Kinect 2 that actually delivers this time, MS has the funds and they have the backing, they just need the balls to make a push and do something to remind us they can be relevant to the core gamers and doing away with the BS and the gimmicks is a good way to start IMO.

ichimaru1913d ago

thanks for sharing your opinion, interesting read.
Happy Gaming


TheDivine1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Out of the three new consoles my first purchase and the only one that has me super excited is the WiiU. That is because it has games that get me hyped like SMT x Fire Emblem and Xenoblade 2. Those are two games that are guaranteed to be beloved amazing games that become über rare. I gauge every system by its games rather than anything else. Snes was chrono, ff, Zelda, and super Mario world. N64 was Mario 64, star fox, Zelda oot, and goldeneye. Psx was MGS, ff, xenogears, and twisted metal. GameCube was wind waker, Metroid prime, twin snakes, Symphonia, fire emblem, baten kaitos, and others. Wii was Xenoblade, The last story, zelda, metroid, fire emblem, new dk, Mario galaxy and more. What makes a system is good games period. Right now the 3ds has my fav titles despite being fairly weak compared to home consoles and even the vita. Hell the vita is clearly superior hardware wise but the 3ds stomps it out due to a killer library. I'm sure il get a ps4 and next Xbox but only when the games I want come. If they keep on the path of better graphics same shooters il skip both.

I also do love miiverse.feature like that and all the social stuff ps4/Xbox will have rock as do the graphics but they're not a selling feature. As much as I love the tablet controller on WiiU its just a nice bonus. Games sell systems.