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Captain Obvious vs the NGP

So I missed the actual announcement and official reveal of the PSP2. Or the NGP as Sony's calling it. Regardless, thought I'd offer my initial reaction and get laughed at. Maybe make a few think "hm..." as you do.

Anyway, my first thought is that the actual handheld should be called the PS3-nano. Launch titles for the bigger console were shown running on it with devs talking about how such was done in weeks. Its not the PSP2, its the PS3 slimmer/slimmest.

Another obvious thing that occurs to me, what with the tool set supposedly more friendly, is the benefit this likely means for the PS3 itself. That some devs - maybe the really cheap if not the really smart ones - will use the NGP framework for PS3 games. That some will either then offer them as separate NGP titles, or as digital copies on a PS3 disc installable onto the handheld. Make them standard for limited and special editions.

A third thought is that this Next Generation Portable, rather than the PSP2, is a re-imagining of PSN. That it actively puts it on three platforms - cell phones, the PSP2 and PS3 with monitoring access for the PC. Gains the Androids install base overnight while Sony lends it the strength of their gaming brand at the same time. Win-win.

So to sum up the obvious: wow. By general reaction Sony really hit one out of the park. Though of course the counter-reaction has already started, which will only get worse once the PSP2's price is announced along with battery life. Which, with the thing coming out this year, has to happen at the Tokyo Game Show. Where we'll also start to hear about actual PSP2 games.

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zeksta2489d ago

Indeed, Sony has pretty much Wowed everyone throughout Asia, Europe, hell anywhere.

Also, at the second part of your blog, Kojima was considering creating a game that you can similtaniously play on your PS3 and PSP2/NGP at the same time, it'd indeed be a great creation if it is possible.

SasanovaS19872488d ago

far from what he said. he is currently developing a game that will be played on the ps3, and possibly resuming the same exact game on the go with the NGP. basically, i play zone of the enders 3 on my ps3, save the game on the ps cloud, then take my NGP, load the save from the cloud, and resume play on the go.

captain-obvious2487d ago

"Captain Obvious vs the NGP"

THE hell you talking about i got no hard feelings towards the NGP

Christopher2488d ago

We've talked before about what sort of deal Sony is working on with Google. This is bigger than putting Google Chrome on the PS3. Much bigger.

Even moreso is that the PlayStation Suite is designed as an API that could be integrated into any other OS. So, you could have PlayStation Suite on your PC, iPhone, and even MAC.

Tommykrem2488d ago

I thought battery life was announced to be 4 to 5 hour play time. At least that's what I read on Gamereactor. Not that bad really. But 7 - 8 hours would be perfect. (I wouldn't say no to 100000 hours, but let's remain serious)

StbI9902488d ago

I believe those spec for the battery lifespan are at max setting plus bluetuth, 3g, and what not, like in 3DS, so expect around 7 to 8 in low setting like 3DS as well.

Godmars2902488d ago

I'm hearing you wont be able to switch out the battery as piracy prevention.

Wonder if they'll make an external battery/charger to make up for that.

StbI9902488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Also if they make this lil characteristic mandatory...

"You'll be able to save your progress in a game to the card itself (if you went with a physical copy)"

I don't see a way of playing isos on this one xD

Here is a video

Doesn'r look heavy at all....OMG

yoshiroaka2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I read that the touch screen at the back made it difficult to degisn it in a way that the battery could be removed.

But that could just be sony's excuse tho...