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"I Just Want a Motherf***ing Starfox Clone!"

Dear Square: Get Your Head Out of Your F#*%ing @$$!

Godmars290 | 2082d ago
User blog

Upon hearing about the thirty year development time needed for a FFVII remake, I could only assume that such would entail creating a 1:1 scale representation of the seventeen year old title. Incorporating all of the elements such as towns, a true overworld, and any number of things excluded from the pseudo-MMO realtime gameplay of FFXIII.

Please refer to the title of this blog. In fact, read it twice more because the written word fails to properly convey my reaction to how Square has become both retardedly self-absorbed yet incompetently limited.

To me, as a lowly longtime fan of the series, it would be as "simple" as taking the FFX game engine and retooling it for HD. Having a single character representing the active group while allowing for transitive scaling from towns and dungeons onto an overworld for vehicle and chocobos riding. Not require the whole active group be shown trailing behind in a world of seamless transition. Adopt the Xenogears action point method for building up attacks and even limit breaks, while incorporating materia into a matrix/puzzle depending on equipped weapon and/or the character using it.

Do something as stupid as keep it turn based with the suggestion of realtime so battle animations can be watched and enjoyed. Maybe introduce synchronized co-op attacks and limit breaks to offer players a new combat layer to figure out.

My general point is that with the move from cartridge storage to CDs in gaming, Square likely found the level needed to convey the type of cinematic storytelling they've been trying to do since FFIII. Continued to refine it up to FFX, but have since peaked becoming overwhelmed HD era gaming. Still see themselves as the leaders of the genera and thus still push themselves. Nevermind that they're complaining and making excuses where once they were testing limits.

Granted, that was the 8 and 16 bit eras, CDs, but still.

What Square likely needs right now is introspection. To refine and build upon what they've already made, and stop letting ego drive them past their abilities. Otherwise its just going to get worse for all of us.

phantomexe  +   2082d ago
true i remember when it was about epic story telling not this crap that se is pushing today. Remake 6 and 7
Godmars290  +   2082d ago
The thing is is how you want them remade. Using the revamped graphic engines used for 1-4 for the PSP or DS? Built for the PS2?

Square's problem is that they want to remake FF7 as FFXIII. They could make compromises that could make it look like 13, as good as the Advent Children's movie which is the real moronic issue, while still actually being 7, but they wont.

Thing that just occurred to me: using the effected used in GOW3 to show transition from city to world. Would it be overusing it on the overworld to have monsters showing coming towards your instead of invisible?
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Ryudo  +   2081d ago
To be fair your taking it out of context if you had of read the article yourself instead of just trolling you would know.

First of one employee (who doesn't speak for everyone at Square) said if we wanted to remake FF7 in the style of FF13 it would take 10x longer.

Sure if you want to be a complete troll you can take that as implying it would take 30 years. But clearly it's just an off the side statement which people make all the time.

Like for instance,

Bob: Dude why not build them stair's this way instead?

Bill: No way Bob doing it that way would take 10x longer.

Bill doesn't mean the time frame will be 10x longer how on earth could he know. Hes just implying that doing it his way is far quicker.

If your honest with yourself you will understand what am saying. Get me a true quote where Square have said a FF7 remake would take 30 years otherwise it's simply BS.
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Godmars290  +   2081d ago
Find it ironic, and a bit insulting, that someone comes into by blog to accuse me of trolling.

My issues aren't with the 30 year statement, its that they're making excuses to a yes or no question. That Square doesn't seem to be interested in remaking FF7, but remaking FF13 as FF7 right down to game gameplay. Don't particularly hate FF13, but not that great a fan of its gameplay.

How about, since I recall all you seem to do is accuse me of trolling, you do us both a favor and put me on ignore?
booni3  +   2082d ago
i dont know what the problem is. Maybe they dont want to dedicate the neccessary resources to something like this for feeling that they wont make money. But they see how passionate people are about this. They could bring FFVII to a whole new generation of gamers. People who bought 13 would buy it. Its the top seller on PSN. Im certain that every one of the millions who bought the original would flock to it. so i suppose the real question here is whats the hold up? If they do decide to make it, i think they should try to make it look as much like advent children as they can.
KilZoneGeneralStrife  +   2082d ago
I dont get it?imagine if it was like this,
world map remains similar,but towns built like Fable 2?character models look like Fable2 when walking around towns.and change to a different model for battle system.its doable,but I think the bigger problem is how they would work it to fit on dvd.4 dvds?then swopping with a non linear story? ...just make it for ps3 then...
Meryl  +   2081d ago
SE has become an average game maker now, I only look forwards to the Last Story which is headed up by the inventor of FF himself, I think only here we shall see a continuation of improvement in the JRPG genre.
Anyway nice blog:):)
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Whitefox789  +   2081d ago
good read
You bring up a lot of valid points. I don't really blame Square Enix as a whole for the whole fiasco with FF 13. FF 13 was a mess from the start first off, they start making it for the PS2 then they scrap that project for the next gen. of consoles. They show a trailer for the PS3 at E3 2006. Then two years later they announce it for the 360 which they would then have to scrap the current engine (White Engine) and edit it to be a multiplatform engine (Crystal Tools). This in turn caused the game to come with delays and cause the company to lose money and time.

Square Enix makes some real stupid mistakes, look at freaking Dragon Quest! A series originally made by Enix now has no console game and is now practically pokemon. However I can't ignore the fact that they have some really great talent in their company. Which is why I cannot wait for FF 13 Versus.

I just don't know anymore man its crazy! FF 13 is a good game however when you have more then 20 hours of the game pure linearity that becomes a problem! I mean seriously you have 13 chapters in this game and until chapter 10 your walking down a straight hallway!
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booni3  +   2080d ago
Personally, i'd also like to hear a valid reason we arent getting one. I mean, i know its early, but i recently decided we wouldnt see an FFVII remake this generation. Its because SE likes to yoyo peoples emotions. Maybe they really dont see the way people feel about this game. Graphics aside(which is mammoth considering ff13s apex is its polished look) FFVII is the better game. Thats right, a fourteen year old game two generations behind FF13 boasts much more in the way of gameplay, exploration, story, characters and overall enjoyability. Golden saucer anyone? how bout a little chocobo breeding(gotta get black!). do i have all the summons yet? How do i defeat the secret bosses? Where do i obtain yuffie? How do i get aeriths ultimate weapon?
The reason we dont get a remake is because it would please FF fans and thats clearly not what SE is setting out to do this generation. 30 years? Why in Gods name when everything is already laidout. Your literally just putting a new skin on an old body, you've got the characters, locals, story, and even combat worked out already. Just update the graphics, freshen up the combat(not changing it too much), remaster the soundtrack, add voice acting and your practically finished.
As i read somewhere on this site: "In thirty years i could get my masters in programming and make the remake my damn self, single handedly" That stretch of time is just ridiculous and i find it insulting to our intelligence that they would spew such fodder. Im sure other developers/publishers were reading the interview thinking "No, it wouldn't take thirty years"

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