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In Fear But Not Hate of the PS3 Web Browser? Here's How - and Where - to Use it!

For the longest I've been agonizing about making a list of sites PS3 owners could and probably should visit using the console's browser. Haven't because of the usual responses I've always gotten in forums from people who 1) simply don't own a PS3 and want to crap on it regardless of any fact, 2) those who do but can't get over the fact that its not as good as PC's, and 3) those even more savvy and into the browser who only say my choices suck, yet I don't see them making a stupid recommendation blog post. Figured I'd finally stop being #3, even though I have apparent lousy taste and really didn't do that much research on the subject.

To repeat myself, this is meant to be a starter for both any new PS3 owners that happen upon this blog from across the whole wide internets, as well as any older owners who are just too lazy and/or blind to notice the internet icon on your XMB. Take the following recommendations and advice for what little its worth, just don't leave and accept it here. Build from it like you should. Pass on anything you manage to pick up.

Lastly before I get tot he real meat of the subject, if you happen to be from the above #1 category who's only intent is to riff and crap everything here - screw yourself and keep screwing yourself.      

Some of the general basics before we get to links:

  1. The select button on your controller opens a bookmark page. The first "[ ]" bracketed option bookmarks the page you're currently viewing and keeps them in order of most recently viewed. You can delete bookmarks by going to the bookmark page, highlighting the one you want and hitting triangle. Note that as well as editing, the top, top most option above all other option will delete ALL of your bookmarks. Be careful here. 
  2. Use of the triangle button in normal browser mode opens a number of options that you should really read your instruction manual for. For now I will risk telling you about - no, actually I wont - READ THE DAMN MANUAL!
  3. Tapping the right analog stick (R3) once zooms in your browser window from normal view, tapping it again brings it back. The left analog stick (L3) zooms out and will show any other windows you have open. The 2nd right trigger (R2) allows you to zoom in further while the 2nd left trigger (L2) zooms out. (R3) also lets you scroll up and down a page as well as side to side once you've zoomed in. Also, if you wish to zoom in so that a movie window within your browser window fills into your TV screen, make sure that your cursor is on the screen in regular view and tap R3. It zooms in automatically. Trust me: experiment with this one if you don't already know.
  4. Just in case you were totally clueless about #3, when not zoomed out or in, use L3 to move between any extra windows you have open, then press down and hold the circle button until that current window closes automatically. Unless you've disabled the close browser notice you'll get a notice when you're on the last window. Just as you will by just tapping circle, which closes all windows.
  5. Manual: Page 27 of the one with the black cover. Not that its really that helpful, I just looked. Try the online one, which I've never done... (Where did I learn this stuff?!)
Okay, onto the links. Just enter them into the address bar - which you get by hitting the START button - exactly as I have them written once the browser's open. If its your first time opening the browser or/and you hate the 9-button data pad you get, hit SELECT and you can change it to typewriter keyboard layout. Or if you happen to have a USB plugged keyboard handy, just plug that into a free USB port. Simple. 

If this is or isn't your first time - ACCEPT THAT THE BROWSER WILL CRASH ONCE IN A BLUE MOON! It has happened to me, but only on the general Youtube pages. On every other, maybe the 3rd or 5th, blue moon. If you can't do that, you've just wasted your time reading this up to this point. Sorry to have wasted your time.  

Youtube ( The literal catch all be all for browser use.  Most if not everything you can possibly think of - minus porn - is just a search away, though its been cut into 10 minute segments and wont be in order. And even then there are actual full length films - with commercials - as well as play lists that the very kind and deranged Youtubbers have put in order. 

My general preference is to use the main page for navigation, not the XL page you get through the link on the PS3's homepage. I find that it loads faster, allows you to rate and leave comments for videos, subscribe to channels, and even manage your account. Wouldn't recommend going and viewing videos directly from subscription pages however, as it either wont play or will even crash the browser and freeze your console.

Grooveshark ( The Youtube of music, only better, you can search and listen to anything that's been uploaded. And i'm pretty sure that everything's been up loaded.

No real downside or warnings for this one. Once its loaded and you make an account, login, you can create play-lists and listen to anything provided you don't close the browser. Like another site called Pandora it even offer a radio channel that tries to predict and customize itself to what you've already chosen.

Animefreak ( Lots of sites are around that offer  anime viewable on the browser, this one I consider to be the most hassle free.

You will get at least one Java script warning each time you go to a new page on this site which will open a new page to an advertisement. It can be ignored. The Flash loading page cannot. Know the difference.

SyFy Channel ( Yeah you're reading right. Enter this exactly if you want to avoid the main page if you want to watch "recent" episodes but not whole series, and at least one Z-movie, currently running on Syfy.

You will get a certificate approval request once or twice, as well as a "connect media storage device" notice. Approve the first, ignore/hit circle the other to go on. You do get commercial breaks different sizes and out of frame with the viewer.

Scifinal ( Basically a home site which collects together a number of independent sci-fi and horror related series. 

Offers a little trouble to navigate even for a PC's browser. What with having to click a link of a series on the front page, then the same logo to the upper left, which takes you to the home page of the series itself and an episode guide. Worth it if you're into that kind of thing, and I've yet to run into so much as a Flash request - don't quote me on this...

All PS3 Themes ( A place to go to and download free - non-dramatic - PS3 themes directly into your PS3. What more do you need to know? ( Before you get too excited, just putting this one up for the heck of it. Its not what you think, not anymore anyway, and really never was.

As far as I can tell an aborted attempt to create a PS3 browser-specific site who's servers are located somewhere in a Scandinavian country. Its still up if only running semi-current movie trailers.      


Yeah I know, not that many links for all the lead up. You should be experimenting anyway with the search engine, given that you're taking advise from some guy's blog. Getting comfortable with sites you like while passing them on like I'm finally doing. Not like I haven't done this sort of thing before and elsewhere. 


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kwicksandz2802d ago

the ps3 browser is terrible and no amount of fanboy blogs will change it.

NO I DONT WANT TO RUN THE PLUGIN but it always asks......

ChozenWoan2799d ago

Groove Shark > Pandora any day, but both work on the PS3 so it's all good.