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Story Of Anal-LogHype part 2

Now this was January and for two months I still couldn't post. Don't believe me? Go back and listen to the podcast when I call myself “the intern”. These two months were the worst, because I wasn’t able to post and had Krome and OG saying we don't know where your stuff is or where is the anime show, you never sent the audio. It got so bad that I went to Hated Greatness, (The Bitbag's Michael A.) whom they lied about and slandered for leaving for a better place after realizing that they are a group of monkeys and are only good for throwing shit at one another, and showed him the backend of the site with all my articles were saved as drafts. He will even testify to this if needed. It was about 5 pages worth of pure content which they’re constantly saying they don't have enough of.

Around March of 2010, I want to say we got some old members back like Jason (a.k.a. The White really) and Devin or as the entire site called her indirectly ARIEOLE! By the way, Devin, they still have "revealing" pictures of you when you were not decent I just thought you should know. When Khalid says "teacups" or "radius" he sure as hell is NOT talking about your pair of eyes. Think of a pair you have a little lower. No offense to you, Devin, but you show up, post three articles, and disappear for two months. The only one who keeps in contact with you is Keem, yet you go to E3 for AH over me? Yeah, I'm sure that is bullshit and I am simply airing it out.

Anyways, in March we start going through what I call the "Chameleon Mode.” In it, for the whole month, we try to copy and consume every site possible. We even manage to pick up a growing YouTube star called GamingBuzz. Now this guy I could relate to. We joined AH to do two things and are being asked to do more. Both of us are in school and we both have jobs. Lastly, we both are not respected amongst the group members of AH, at least not the top 3 - who constantly circle jerk one another.

So April, the month of my birth, comes and shit for me has not only hit the fan, but it’s also on the walls and floor itself. Now I tell Khalid about what's going on at home thinking he would explain to the group, (mainly Krome and Keem, because they never take me seriously when I say I need a break) because the month before he got a break and only did a post on the latest Street Fighter game. April comes and goes and they leave me alone, but May comes and here we go again. Krome asks why I’m not posting anything, and I tell him I'm going through shit so I need a break. He says fine and leaves me be. So it's cool I thought, but before long plotting starts happening. Secret meetings and whole bunch of other juvenile shit starts. Because of how much of it there is, I'm going to sum it up really fast.

Rumors begin spreading saying I’m leaving the site. At the time, yes, I was considering leaving but to not join another site. Instead of approaching me, Krome sends Khalid. Now I’ve basically told Khalid everything about my home life and I considered him a true friend, but he comes to me to say “We’re letting you go.” He goes on to say “You as a person/character, are a joke and that that's why AH can’t take you seriously.” I said to him there are members twice as funny yet their taken more seriously and if that’s the case, why keep me around so long? He says “To me, because you do hard work but you’re not improving in writing at all.”

Now for 8 months, Trill Cosby only did Photoshop shit and didn't start writing ‘til February. He's more of a joke than me and has more respect, and I still have problems with Trill by the way. I gave Khalid an example; I said that if Dave Chapelle were to work for you and he got off stage and started to talk seriously, would you listen? He said yes and I ask him why. He says because he's being serious and YOU always seem to be joking. Now, I'm sorry people but if you can’t tell the difference between being serious and joking, then you have a fucking problem. I ask if I can I still go to E3 he says, "Yeah, we won’t take that from you even if you did crappy work."

Next week I get contacted by Jason saying that they are removing me from the E3 list for someone else to go. Now being told one thing and another is something special, especially when Jason didn't know I was approached already by Khalid. This isn't the first time they’ve used this method. Viktor (GamingBuzz) was going through the same situation between school and home and because Krome and Khalid didn't like the frequency he would post to the website, so they ostracized him. Nobody on the site would talk to him and when they found out I did speak with him, they told me to tell him he was fired.

Again same situation with me and Krome; And that is Krome hires me and gets someone else to fire me. If you’re the boss and the main man in charge, why are you hiding behind staff? Why are you, Khalid, and Keem having struggles over the site and who runs it? I thought Marcus already decided that? Does he even know? Or better yet, what does he even do?

Before I go any further I need to address something since I brought Keems name up. Now I'm cool with Keem, but I'm still pissed with him. Your fans should know when the Halo: Reach Beta came out I got a code for all of you guys, the fans for those who didn't have a Halo ODST disc. Because I wouldn't give him the code he kicked me out the Skype chat and before that he used a Skype command to not allow me to talk. Oh and since I brought Skype up as well, they like to kick each other out the chat constantly. I was kicked out the chat for an entire day once and nobody knew anything until that night, so that was a sign for myself that I wasn't missed and that they do not coordinate.

Another thing is they have members in that AH chat who don't say shit or do anything. Spenny, Chad, Batts, Tom, and hell, there were at least eight other people who didn’t do shit but were in there. Speaking of which, WHY THE FUCK is OG still in the site he doesn’t work for you anymore and isn’t a site owner! He has no say and he left you to join another site AGAIN! How the fuck does he stay?

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