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Rant: I wish I #u(&*@! didn’t care.

I’m a gamer, I love gaming. For most of my gaming years I stuck to my good old Playstation 2 and 3, (Xbox 360 briefly)I then bought a High-End (2011) gaming PC and joined Steam. I always used to check Metacritic, IGN and Gamespot for reviews and impressions of games, I lurked NeoGAF (just for the GIFS) threads every now and again but for the most part I played games. I then joined NeoGAF and subsequently came across this place.....N4G.

Oh God......what a mistake. This place is worse then a mental institution. People fight over the same thing again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again, round and round, all day all night, every day of every week of every year. I have waisted at least 20 full-days of my life over the last year on this site over the last year. My God, what a waste. What saddens me even more are their are clearly intelligent people on this site but not intelligent enough to realize the following thing.

-On the internet everyone has their own closed minded opinions. You are always right to yourself and always wrong to those to oppose you. No amount of disagrees, replies or PM’s are going to change this. So stop trying to argue with people. Their is NO POINT. If you have an opinion on something, keep it to yourself......their is no point on going on a crusade, its a waste of your life. You could be adding to meaningful discussion, helping the elderly or animals instead of lining the pockets of the people who feed off the massive maelstrom of sh*t throwing that goes on here.

Also for &*(# sake.......the graphics whoring that goes on here is DISGUSTING. There are something like 320 comments on N4G, 3 000 on IGN and a 32 page thread on NeoGAF about how Battlefield 4 is running at 720p on Xbox One. You know what? I wish I was a casual I couldn’t notice a difference between 1080i, 1080P, 720P, 900P, 30 fps, 45fps, 60fps, 60hz. It sickens me, how people fight over this sort of thing. I play games, to have fun....yes if the game is running at 19fps it will effect my enjoyment but seriously comments like,
“ Oh my word....what is this Guerilla Games, Killzone: Shadowfall only running at 60 fps some of the time, their is nothing worse than a frame-rate drop, it will look awful on my 60hz TV....thanks for saving me $60.”
I mean really, some of you act like frame-rate drops and 900P are going to give you brain cancer.

Im not even going to touch on the lack of logic here and on other gaming sites.
Gone are the days were I give a flying sh*t that Polygon gave The Last of Us 7.0 out of 10 because that is not going to affect MY own personal enjoyment of the game.
Gone are the days I care whether Killzone runs at 60 FPS “most of the time.”
Gone are the days were I try argue with incredible amount of lack of logic here.

Instead Im going to be playing games instead of arguing about them, I’m going to spend more time with my family, with my pets and doing the things I love instead of cr*p slinging. I don’t care any more and I wish I never had.

PS. Once this is approved don’t bother PM’ing me because I’m never coming back. I wrote this blog to try help you guys to stop wasting your life in the comments sections and threads.

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maniacmayhem1664d ago

"I wrote this blog to try help you guys to stop wasting your life in the comments sections and threads."

Unfortunately that is not going to happen. Both sides need a reason to bark and yell at each other. Whether it's 60fps vs 30fps or a game running at 1080p or 720p or the latest a lowered poly count (or my favorite a game being paltry). The excuses are getting lamer and lamer.

In the great Sega/Nintendo war their was actual good discussion of what system had what game that made it the best. Nowadays with both systems basically having the same games it is getting harder and harder to argue.

This is just part of the reason we get these lame troll attempts.

The bubble system doesn't help on this site either. This site rewards a certain side that thinks their certain way. It's no secret that that side is Sony, you will find a lot more Sony fans sitting on 6 to 10 bubbles than a MS, Nintendo or PC fan.

That is the main reason why the bubbles need to go. The majority that can speak are all leaning heavy to one side and that makes fair debates or discussions very lop sided.

Anyways, I doubt this blog will get approved since it's nothing more than a rant against the site that has been expressed already by many members.

Good luck elsewhere.

Godmars2901664d ago

Reason I became a "fanboy":

Wondered into the wrong forum when RRoD reports first started and sew every inquiry about what to do about come under attack.

Then there was this other time I went into a thread about Tekken when it was still a well regarded/unreleased PS3 exclusive. Someone had posted an obviously Photoshopped pic which even known Xbox fanboys were going crazy over, so somehow it fell upon me to deliver the again obviously bad news. So I've been called both an Xbot and Playslave.

As for the bubble system here, you really need to read the posts of the people with only one or two bubbles. Some manage to reform, but most still make it more about the poster than the actual thread subject.

maniacmayhem1664d ago

I've been called an Xbox and part of the SDF and it what makes it all so funny is my avatar should give me away where my console preference is.

As for the bubble system, most of the one/two bubble posters do deserve it. But I find the posters with 6 or more deserve to be shut down even more. They are uncontrollable with their comments because they can afford to lose one or two. Not to mention when you go around arguing the exact same troll nonsense in every article and getting bubbled up every time doesn't help the situation.

DragonKnight1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

We all heard a while back that the bubble system is supposed to be going. When is anyone's guess, but I'll be happy to see it go. A lot of people use the fact that they have 1 bubble to just troll because they can't say much and I think that's worse than all the fanboy discussions that happen on the site.

I've been gaming a long time, and there's always been fanboyism, but with each generation that consoles take on more aspects of PC gaming, discussions become less and less about games, and more and more about tech and graphics.

PC gamers will pitch a fit about what I'm about to say but it's something that's been the case for a long time until just recently. Console gaming is (was) about the games, PC gaming is about graphics. Lately though, it seems all anyone cares about is how the game looks and they only complain about the other aspects after they've spent their money and have been thoroughly disappointed by what they purchased.

This is why Aliens: Colonial Marines is a lesson that everyone should remember. When all you pay attention to is how a game looks, you miss all the problems you could have avoided if you focused on what really mattered.

*Insert "Forest for the Trees" or "Book by its cover" metaphor here*

Godmars2901663d ago

1) I'm finding that many site's forum moderation policies, especially zero-tolerance/one inappropriate post = ban for life, actually contribute towards negativity online if not their sites. That rebuking someone often without explaining why they're being rebuked only causes them to feel insulted, so they feel obliged to return the insult or not change their attitude while having the means to side-slip the ban/make a new account.

Mean its not like a mod has to be a therapist, but on the occasions where I've found myself banned the only times I've was given a reason was because I'd been a long time member of a site.

Here I've been banned 5-8 times if not more, and think only twice was a descriptive notification offered.

2) I've held for the longest that console gaming pretty much died with the PS3/360 era. Came to realize that PC gaming took on the middle-ware aspects of consoles post the DOOM3/Crysis debacles which almost caused PC gaming to die, meanwhile the AAA focus pretty much ended that same middle-ware support on consoles.

Really, the observation needs it's own ranting blog, only I've never felt up to properly writing it. Seem to be the only one whose noticed it.

Sarick1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Not true. about the bubble system. Some people get well said for deliberately saying immature things like:

"You're some kind of idiot if you think that'll happen"
"look at the fanboys being hypocrites again"
"lol @ fanboys acting like this is something to cheer about"
"Obviously reading comprehension isnt your strong point."

People choose to hit the little +bubble things because others agree with them. They encourage the bad behavior. In reality they should hit agree and then bubble them down. At least only hit agree.

People who abuse the bubble system shouldn't be allowed to use it. If those people who hit well said on offensive or disruptive comments lost their bubble rights the decency and respect of others on this site would improve.

Look at the comment logs of some people. They're not being reformed as much if others support them for negative HATE comments.

I don't care if someone recites the bill of rights or a Martin Luther King speech about games. If they do so hatefully or immaturely they don't deserve a well said, ever.

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Gimmemorebubblez1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

This blog(rant) wont be approved and what makes it even more sad is this blog is no worse than some of the stories approved here.

This my last post ever :)

Nineball21121663d ago

Your reverse psychology won't work on me!! I'll show you and approve this! So there....


Seriously though... Nothing wrong with this blog. I don't see why it can't be approved.

moegooner881663d ago

Feel free to leave, no one is stopping you.

Blastoise1663d ago

One does not simply leave N4G

Godmars2901663d ago

Says only people who've been banned only to make new accounts from different IP addresses.

XboxFun1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Awesome LoTR reference!

Did Godmars seriously miss that?

Christopher1663d ago

***This place is worse then a mental institution. People fight over the same thing again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again, round and round, all day all night, every day of every week of every year.***

So, just like everywhere else in life. Politics. Religion. Work. Sports. Yadda yadda yadda. We are a people who just argue about the same thing. It's what we do.

wishingW3L1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I don't know... What you say is partially true but the behavior of this site's front-page could be easily replicated in a pretty simple flow-chart. And that's exactly what's wrong with it.

I know the kind of comments that will get you bubbled up or bubbled down and it has nothing to do with the quality of the comment. I know the kind of comments that will get you a gazillion of disagrees and possibly a bubble down too. I know the kind of comments people want to hear and that will get you bubbles and agrees just by seeing the title of an article.

If you want bubbles then the only way to get them is by reading the flow and let yourself be pushed by the current. Example: this comment was made on an article reporting something good about the Xbox One but you know that hating on it is the cool thing these days, right?

Another example is myself, yesterday I lost a bubble because I was marked as trolling because I said the art style of a new announced niche JRPG looked very generic. In this case hating on that game wasn't allowed like it would be for FF13 or the DMC reboot back in the day. But the thing is, you can't never say what you want to say unless it goes in line with what people want to hear. And this kind of one sided bias is greatly promoted by the bubble system itself which at the same time turns many people into suicide trolls.

At this point there's nothing you guys can do though, in fact, I believe things could get even worse if the bubble system is removed at this point. The community of this site started with the wrong foot but with time it only got worse. At least the forums are still secure because they are heavily moderated by MODs and not by a biased community with an incredible lack of common sense.

BillytheBarbarian1663d ago

Yeah I agree with you. I say anything against Sony or positive comments about something other than Sony you get debubbled. Also, people here overall, have absolutely no sense of humor. I once had 5 bubbles. People didn't like my jokes or possibly didn't understand them and took it as personal. Sometimes I think people think their company/console preference is like their own kid. They defend said company to the death.

Funny little fact, was where the SDF began in 2004 in November upon the release of Halo 2. It was a joke on a group of members there that were hell bent on defending Sony to the end. They were a team of die hard that would hype any Sony exclusive to the point of exhaustion. Poor reviews for said exclusives were paid off by MS and Nintendo. Since those days the SDF has essentially overrun N4g. They found a home to call their own. I even helped to create the SDF website in 2006. I wish we would have patented that all those years ago. Who knew it would take off like it did. I get a little laugh everytime someone drops the term. The originators were as follows and it would be great to see if any of you guys are still here after shut down.

Leader: Darealdaddyknowsbest: Noted for his love of Haze and MAG.

2nd in command: Spiky: noted for his constant push of the emotion engine and powa of the cell.

Themangone: Killzone lover. Halo wasn't as good.

Acemanwise: Honest Sony guy that constantly updated the site with good news for Sony. Part of the SDF even if he didn't intend to be.

JuicySpock: weird outlook on life but stood up for Sony.

Sonyboy69: Had a Mario kart avatar but loved Sony so much he blew his cover many times over.

There are afew missing but these were the trailblazers of the power of the SDF and would all have 9 bubbles here in record time.

DragonKnight1662d ago

@BillytheBarbarian: "Also, people here overall, have absolutely no sense of humor."

I don't know about that, I found your entire comment lol worthy if only because of the immense stink of denial coming from it.

So here, just for you, a show of proof that a sense of humour does exist and you got a laugh.

Sarick1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Have you been watching C-span lately. They've learned the finest ways to name call others Like: Right wing tea party.

You know what would happen if those guys stood up and started name name calling each other with defined insulting words like some do on N4G?

The gavel would smack hard. Not only would they get forced off the floor they'd also lose their timeshare rights to talk on it. IE bubble system.

It's great to have an opinions but, if we can't have one without using well mannered tact then we don't deserve the rights to comment or rate others. I could load up pages of people who've been abusing the system with more then 3 bubbles.

It's simple. If you find one person who's being counter productive. Click their avatar. Then select comments and read through them. Most of the time there will be a clear trend in their post. From these post you can ascertain a lot about their personality and attitudes towards others.

Pintheshadows1662d ago

I tend to flip flop as sometimes on here people really do p*** me off no end. I know I should not pay attention to it but I do. Generally though there are a few on here that you can actually have a reasonable conversation with. You just need to know which news stories to avoid like the plague.

HarryMasonHerpderp1663d ago

This blog is hilarious!
You are right about what you say though.
Which is why I rarely comment anymore.

duducus1663d ago

Many times I start to type a comment and then just stop and leave...

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