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The PS4 has no Games only Indies.

Gimmemorebubblez | 888d ago
User blog

This is something that is really annoying me in threads and comment sections.

"...AAA exclusives Games announced
Ryse vs Killzone:SF
Forza vs #Driveclub (an excuse for a racing game)
Dead Rising 3 vs What ever dafaq Knack is
Sunset Overdrive vs The Order: 1886
Halo 5 vs...............?
Titanfall vs Infamous?
Black Tusk new IP vs..................?
Project Spark vs.................?
Fable: Legends vs................?
The Xbox One clearly has the better line-up, most of Sony's studios like ND, Polyphony, SSM have just released games and the heavy hitters will only arrive 2-3 years from now...”

This^^^ drives me mad.
This is not knocking the Xbox One's fairly stellar line-up but common Sony's studios have not been sitting on their asses for the last few years. Sony has the largest internal development team(by employee number) of the "Big 3". Yes Microsoft DOES have more studios however most of them are casual focused, unproven and far smaller.

Sony can thank Microsoft for giving them an easy time. Microsofts DRM debacle after the Xbox Event caused them to blow 85% of their load announcing some games that are only coming out Q4 2014 and Q1 2015 at this years E3. This was a last ditch attempt to sell their DRM scheme to the gaming public and it failed....miserably. Sony has enough momentum to sell every single PS4 through till March next year, they according to insiders on Neogaf by the name FamousMortimer stated in a thread BEFORE Gamescom that the big guns are being held back. Sony is holding back bombs for when MS has none. While MS is still talking about Sunset Overdrive and Halo 5 Sony will be dropping massive bombs. Don't expect massive announcements at TGS but expect the bombs to start dropping from the VGA's onwards. Some of these "bombs" according to Neogaf mod-verified insider by the name of Verendus include:

5 Major 3rd Party exclusives, 2 from Sega and 1 MASSIVE Western exclusive, Demon Souls 2 (title change).
To save myself the time here is a list I posted on 1st and 2nd party studios rumored titles.

Sony's strategy is smart. I don't know about you but Im starting to get sick of Watchdogs, it was announced ages ago and my interest has waned significantly. This could also effect some of MS's announced titles. Also MS has announced games that will detract from the launch exclusives people are to busy thinking about Halo 5 instead of being focused on launch titles. Sony's launch is laser focussed. Also how many of these launch exclusive games stand a chance against against Gran Turismo 6, GTA 5, Cod: Ghosts, Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4, NFS: Rivals. If Sony sent to many AAA exclusives out at launch they would be doomed for financial failure.

So to recap...don't worry the games will come and boy when they come everyone will know about it.

Edit: The PS4’s launch line-up is amazing, with PS+ you get so many free games Day 1 like Resogun, Outlast and Drive-Club: PS+Edition and lets not forget the countless F2P games as well as Strong 3rd party support.

iamnsuperman  +   888d ago
"Sony's studios like ND, Polyphony, SSM have just released games and the heavy hitters will only arrive 2-3 years from now"

Not necessarily. ND is in two teams. The last game the other team worked on was Uncharted 3 (2011). Media Molecule have something in the works (we saw some tech demo in feb). We still haven't seen the Japanese studios stuff (they will need some games for that market even if they launch mid next year). Have we seen anything from Bend or London (I assume London is on Home though) Microsoft is more about laying the cards for everyone to see. Sony is more about keeping its cards close to its chest.
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   888d ago
I know thats why comment like that drive me mad.

SSM has a 125 man team working on a new IP since the beginning of 2010 and ND B team has been working on something since the end of 2011.

Ok I made it a bit more obvious sorry....
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iamnsuperman  +   888d ago
Sorry I didn't see it was a quote. It is missing quote marks at the beginning or try to make it combine with the other comparing thing (make it obvious)
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TomShoe  +   888d ago

I was about to flame you, but then I read the rest of the blog.

Good post.
MysticStrummer  +   888d ago
I saw the title and knew exactly what I was going to read here. I just posted a comment a few minutes ago that was a short version of this blog.

People try to claim PS4 will only have indies, or that it will mostly have indies and not put much emphasis on AAA titles. Those people are either trolling or they haven't paid any attention to the gaming world for the last three generations.
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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   888d ago
You put "Halo 5 Vs....." Twice.
PS4 Surly has games, you forgot, Deep Down, and Shadow of the Beast. I do agree that Xbox one has a strong line up this time around but when you take into account of the Free to play titles coming to the ps4 it changes.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   888d ago
Will fix Halo 5.
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maniacmayhem  +   888d ago
I don't understand where this sudden attraction of F2P games for Sony are coming from? It seems that people are just brining this up to boost the Sony line up.

The reason I say this is because Home for the PS3 has always offered F2P games and yet hardly anyone on here talked about any of the games for it. But now it just seems like the popular thing on this site to talk about.

I'm not taking anything away from the PS4 but I notice that this site goes through a lot of "trendy" words and terms. From AAA to F2P, people seem to name drop for their system's convenience.
trafalger  +   888d ago
home was an experiment for social activity, which nintendo seems to have taken into a different direction on the wii u. the hardware on the ps3 held back its potential. it felt very much like two separate entities when they should be in unison.

f2p games are a model that is really going into overdrive but it needs to be done properly or else it will backfire. what i find interesting is how all of the sudden everyone is giving high fives to sony for making the ps4 such a friendly place for developers. shouldn't they have done this all along? if the ps3 had dominated like the ps2 did we would continue to see sony favor that philosophy of making hardware that suits them. that forces developers to adopt there visions of how to make games. instead the ps3 was overlooked from third party as the lead design due to its difficulty. now they are being praised for listening.

what i doubt we will see this coming generation are the delays that plagued the ps3 and the multiplat games that had issues on the playstation. all signs so far show that not only has sony listened but they seem very open to anyone.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   888d ago
Nobody mentions F2P Home games because they are not comparable to the F2P games coming to PS4.

A free, basic game of pool vs planetside 2?
Bowling vs DC universe online?
Chess vs Warframe?
??? Vs Blacklight: R ?

Not sure where you're trying to go with this.
maniacmayhem  +   888d ago
You haven't been on Home lately because their are full fledged games on Home and not just Chess and Bowling.

Home actually dedicated more resources and time to publish F2P games because that is it's biggest source of income and popularity.

Check it out when you get a chance.
Godmars290  +   887d ago
So. Take it that you haven't tried the multiplayer pirate game in Home or the various shooters.

Actually, they have a park with boat and bike rides, and you can rent remote sail boats, battleships and planes.

Sad that it doesn't look like they're going to carry it over to the PS4, but then they've got all those F2P games. Betting that Dragon's Prophet and Ultima Online will be appearing on the system as well, so its doubtful Sony will want to recommit to something which has a following which doesn't appeal to a majority of PS3 users.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   887d ago
There is no comparison of gimmicky Home games vs Full the full fledged games coming.

Just stop guys.
HammadTheBeast  +   887d ago
Free-to-plays on Home aren't the best, mainly because they're limited by PS Home's engine.
KwietStorm  +   887d ago
It's not the fact that a game is f2p. That alone is only going to attract people looking for a way in, so to speak. But a good game is a good game, whether it's from a big publisher, free to play, or Indie. Home doesn't offer games with the same kind of experiences you'll get from the ones getting more promotion, and that's also not taking into account the fact that you have to login to Home to play them. Certain audiences don't even care for Home to begin with, I know I don't.
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trafalger  +   888d ago
"This is not knocking the Xbox One's fairly stellar line-up but common Sony's studios have not been sitting on their asses for the last few years."

then explain where the last guardian is? sorry, had to put that in there.

"So to recap...don't worry the games will come and boy when they come everyone will know about it."

why write a one-sided blog? what about all the naysayers who have written off the wii u? or how the xbone pre-sales show the xbone is doomed?

common sense would dictate that the ps4 will get lots of great games. why would anyone take someone's comments of the ps4 only has indie games seriously? we all know sony has lots of developers working behind the scenes. we all know going by history that sony gets lots of exclusives.

there is nothing to defend here. not when you take all of the fanboyism and trollish comments that goes on here daily within the forums at n4g. the fact is the most negative people here are likely to be the most depressed and lonely souls around. who often use forums as a way to express themselves. they do it because they are frustrated with there own pathetic lives.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   888d ago
I have a good life thank you. I have records for track 100m and 200m, played sport for my state(province) and I am well qualified. Gaming is my biggest hobby (a bit obsessively I admit :/)followed by fly-fishing.

My blog was directed at people who say “Well if Sony has so many games so far along in development than why don’t they show them?’

The reason is simple, it’s a wise strategical business decision.
Cable2kx  +   888d ago
"The reason is simple, it’s a wise strategically business decision"

I'm confused if you knew the answer to your question then why post this? what trafalger is saying is correct. This comes off trollish (if there such a word)you don't show you have full house in poker until the last card is dealt and bets are all in.
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zeal0us  +   888d ago
The thing is MS tend to shoot off like a rocket. Strong start but weak ending.

The race isn't given to the swiftest or the strongest but to the one who endures until the end.

Hats off to the big 3 and hope you make a lot of gamers happy this upcoming generation.
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trafalger  +   888d ago
this is a game console, not buying a house. the x360 is just shy of 8 years old now.

you trying to tell me there is nothing to play? almost a thousand games for a system that cost no more than $400. i didn't realize $400 was a major investment.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   888d ago
There is no reason for me to buy a 360 when all it's games (multiplats) are on PS3 as well.

That is their objective.To take market share.They certainly aren't doing that with multiplats the last few years.
zeal0us  +   888d ago
I don't know where I stated there was nothing to play.

I brought a 360 when it first came out. My cousin got a PS3. I was enjoy exclusives while he was stuck games like Lair and Haze. Mid way through he started getting a variety of exclusives on his PS3. While I was still getting exclusives same series. Several years past and he's still getting exclusives for his PS3 while I am stuck with multiplatform games. I actually found enjoying more multi-platform games this than exclusives.

You can have a strong or fast start but its how you carry yourself through is what matter most.
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No_Limit  +   887d ago
That is why I have both. I didn't get the PS3 until some great games like Uncharted 2 and Demon Souls start appearing. Heck I even bought a Wii just for Xenoblade Chronicles. Video game is not a major investment, it is a hobby adn overtime when consoles get cheaper, it is easy to get a console with some great games with it a few years down the line.

I am not going to cheat myself of not getting the XB1 because the games on it like Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Project Spark, and titanfall has my interest. When there are interesting games like Uncharted 4 and others on PS4 that interest me, then that is the time I'll get that game. FYI, I have no interest in Indies, never have and probably never will.

Nobody can predict what the feature holds and I want to enjoy entertainment that I like now and worry about things later.
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Megaton  +   888d ago
Anybody who thinks Microsoft will be delivering the better lineup between the two for years to come must have missed this entire generation. Sony has proven that they have the most robust AAA library year after year while Microsoft coasts by on Halo, Gears, and Forza ad nauseum.
BillytheBarbarian  +   887d ago
The thing for me is Gears of War. There's nothing like that game series on Sony or Nintendo. It keeps my 360 plugged in.
HammadTheBeast  +   887d ago
If they bring it back to PC, I'll be happy.
black0o  +   888d ago
if u gonna put titanfal then u must include FF14 as well and Planetside
and project spark isn't near AAA+ lvl same goes for KI

and we didn't even saw any kinda of game from 70% of the x1 line up for 2014, saying that GG 2nd ip or ND, SSM ..etc isn't even needed

ps4 has a nice line up so far and it's only getting bigger
Drummerdude41  +   888d ago
My main system is pc. I enjoy all gaming and don't consider one platform to be better than others in terms of enjoyment cause it's all about the games for me. And to be honest the ps4's library is what makes me jealous of people owning that platform. If someone gets jealous over only graphics than yeah my rig will make most nerds need new underwear but i consider myself a pure gamer and to me that means that the games are the core and currently the playstation library is making deciding to upgrade my rig a very hard decision.
iliimaster  +   888d ago
i just stop reading when i hear about all the games xboxone will have over ps4.... its insane to think these FEw games they do have coming out will they be better than gears of war? halo? cod? highly doubtful... most of these games will see the bargain bin sooner than later.... the question always was about xbox and games never playstation
ZHZ90  +   888d ago
@Bubblez, I am tired from Xbots and everything you mentioned in the blog is a fact. Thanks for making it happen. :)
fsfsxii  +   888d ago
XB1 lineup is mainly sequels.
The only sequel in the PS4's lineup is KZ and Infamous.
Damage control blog.

Oh, and also, i'm pretty sure the "great" xbox lineup will vanish in the years after the console launches
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thebudgetgamer  +   887d ago
Not only does Sony have a sweet looking launch lineup for the PS4 but they still have giant games coming for the PS3. So I think they're doing fine.
smashcrashbash  +   887d ago
Why are you even bothering? We just are going back to the same crap with 'PS3 has no games'. People say stupid thing especially Sony haters and obsessed fanboys.They keep harping on about how Xbox One games are better before they even played any of them.And Sony catering to the indie crowd just gives them more variety to their console like all their systems have always had.If it was in reverse people would be claiming how great it is that Microsoft is helping out the indie developers and how indie games are games too so they don't know what all the 'stupid Sony fanboys are talking about'.

Most gamers don't stand for anything these days.They just change their views and opinions to whatever makes their favorite system look good or wins the argument.If Sony had made for example the tablet like device the Wii U has people including Nintendo fanboys would say 'Sony copies everyone including Apple' and jeer about it is a poor man's tablet and $hit like that.But now that Nintendo is doing it it is genius and they are not trying to be like Apple at all.People just say whatever fits the situation.Like I said if it were in reverse Xbox One people would be crying 'It has other games, stop saying it has only indies' with tears in their eyes.
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rageus  +   887d ago
It's less about the day one launch line up and more about the post launch line up. I'd hate a game drought after playing all the launch titles that came out day 1. They need a consistent release of good games and use those great indie games as padding in between their bigger hitters. Otherwise it will feel as though the PS4 has no games just like people felt the Wii U has no games.
devwan  +   887d ago
There are now over 50 announced ps4 games the xbox one doesn't have vs 22 the xbox one has that the ps4 does not and we know Sony still have big stuff to reveal for the ps4's first year. Just putting some numbers out there.
rageus  +   886d ago
That's what I'm talking about!
KwietStorm  +   887d ago
360 fanboys jumped on PS3 fanboys because apparently it was "quality over quantity," in regards to the disparity between exclusives available on the two systems, with Sony clearly having more as the years went on. This point was further driven home as they are still releasing entirely new IPs,The Last of Us, Puppeteer, Rain, and Beyond, in the same year that PS4 is releasing. BUT, all of a sudden, the X clan finally gets a handful of exclusives, so in their minds, PS4 has no games, even though almost all of Sony's own studios have yet to be heard from, just as you stated. I have no doubt that the Xbox One will have a good offering of games, but to say PS4 has no games is just laughable. It's also convenient that they never include Warframe, War Thunder, DCUO, Blacklight, or Planetside 2 in the argument. Whatever. I know where my money is going, come Nov 15th.
BitbyDeath  +   887d ago
"Yes Microsoft DOES have more studios"

I disagree. (List from GAF)

•Japan Studio #1 - Knack (PS4)
•Japan Studio #2 - Puppeteer (PS3)
•Japan Studio #3 - Freedom Wars (Vita)
•Japan Studio #4 - (?)The Last Guardian (PS4?)
•Japan Studio #5 - ? (PS4/Vita)
•Acquire - rain (PS3; collaboration with Japan Studio)
•Polyphony Digital - GT6 (PS3/PS4?)
•Naughty Dog #1 - ? (just released TLOU) (PS4)
•Naughty Dog #2 - ? (PS4)
•Bend Studio - ? (PS3/PS4/Vita)
•San Diego Studio #1 - MLB 14: The Show (PS3/PS4?)
•San Diego Studio #2 - rumoured unannounced title (PS4?)
•Santa Monica Studio #1 - Stig's new IP (PS4)
•Santa Monica Studio #2 - ? (just released GoW:A) (PS4)
•Santa Monica Studio #3 - C. Barlog new team (PS4)
•Ready at Dawn - The Order: 1886 (PS4)
•Sucker Punch Productions - Infamous: Second Son (PS4)
•Evolution Studios - DriveClub (PS4)
•Guerrilla Games #1 - Killzone SF (PS4)
•Guerrilla Games #2 - New IP (PS4)
•Guerilla Cambridge - Killzone Mercenary (Vita)
•Media Molecule #1 - Tearaway (Vita)
•Media Molecule #2 - TBA (PS4)
•London Studio #1 - (?)SingStar (PS4)
•London Studio #2 - (?)PS Eye (PS4)
•London Studio #3 - (?)AAA New IP (PS4/Vita?)
•Sony Online Entertainment #1 - DC Universe port for PS4
•Sony Online Entertainment #2 - PlanetSide 2 port for PS4
•Sony Online Entertainment #3 - Everquest Next (PC/PS4?)
•Supermassive Games - Until Dawn (PS3/PS4?)
•Quantic Dream #1 - Beyond: Two Souls (PS3)
•Quantic Dream #2 - Singularity (PS4)
•Sumo Digital - (?)Little Big Planet 3 (PS3/PS4?)
•Housemarque #1 - ResoGun (PS4)
•Housemarque #2 - New IP (PS4)
•Honey Slug - Hohokum (PS3/PS4/Vita)
•Humanature Studios - Doki Doki Universe (PS3/PS4/Vita)
•Insomniac Games #1 - Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus (PS3)
•Sanzaru Games - ? (PS3/PS4)
•Giant Sparrow - ? (PS4?)
•Zindagi Games - ? (PS4?)
•Clap Hanz - ? (PS4?)
•Novarama - ? (PS4?)
•Queasy Games - ? (PS4?)
•Ovosonico - ? (PS4?)

Sony has more
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   887d ago
MS owns MORE studios about 23, Sony owns 15 including SOE but when you look at employee numbers (as I said in my blog) Sony far out-classes Microsoft. As your list states and the list posted in the link in the blog state. Many of Sony’s studios have 2 even 3 teams. From SuperMassive down are 2nd party and Sony does not own them.
isarai  +   887d ago
OK hold on, you bitch about it only having "indies" but no games? when did indie games not count as games anymore? now let me fix what's wrong with your little ill informed list here buddy.

First off you say "AAA Exclusive games" but Spark is not a AAA title and Black Tuck has yet to announce anything, so if you include them you also have to include all of the SCE studios that have been announced to be making new unannounced IPs for PS4. Then you fail to acknowledge PS4's full library, so let me make a list that actually makes a valid comparison without the fluff.

Xbox One

Dead Rising 3
Sunset Overdrive
Halo 5
Fable: Legends


Killzone Shadowfall
The Order 1886
inFamous Second Son
DC Universe Online
Planetside 2
Blacklight Retribution
and we will more than likely be getting an announcement on Everquest Next for PS4 soon

This is without all the amazing indie titles that are set to be coming out
zeal0us  +   887d ago
Just wondering could you really count DC Universe Online, Planetside 2, Blacklight Retribution and Warframe? Given the fact they are available on the PC? Not only that but Warframe has been confirm to only be a time exclusive.

I was just wondering because when people make a list of games thats coming to the X1, I usually see "you can count ____ because its also coming to the 360 and pc" or "_____ is available on the pc so it doesn't count as a exclusive."
#17.1 (Edited 887d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
isarai  +   887d ago
if he counts titanfall then i count those
KwietStorm  +   887d ago
It goes both ways, if you want to bring up the PC argument. What I find funny is the fact that people always conveniently forget that it's a console discussion, and by and large, the two audiences do not mix. We internet goers are a tiny subset of the whole consumer industry. And I don't believe anything has been confirmed with Warframe, other than them looking into it. It's still exclusive as a launch game regardless.
isarai  +   886d ago
@ KwietStorm

"the two audiences don't mix"? are you really that ignorant dude? there are a SHIT TON of people who game on both console and PC myself included. and they mix just fine between exclusive players to, it's only when fanboys and elitists are thrown into the mix that conflict is born, but the same can be said for any two different kind of fanboys.
hooba93  +   887d ago
I thought I was the only one that was getting tired of seeing watch dogs. It feels like I have beat the whole game already with all of the footage released in the past couple of years.
meatysausage  +   887d ago
This article is stupid.
PS4 has games, and everyone knows it will be getting great games.
Why are you comparing sunset overdrive to the order? huh, they could not be anymore different plus theres no real gameplay.
Ryse vs Killzone? that makes no sense.
Im not sure why knack is getting hate, whats wrong with platformers? it looks fun
Gimmemorebubblez  +   887d ago
Nothing is wrong with Knack imo. But here and on Gaf it gets hate. I was quoting a comment at the top of the article hence the “”.
meatysausage  +   887d ago
oh right, my bad. I didnt read the top bit.
Then i completely misread your article. I agree with you
Honestly, games on either side are quite different from each other. Thats the good thing, people have a lot of variety and options with each exclusive
plmkoh  +   887d ago
This is what happens when idiots focus on events like E3 being a 'show' rather than an investors conference designed to inform. Sony used to reveal projects as they come even many years before they are released, then people bitched and moaned about how they rather have it a secret and revealed at the last second, because it makes for a better 'show'.

And this is the result: Sony not revealing shit all unless release is imminent. You can thank all those kids with paper thin patience who demand companies put them on leashes (I think you the demographics I'm talking about), rather than be informed consumers.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   887d ago
That is one of the reasons they are holding back announcements.
plmkoh  +   887d ago
Yes, and exactly why this game vs this game on respective consoles is stupid. There is so much we don't know because we're not being told.

Sony simply has showered us with Indie titles because they feel the current launch titles are sufficient to hold interest. If they were to blast us with titles from Naughty etc, many people would wait till after launch to buy the console.
Viper7  +   887d ago
If this generation has taught me anything, it's that 3rd party exclusives are timed exclusives until proven otherwise.

Sony is still in possession of the most comprehensive collection of first party developers and second party ip's and it's not just numbers but variety as well.
Indo  +   887d ago
last time I checked the Xbox360 has Halo 4 and GOW Judgement, which both are 1st party games that are only worth getting over M$ other 1st party games which are KINECT games. And these 2 games came out months apart and Forza Horizon is worth mentioning. While M$ abandon ship for Next-gen, Sony is still working hard to produce 1st part games for PS3 and PS4. Starhawk,Twisted Metal,GOW Ascensions,The Last of Us and coming soon are Beyond: Two Souls,GT6, and Ratchet & Clank. These are just a few games availible or soon to be for the PS3, and the PS4 still has a healthy launch lineup.
cunnilumpkin  +   886d ago
besides killzone and ryse there is nothing even remotely interesting on either console at launch that cannot be played with much better visuals, smoother performance and had for a cheaper price on pc

and killzone or ryse are certainly not even close to good enough to get me spending hundreds of dollars and THOUSANDS over the course of the system in over priced games, online fees and lame and unnecessary accessories
isarai  +   886d ago
But there's more games coming very shortly after launch, and those will be well worth the price of admission. Never got this thing about judging everything by just the games it launches with, games are going to be coming out for the next 7-10 years for the console, not just the first day.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   886d ago
I shed manly tears reading that list of unannounced games coming from Sony. I shouldn't be surprised by it considering this is just SCE being SCE but my God that list is a tear jerker. I never really paid attention to the criticisms of the PS4 lineup by calling the PS4 the "indiestation". If anything it shows Sonys commitment to diversifying the Playstation brands catelog for games and reveals more evidence of the braindead fraghead "critiques" that the Xbox brand attracts. I know from experience how great indie games can be. When a developer is not tied down to what a publisher expects them to make and they are allowed to just dig deep into their imagination.....the product of that thought process can be the most enchanting experiences you will find in gaming.
(I'm taking to you journey and unfinished swan)
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theFLeXy  +   886d ago
lol what an idiot

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