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The PS4 is still a better option than the Xbox One

Gimmemorebubblez | 924d ago
User blog

Since Microsofts DRM reversal, the Xbox One has rebounded in the eyes of gamers. However after the limelight being on the Xbox One people seem to forget what the Xbox One and Microsoft tried to pull on gamers. The reality is that the PS4 is still a much better option than the Xbox One, heres some reason's why.

1) Sony hasn't tried to f***k over their consumers.
Sony has never changed their story once. Since the February reveal Sony has kept the same story, they've been open about specs and explained their plans for what they want the PS4 to be, meanwhile Microsoft has been all over the place. They tried to enforce draconian DRM on their consumers, an anti-indie stance, region-locking and a bunch of other restrictions, Microsoft also briefly babbled about specs and through random numbers around while their competitor gave concrete information.

2) The PS4 is much more powerful.

The PS4 is the more powerful console. Hands down. Shall we break it down....

PS4 Difference(%) Xbox One

1.84teraflops ------ (33%) -------------1.23teraflops(1.3 4 teraflops up-clock rumor)
32 ROPS ---------- (100%)------------ 16 ROPS
18 CU cores-------- (33%)-------------- 12 CU cores
8 ACE's------------(300%)--- ----------- 2 ACE's

8 core AMD ----------------------------8 core
"Jaguar" Custom ------------------------ Custom MS/AMD
1.6ghz ------------------- (0%)---------1.6ghz
(2.0 GHZ rumored)---------------------- ---
20 GBs "Garlic" Bus------------------------- N/A

8 Gigs GGDR5------------------------- - 8 Gigs DDR3 @ 2.1 ghz + ESRAM
176 gb/s-------------------------- ----68 gb/s / 102 gb/s

Both consoles share very similar architecture, so the difference will be fairly noticeable. The Xbox One has an entry-level GPU while the PS4 has an Mid-range gaming GPU. The Ps4 has superior RAM and bandwidth.

3) Exclusives: The past the present and the future
Sony World Wide Studio's has one more "game of the year" awards than any other development group since the awards inception. Sony has invested billions of dollars over the last 18 years (particularly the last 7 years) on growing talent and creating some of the finest, seasoned studios. SCEWWS are the worlds largest internal development group (by employee numbers) and have frequently pumped out incredible games. Microsoft does not have the same studio network. Lets compare the PS3's 2013 line-up to the Xbox 360's.
Notable Titles for Ps3: GT6, TLOU, GoW:A, Ni No Kuni: WtWW, Ratchet and Clank: IttN, Beyond: Two Souls, Rain, Puppeteer.
Notable titles for Xbox 360: GoW:J
Need I say more?

4) Price
Ps4 $399 Xbox One $499
'nuff said.

The bottom line is that the PS4 has been better from the start than the Xbox One, Sony hasn't been full of bulls*it. Look if you looking forward to Ryse or Forza 5 than get an Xbox One, yes it's great that any Xbox One can be used as a dev kit, but don't suddenly pretend you know how to code. If you an Xbot their is nothing this blog can do to change your mind. But if you were on the fence and leaning towards the Xbox One just remember that when the facts are laid out the PS4 is the better system.

Update: The Xbox One's GPU clock speed has been increased by 53mhz to around 1.3 teraflops, this is mainly for marketing and will absolutely make next to nothing of a difference.

dedicatedtogamers  +   924d ago
Sony fans will buy PS4. Microsoft fans will buy Xbox One.

I think a huge portion of gamers live in the middle with no strictly-defined loyalties to any one brand. They're die-hard gamers, but they're not die-hard Sony/MS/Ninty gamers. They'll go where the games are, where the cost is cheaper, where the value is greater, or whatever else seems important, regardless of what logo is slapped on the case.

Right now, I think the PS4 has that "mass appeal" in much greater quantities than the Xbox One. That's not to say that Xbox One will crash or that Microsoft will never, ever be able to catch up, but right now the PS4 is a pretty clear choice for people who don't have strict loyalties to one brand or one franchise.
black0o  +   924d ago
no i know hardcore x360 fans whom jumped ships already and per-ordered ps4 ... and two of them will get x1 when halo5* comes out

on the other hands 99% of ps3 owner are between now or after year or two we get the ps4 ''since the is GT6, GTA5, TOX 1 & 2, FF14 LR:FFxiii darksouls 2 ..etc are heading to ps3 2013/14
Pisque  +   924d ago
Not so true, I am a 360 guy but will certainly buy a PS4 over the Xbox One which is a failure.

NOW considering the blog's arguments on why "THE PS4 IS STILL A BETTER OPTION"

1) Not a good argument. Microsoft changed their mind about the DRM issues. The press for the console wont get better, but the casual Kevin who works wont even give a f about what MS "tried to do" to its customers.

2) Neither is that a good argument. If there are better games on the Xbox One that they can't find on the PS4, sorry but the customers will buy the XB1. The first Xbox was so much powerful compared to the PS2 and the Gamecube, and it failed, because of the lack of games.

3) It depends. We haven't seen anything yet neither from Sony or Microsoft. But if Sony and its internal studios manage to develop as much exclusives as the late 2009-2013 period, they're in business. (Because the 2007-2008 era wasn't really good if you ask me besides MGS IV)

4) The most important thing that, in my opinion, will hurt Microsoft the most. And in my case, it's the main point of getting the PS4, as it is much cheaper than the rival console.
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jessupj  +   924d ago
I disagree.

1. This DRM issue is probably more personal in nature than anything. Yes, MS have gone back on it so to some that now means the XI is a viable console. People like me, however, have a deep deep love for games and the industry and where it's headed. MS basically tried to destroy the very thing I love and I will never ever forgive MS for this.

2. While it is somewhat rumored, it's from very reliable sources. A more powerful console means better multiplates and better exclusives.

3. True, we can't predict the future, but past history is a very strong indication of future history. I don't think anyone can argue against Sony producing the best games and supporting their consoles right through out the whole generation.

4. I just have to say thank you Lord for the price. Because now the uneducated casuals that are too stupid to do any kind of research will most likely look at the price and choose the PS4.
Pisque  +   924d ago
1) Like I said, the majority of the gamers play FIFA, GTA or COD/BF and racing games. They don't care what MS tried to do, they mostly don't even know about it. Because the vast majority of the people live in the present only, they will likely forget about it.

2) No, I know I am kind of repetitive but the original Xbox was more powerful than the PS2, but still the PS2 had the better games, so it didn't matter.

3) and 4) We have the same opinions
360ICE  +   923d ago
2008 was one of PS3's best years. Four exclusive Game of the Year contenders in four different genres (LBP, MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles and Resistance 2) AND the very successful prologue to Gran Turismo 5.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   923d ago
"1) Not a good argument. Microsoft changed their mind about the DRM issues. The press for the console wont get better, but the casual Kevin who works wont even give a f about what MS "tried to do" to its customers. "

Firstly this blog is directed at people who visit this site not "Casual Kevin".
Secondly if a man turned up at your door trying to sell you bulls#it the one day and then turned up the next day with a different product, I would tell him to f**** off. Do you see where Im going....

I agree with you that price will hurt MS the most.

Thanks for posting.
SegaSaturn669  +   924d ago
A lot of microsoft fans will also be buying the ps4.
SignifiedSix91  +   924d ago
You can count me out! :)
pixelsword  +   924d ago
"Value" is in the eye of the consumer.
"Valueless" is in the eye of the detractor.
jmc8888  +   924d ago
You forgot Microsoft will itself and allow others to spy on its users (like every single one of its other products) with Kinect2.

Kinect2 is the reason Xbox One is under spec'ed and overpriced. It's also the reason they have DDR3+eSRAM instead of GDDR5 (because it's cheaper).

Except if that eSRAM is causing yield issues and overheating...oops.

I loved my xbox 360, except for it's RRoD, disc scratching, hard drive failure, etc. But the games were great when it worked.

No way in hell will I touch the ultimate spy device. Because that's what it is. Pure and simple. Anyone that denies this, denies everything that has been going on for the last 18 years when Microsoft first built a backdoor for the gov't in Windows 95 OSR2 (note: BEFORE 9/11). Or anything that happened and we had little leaks about since 9/11. Or the big leaks from Edward Snowden proving that Microsoft is #1 in invading your privacy and giving others the keys to it.

When ALL of Microsoft's products have built in spying measures, why do people seem to think that the Xbox One together with Kinect2 will be the ONLY Microsoft product to NOT spy on you?

Even Forrest Gump would know better.

Microsoft KNOWS every one of its products pisses on its customers privacy, and KNOWS the gov't will force them to use whatever means they give them to spy on its customers. So why would they REQUIRE Kinect2 to be plugged in or the console won't work? Especially when Kinect1 sometimes rendered the 360 inoperable until you unplugged Kinect1. Simple because unlike their lying slogan 'your privacy IS NOT their priority.'

Microsoft will not get the 2,000-3000 dollars I gave them this generation, because I care not to be exploited. I care not to spend MORE and getting less specifically because they wish to exploit me.

That right there is #1. The rest of the list is valid, but the most important aspect is missing. Good luck.
zeal0us  +   924d ago
I hate to be the guy at the NSA having to watch all those naked xbox one owners play their games.

If NSA want to invade your privacy there are more ways(also better) than the Kinect.

If you're that concern about privacy why are you even on the internet?
EXVirtual  +   924d ago
I think the DRM and the power are key factors. As for the DRM, MS are bound to roll off that patch. As for power, I think 2-3 years from now, games will be using more RAM. That means, the XB1 will be getting seriously watered down ports or just less games. Even though FFXV and KH3 are using Direct X11, the PS4 is bound to run them better.
zeal0us  +   924d ago
DRM already been disassemble/roll off
NeverEnding1989  +   924d ago
1) SONY showed this gen that better hardware does NOT equal the better experience. For significantly less money at launch, I got a far better run with the Xbox 360 (mostly related to online multiplayer and longevity of exclusives).

2) SONY lacks the exclusives that make me think, wow I need to go out and buy this console (or keep this console). You've got a good game here and there from Naughty Dog, but the multiplayer just doesn't hold up. Uninteresting franchises, and the continued abandonment of exclusives to Microsoft/Nintendo being the main point here.

So for me it comes down to price, everything else being irrelevant. So far the price tag is not attractive, so I'll have to wait and see. In the mean time, please continue with the blogs desperately justifying your future purchase :p
DragonKnight  +   924d ago
1. No they didn't. PS3 was superior hardware to the 360 and the exclusive games prove it. PS2 proved that you don't need the best hardware for the best experience.

2. No they don't. You're an Xbox fanboy so saying Sony doesn't have the exclusives that wow you is really not saying anything of note. I mean, you think that Fable, Forza, and Halo are continuously interesting I'd bet.

$400 is less attractive to you than $500? Wow, there are a lot of companies that have seen you coming from a mile away I'd imagine.
trafalger  +   924d ago
1. this is all subjective. was the wii the best experience over the ps3 and x360? i know playing on xbox live offered me a better experience than the wii and ps3 but not the pc. are you going to post your who cares link now?

2. and your a playstation fanboy, now what? you two are now at a stalemate. both of you seem to think you can only like one or the other. why cant normal people like gran turismo and forza for example? well they do. fanboys like you two would rather argue than enjoy both.

$400 is better than $500. but so is $400 compared to $600 when the x360 and ps3 came out. see how flawed your logic is?

the main problem with both of you is there is no compromise. i expect that with members who only have 1 conversation piece but a member of your status? that shows right there how crappy this site moderates itself.

i have a ps4 preordered and if i can afford it i might get a xbone too. why not when gaming is my hobby. instead it looks like your guys hobby is arguing and being fanboys.
DragonKnight  +   924d ago
@trafalger: Are you really sure you want to play the "The Past is Now" game? Because it really doesn't work to your favour you know.

I am perfectly fine with people's preferences, I've never told someone NOT to get an Xbox One. But NeverEnding1989 posted questionable stuff and I called him on it. That's not the same as getting on someone's case for buying an Xbox One. Go ahead and look for any instance where I've told someone they are an idiot for wanting an Xbox One. In fact, not long ago someone made a comment about how they don't want to feel stupid for their preference and I flat out said that they aren't stupid for their preference at all, no one is.
trafalger  +   924d ago
how about instead of deflecting you prove me wrong by showing why the xbone is another good alternative? you either cant or you refuse not to. i can still agree with the topic sentiments, the ps4 is a better option but i can still say the xbone is a great alternative, you cant because your whole game here on n4g is to make sure the ps4 is leagues above the xbone. that i can tell from the limited amount of posts ive read of your here.

your views are narrow, totally biased. you know it and i know it. you will spend an hour telling everyone why feature x or game y is good on the ps4 while downplaying or dismissing game x or feature y on the xbone. that is what i am saying. why you worry so much about a system you seem to have little to no interest is whats puzzling but them again most trolls have personal issues to begin with.

you came into a topic awhile ago about 20 xbone exclusives, did you talk about any of them? no. so please continue playing charades. we all know your a fanboy, why hide it now? another was a pc topic you seem awfully butthurt about because it took away that superiority complex you love to shove at xbox fanboys. so instead of commenting you provide a link of who cares. well obviously you do otherwise you wouldnt have wasted your time making a stupid comment.

so let me say it again because that cranium of yours is probably thicker than monster truck tires. normal people can enjoy games like forza and gran turismo. trolls like you will argue why one is better than the other because trolls like you suffer from a superiority complex, thats to do more about game console loyalty than games.

how youve reached the status you have is worrying because to me that reflects the community here. one who will put up with stealth trolling nonsense you seem to have an endless supply of.


"Bubbles mean nothing."

to you they do,. it means you can troll more and write a lot of blogs.

"I flat out admit and will continue to believe that Microsoft are not good for the industry."

if thats true then your not good for game forums. you provide cynical views all countering anything that may intrude on the embracing of the playstation. you see the xbox as an enemy, not how m$ is bad for the industry. nobody made sony shove a $600 game console at us. nobody told sony to make a system hard for developers with bad tools to work with. now they are heroes by finally listening to what they want.

"My response was "This was a stupid question. Gamers care about games. If they didn't, they wouldn't be gamers. Really stupid question."

why were you in that topic to begin with? do you talk about xbone games? do you care about xbone games? this is why your bad for game forums. you offer nothing yet get rewarded here.
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DragonKnight  +   924d ago
@trafalger: I have no reason to prove the Xbox One is a good alternative because even you yourself just said the ps4 is a better option. In what way could anyone believe that my making a statement about the Xbox One being a good alternative would be a statement of sincerity and not just trying to be balanced for the sake of it? If someone directly asked me what is a good alternative to the PS4, I would say the PC. I can't say the Xbox One is a good alternative because I don't believe it is. Microsoft did that to themselves, not me. They decided what they wanted their first impression to be, they decided what they wanted their policies to be, they decided what market they wanted, they decided to backtrack and show a lack of conviction in their own product. What kind of person would I be if I told someone to spend $500 for a device that the company who designed and sells the device is showing such a lack of unity, confidence, and passion for?

"your views are narrow, totally biased....

My views are narrow and biased. But not about the PS4. About gaming period. I flat out admit and will continue to believe that Microsoft are not good for the industry. The best thing they've done for the industry is be the best they could be at online gaming, and boy did they ever bring it. That's the one area they show actual passion and confidence in and never waiver in. You can call me whatever you want, but you're clearly blind to what stares at you right in the face. I typically make replies, not initial comments. When I do make initial comments, it's in response to something I feel is ludicrous. An example is forthcoming in response to another point you made.

"you came into a topic awhile ago about 20 xbone exclusives...

Clearly you have reading comprehension problems. There was literally no need for me to talk about the games because the question (paraphrased) was "Do gamers care about the 20 announced Xbox One games?" My response was "This was a stupid question. Gamers care about games. If they didn't, they wouldn't be gamers. Really stupid question."

What part of that is trolling on the Xbox One exactly? Do gamers not care about games? Are Xbox One gamers somehow not gamers? You came in with an accusatory response saying "if gamers care about games, why isn't anyone talking about them?" Does it matter? Does the fact that I said gamers care about games but didn't bother elaborating on specific games somehow equate to me saying "Xbox One gamers don't care about games?" Seriously, I want to know. That's the example I was talking about btw. Who wouldn't think that that's ludicrous?

"so let me say it again because that cranium of yours is probably thicker than monster truck tires....

I find your timing funny, as well as your choice of whom to reply to. Here in this blog you have all kinds of people saying all kinds of things. You accused me of things that, judging by your logic, would apply to others of the opposite end, and yet I'm the one you decided to talk to. I think you shouldn't talk about things like neutrality and balance when you show your own bias.

"how youve reached the status you have is worrying because to me..."

I have no "status" here. I'm a member like anyone else. I have 8 bubbles because I've been here a long time. I've also had 2 bubbles. I've never changed myself for any reason and my bubbles fluctuate all the time. Stop blaming the site because you take issue with the fact that some people have more bubbles than others. Bubbles mean nothing.
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HammadTheBeast  +   924d ago
Lol hypocrite level achieved.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   922d ago
This post is bandwidth rape.
Lvl_up_gamer   924d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(4)
M-M  +   924d ago
The blog comments section was probably the only place to type legitimate comments on N4G instead of trolling comments, now it's ruined -____-.
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SignifiedSix91  +   924d ago
Trololololol blog.

Same ole rumor specs of the X1. No one knows nothing about the X1 GPU, so why keep using the same tired specs?

Only on N4G, where the "tech experts" come out and think they know everything.

If the X1 is slightly more under-powered, the graphical differences will be minimal, period. Just as many developers have stated.

Also, if the PS4 is "teh most powerful console", why are games running at 30fps, compared to the X1's 60fps?

You guys can spin it all you want, but i think Microsoft is not telling us something about the hardware in the X1.

Edit: And to be honest, Microsoft's games looked better than anything i saw at Sony's E3 conference.
#8 (Edited 924d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
DragonKnight  +   924d ago
"Also, if the PS4 is "teh most powerful console", why are games running at 30fps, compared to the X1's 60fps?"


"It should be a standard for games to be running at 1080p and 60fps next gen."

**EDIT @ Below** According to what? To whom? Where is this rule book that says so? Should a game that doesn't have a lot of fast paced action still run at 60fps? And you still didn't address the possibility that the developer may WANT to have their game run at 30fps so that they can focus on greater detail on something else. No, it's a completely black and white situation isn't it? If the developer doesn't do what you think should be a standard, then obviously it's because of the hardware and not because of choice right?
#8.1 (Edited 924d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
SignifiedSix91  +   924d ago
Seems like someones a little upset. It should be a standard for games to be running at 1080p and 60fps next gen. Its not even fun playing a game that looks like a slideshow, but obviously, you'd much prefer that.
#8.1.1 (Edited 924d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report
HammadTheBeast  +   923d ago
That was an idiotic comment, 70% of games will still run at 30 fps this Gen, for most genres graphics are more important than frames.

What's Watch Dogs running at? AC4?
Kevlar009  +   924d ago
For me it will always be the $100 difference. Kinect just isn't important to me at all, not worth the extra $100
Welcome2Die  +   924d ago
All I gotta say here is that Dragonknight thoroughly OWNED XboxFun and level up gamer.

Also PS4 FTW!
Lets buy the console that has given us the greatest games since the Playstation first came out!

The Playstation still reigns supreme!
Bladesfist  +   923d ago
I love how if a PC Gamer uses facts and stats to discuss superiority over consoles they are labeled a troll. But if you do it between the consoles it is fine.
360ICE  +   923d ago
Nothing in the comments on this blog post tells us that the latter is fine. Quite to the contrary.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   923d ago
I sort of know what you mean but this blog is about consoles.
BillytheBarbarian  +   923d ago
The only thing the ps4 needs to win is Madden, COD, and Fifa.

$100 cheaper.

fanboys are the few that care about anything else.

Rest easy.
MichaelLito79  +   922d ago
I keep telling people just go with the system that caters to you. Embrace each system for the experiences they are going to bring and leave the politics behind. After all none of us get paid from MS or Sony to sit around here declaring winners losers or who is better or worst. As of right now no system is available and we will have to wait at least about 2 years to see what these systems can really do. My choice will be Xbox One.
#13 (Edited 922d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
urwifeminder  +   922d ago
If Samsung made a console I would jump ship but no can do for sony I will stick with xbox the fans have always turned me off sony.

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