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Indie Game Spotlight: Mommy's Best Games

Indie Gamer Spotlight: Mommy’s Best Games
October 15th, 2010
By: GHR Superman

After spending some time at the Mommy’s Best Games booth at PAX East last march. We here at GamerHusbands Radio just can’t wait to see more. That’s why I have decide to make them the first indie game developer that I put in the spotlight in my new Spotlight series. Check out this trailer of the upcoming game GrappleBuggy.

Take one look at Mommy’s Best Games and you’ll know that they are different. Every part of their games from the innovative game play to the heart pounding music grabs hold of you and refuses to let go. If you don’t believe me, just go to XBLIG and download Shoot1up for 80 space bucks and see if I’m wrong. What makes these games so exciting and fun? The same things that made arcades and Atari so successful in the 80′s. The fast paced arcade style scrolling, the insane moves required to dodge oncoming projectiles and urge to try and beat that high score.

Let’s take a closer look at the people behind Mommy’s Best Games. The company was started by founders Nathan and Amy Fouts in 2007. They have since released three games, Shoot1Up, Explosionade and Weapon if Choice which are all available in Xbox Live. And they are currently working on, the very exciting, Grapple Buggy.

Here’s a closer look at their games:

Shoot1Up- Think back to the classic arcade space ship shooters like Galaga, then add fresh new graphics, heart pounding music, more features and power-ups, more fast action shooting and you’ve got Shoot1Up. MBG takes arcade style spaceship shooting to a new level as they put you in control of more than 30 ships at the same time in single player and over 60 in co-op. They also include a feature that allows you to adjust the game play to your level of difficulty. And you can’t beat the value of this game, it’s just 80 space bucks on XBLIG. That’s right, you can Shoot1Up for just $1 US on XBL.

Explosionade- This action packed reminds me of some of the great side scrollers like Metroid and Castlevania. It features destructible environment, 2 player co-op, and online high score so you can show off your high score to all your friends. And once again you can pick this game up in XBLIG for just 80 space bucks. At that price, what do you have to lose?

Weapon of Choice- Weapon of Choice holds the title of IGN’s Best of XBL Community Game of 2008. Once again MBG changes the way you will look at side scrollers as you battle through non-linear levels and face dynamic in-level branch decisions that lead to multiple endings. Add in unique weapons and powers for multiple playable characters, and you’ve got an award winning game. Download the demo today on XBLIG and if you want more you can download the entire game for 400 space bucks ($5 US).

Grapple Buggy (Soon to be released) GHR Superman and Teetock watched GHR Maverick as he got some hands on with Grapple Buggy at PAX East, and it was something else. The originality of the game was amazing. Who would have guest that a game about a little buggy driving around on a distant planet could be so gripping. But it left us wanting more. Once again this game incorporates upgrades dynamic decision branching, and multiple game based endings. Explore new heights with your grapple as you hunt through the planet Vald-End 317. And you choose weather to strip the planet of it’s valuable resources or rebel against your government as you fight to save the planet.

For more information on Mommy’s Best Games go to or go to the indie game section on Xbox Live (XBLIG) and download trial or full versions these games.

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