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The Wait...

Ah the wait. One of the hardest things for gamers to deal with. The excitement builds up, the media blitz campaign hits, and it's like you are surrounded by awesome with no way out. The problem? The game still isn't out and you're just left with this longing to be together like Batman to Robin, or Jack to Rose aboard the Titanic.

In less than a week Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds comes out on the PS3 and Xbox 360. This long over due and requested sequel has been showing nothing but promise since its initial reveal by Capcom. Everything for the game is out there by now and lucky gamers all over are managing to find the game early...FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! For me my brain is doing nothing but repeated laps around imagining this game in my home with me going at it like a drug addicted hobo. I openly admit some showers will be missed in the first 2-3 days when I have the game, and so the hobo image is pretty accurate to depict the stench I will give off.

Perhaps the only things worse than waits when your hype is built up to extreme levels is a game being cancelled or delayed. That's like telling a little girl she's getting a pony for her birthday and instead she finds out she has cancer. TOUGH LUCK!

So with that aside here's 5 things to help hold you over when the wait happens to you:
1) Get into a new TV show to occupy spare time you find yourself having.
2) Play those games you missed out on from the last year you didn't get around to.
3) Spend more time with friends than usual.
4) Watch all the seasons of Lost from start to finish. Seriously....seriously.
5) Finally, if you are some sort of genius devise a plan to freeze yourself until the games release.

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Dramscus2663d ago

Yeah I've got that going on with a list of games and devices thats as big as... well we'll leave that out of it for now lets just say it's a long list ;)

The Matrix2660d ago

On nights before big game releases I pray to God that he would hold off the rapture and apocalypse for just a couple more days.

sich922660d ago

Come ooooooon.....come oooooooooooooooooon xD cartman

Kon2659d ago

I watch anime. Load of it.

Jinxstar2659d ago

Fun list.

Truth for me though is this is one reason I bought DC Universe online. It may not be perfect. Probably far from it but it is a great time waster that has near infinite replay. I can always come back to it in my summer lul or whatever and not waste 40-50$ on older games that just looked "ok" but I thought I might kinda enjoy. Instead I just pay 15$ a month. To me it's a much better deal. What do you think?

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