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"Something, something Darkside"

Illumiroom: More Smoke and Mirrors

GalacticEmpire | 1018d ago
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When I first saw the proof of concept video for Illumiroom I thought to myself “neat”. It’s the kind of thing that someone who invests heavily in entertainment technology to ever increase that feeling of immersion would enjoy, someone like me. If I thought for one second that it would ever translate into any kind of affordable consumer device this blog would be praising it instead of trying to dampen the enthusiasm of over excited people who have jumped on this as a full drawn conclusion. To make matters worse some are actually using it as points in arguments detailing reasons to buy the third Xbox. Now, if you’re one of these people, try to keep a cool head and read through these rational reasons that you won’t see this device on your coffee table anytime in the near future...


Have you ever priced up a projector for home cinema use? Decent ones can set you back as much as your big HD TV and although cheap ones exist, they come with the caveat of poor visibility and reliability. If the price of the projector alone doesn’t put you off there is also the cost of whatever is processing the movement ‘outside’ of the screen.


Think about it for one second, there’s so many requirements for Illumiroom to work properly that the sheer impracticality of it is enough to make your head spin. First it is only really effective in the dark, second you need the space, third would be bright enough walls to reflect an image, forth a coffee table... it goes on. The shiney concept video makes it all look so easy, “self calibrating” they say but you can bet your life that in reality, for 99% of the population, it will be either a massive inconvenience or just plain impossible.


It’s explained in the proof of concept video that images shown were either running on a PC with some kind of software workaround or shot using a special rig of two differently ‘lensed’ cameras. The resources of a PC are entirely flexible and would not demand much to make this work; however, this simply isn’t the case for consoles. Consoles have a set limit of processing power and RAM use for games, which means rendering the scene again at a wider angle for projection outside of the screen would be impossible unless a large section of resources was restricted just for this use. So with the difficulties in producing content combined with cost to consumer, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see widespread adoption of this effect, think 3D but without the backing of Hollywood.

I’m sorry if this post has burst any bubbles out there but the reality of this needs to sink in before we rest our hopes on another pipe dream. I mean now we’re even getting articles like this, it’s all getting a bit too much and we need to step back, smell the smoke and smash the mirrors.

dedicatedtogamers  +   1018d ago
"When I first saw the proof of concept video for Illumiroom I thought to myself “neat”."

You read my mind. Are you a wizard?

IllumiRoom is yet another instance of our industry being tech-obsessed instead of game-obsessed. They would rather integrate new cameras or new particle physics or new social media apps instead of simply making the games worth playing on their own merits.
GalacticEmpire  +   1018d ago

To answer your question I wear a cloak and shoot lightning from my fingers, does that count as wizard?
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dedicatedtogamers  +   1018d ago
As long as you put on your robe and wizard hat, then yes.
Pillsbury1  +   1018d ago
Wizard rap!
kingPoS  +   1018d ago
I see that VR is coming along nicely. With both MS & Sony's efforts, we'll be in for a treat in a few years.

Nice optical illusion with that prism, it seems to twitch when you look at it.
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Pillsbury1  +   1018d ago
Do you remember the rumor of the omni glasses for ps4? See through OLED that displayed augmented reality and 3d! I'm looking forward to that in the future. I'm sure it's not ready yet for commercial use but if oculus rift is a glimpse I can't wait!
kingPoS  +   1018d ago
Oop's did I say VR, I meant AR - augmented reality.

VR just popped in my head for some reason instead of AR. lol
Capodastaro  +   1018d ago
Smoke and mirrors?

They've already explained it's just a Kinect taped to a InFocus IN126ST projector...
Z501  +   1018d ago
smoke & mirrors meaning MILO 2.0
MacDonagh  +   1018d ago
Christ. I thought I was the only one to remember Milo.

That was a pretty creepy concept though.
bmadger  +   1018d ago
I'm actually more excited about using an Occulus Rift than this. I just feel the gameplay would be way more immersive. This Illumiroom stuff just looks too...wierd and not realistic. I will still be trying to concentrate on my tv screen and all the other stuff will just be a distraction, imo.
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maniacmayhem  +   1018d ago
"I’m sorry if this post has burst any bubbles out there..."

Actually you didn't burst any bubbles out there. I view this blog as just another "complain before I even know the full details" that so many users of the net tend to do.

This device if released will only add to the immersion of a game and if properly used from a developer will make a great game being played even better. There has been no cost announced and more than likely will be an optional device only used for enhancing an experience.

And who knows maybe down the line devs might find very creative ways to use this tech that will make it more enticing for gamers to want.

I know this is your opinion and I do see some of your points but I feel this whole blog is just a glass half empty, complain fest. Of course people are put off and don't see any use for something they have never tried or experienced for themselves so I guess I can see why you and others might feel the way you do.
SnakeCQC  +   1018d ago
well with microsofts track history with such things(ie kinect) it wont have the best support and may not work in intended with games that its meant for but will still be overpriced crap. If gamers want a a projector they can most definitely get a 720p one for the price ms will ask for illumiroom or a 1080p if they add a bit more.
Z501  +   1018d ago
^ u don't get it. i'll keep it simple. - E3 09 -> project natal/Milo, scanning objects, etc. "It's just a tech demo. WAIT TIL NEXT E3" - E3 10 -> Kinectimals = smoke & mirrors.
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