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I Warned You Microsoft

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog here on N4G titled ‘Microsoft I’m Calling You Out’. My intention was to put forward the message, aimed optimistically at Microsoft, that if they don’t do something about the negative press surrounding their third Xbox then all hell could break loose. I won’t link to it but it’s in my profile/history/whatever if you want to read it.

Well, here we are, weeks later and things have indeed taken a turn for the worse. The rumors about an ‘always online’ Xbox 3 have reached fever pitch much to the dismay of one MS employee, Adam Orth, whose arrogant comments on twitter have caused quite a stir. Gamers are swearing off Xbox left, right and center as bewildered fans consider jumping ship to the more favourably received PS4.

So, MS, I don’t want to say I told you so but, well, I totally told you so! Seriously though, I never expected anyone with any influence at MS to be reading user blogs on N4G. I guess I’m just here to gloat about being right, it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like so I’m making the most of it.

Meanwhile, back on topic, the severe and effluent weather hovering over Microsoft’s PR department must be making them very nervous indeed. I mean, if the rumors (which are looking more and more likely) are true, how do you even begin to spin that in a positive way? This all goes to show that the people screaming “all publicity is good publicity” should be eating their words about now. The damage that the negative press is causing is all too apparent and MS’s silence is speaking volumes about their attitude toward next generation. There’s an air of arrogance that is undermining the image of the Xbox platform as a whole and if something is not done MS will fall into an abyss, one which I fear they cannot escape.

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dedicatedtogamers1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Great blog. The situation is definitely getting out of hand.

If I know one thing, gamers are a forgetful bunch. I'm not getting a NextBox because I remember something called "RRoD", but most people have chosen to forget that. They'll change their minds. All it will take is one Halo, a "real" Fable, a new Gears, etc. If RRoD, E74, overpriced peripherals, HD-DVD, unnecessary changes to the dashboard, the loss of exclusives, the fee for XBL Gold, and the recent focus on Kinect haven't convinced gamers to "jump out" of the Xbox brand, I highly doubt these rumors (or the reality) of "always on" will do the trick. I don't mean to call my fellow gamers gullible, but daaaaayum, sometimes you fools are gullible.

And I'm beginning to suspect this is all a troll. If Microsoft orchestrated all of this and then later says "NextBox can be played online or offline", they end up smelling like roses and the internet will overflow with "see? I told you!" and "okay, I guess I'll get a NextBox" and "see? Microsoft always listens to their fans", etc etc.

GalacticEmpire1843d ago

Thanks :)

If this is a troll attempt then MS are troll clubbing themselves in the foot. If they come out and say "NextBox can be played online or offline" then yes some people will eat it up but I think a lot of people will be asking "why the fluff MS just didn't come out and say that earlier".

Messing with your cumstomer base it not good business.

a08andan1842d ago

I...what... *brain implodes from reading the word "cumstomer"*

GalacticEmpire1839d ago

Omg lol, sorry, huge typo :D

Should never have bought that suspect dicktionary.

miyamoto1833d ago

I dunno about the "troll attempt" freak show because M$ Xbox division is known through out history as having conflicting characters and employees like smoke and mirrors Peter "Milo" Molyneux vs Aaron Greenberg vs Major Nelson and the rudimentary bam-bam Kudo Tsunoda.

With Adam Orth I guess the old saying goes "birds of the same feather flock together" still applies.

Godmars2901843d ago

Its more bewildering that MS's PR are doing worse than jack-crap in regards to the guy's comments. With what little they have said only confirming the overall spirit of what Orth said.

Namely "Deal with it."

GalacticEmpire1843d ago

block used games - deal with it
mandatory Kinect - deal with it
always on DRM - deal with it
arrogant staff - deal with it

Microsofts new slogan is such a versatile phrase.

Valenka1843d ago

I'm honestly disgusted and horribly saddened by this information and the way it's been carried about. I've been a long term Microsoft and Xbox fan but now my loyalty will be tested with the upcoming generation. Don't get me wrong, I have a PS3 and a Wii and I love them both, but Xbox has always been my go-to console. I'll have a lot of reading and following up to do when the next Xbox is released to determine whether or not it's something I want to be involved with.

Godmars2901843d ago

The whole of next gen is going to test the fandom. MS just happens to be leading the charge through error and leaks.

Z5011843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

My only issue is ... Why do i have to "wait til E3" every year when it comes to MS? Then when E3 does come. "I" get multiplats, Milo, ponchos, Cirque de Solei, Usher, etc. *Before anyone brings up announcing things too early. Guess when Alan Wake was announced and released. Remember "hobo" Sam Fisher? (Conviction) If i'm a customer OR soon to be customer. I shouldn't have to wait for 'news' on your product. It makes me distrust you as a company, and it makes me feel you don't really want my business. What's the worst case scenario if MS says these 'always online' rumors are NOT true within the next 3-4 days (before E3 obviously) for example? inb4 Jek

Cueil1843d ago

You've all been had... up till this "leak" it was all PS4 all day every day... Microsoft leaks out just enough info to get the Sony fanboys all riled up and completely flip this conversation back to Microsoft. Microsoft and Sony's only concern right now is mind share... Microsoft has everyone's attention and come E3 every eye from every fanboy on all sides will be riveted to that press conference ... it's crazy, but I think this was all started by Microsoft on purpose

rainslacker1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

You know what. Sony could come out tomorrow, announce something amazingly cool for their system, or possibly unveil a new awesome exclusive game for it, and you know what would happen. Do you realize all Sony would have to do right now is just show what their damn console looks like and people would stop talking about MS, and start saying how PS4 definitely won't require always-on.

It could cement the PS4 as the must-have console for next gen. You know why? Because right now, a hell of a lot of people are hell-bent on how bad of a move this is for MS. With one stroke, Sony could easily sway a lot of people who may not even consider a PS4, and make it where they will make up their mind.

This is a precarious situation for MS right now. Bad press is best followed up by an amazing announcement or reveal. It's karma I guess, and it could swing heavily in Sony's favor if something like that were to come to pass.

Sometimes, it's not always about having the most headlines. What is MS achieving in these few days of press dominance? People not talking about the PS4? People talking negatively and already moving away from the Xbox brand? How is this beneficial to them, when the rug could easily be pulled out from under them in the blink of an eye? I don't really recall all the massive hate articles for Sony when the PS3 first launched being particularly beneficial to them.

Cueil1842d ago

you still don't get it... Sony could reveal their plans early to counter this, but they wont... just like Microsoft wasn't going to be forced to reveal any of their cards Sony isn't going to be forced to reveal anything else

rainslacker1842d ago

I doubt Sony will reveal anything to get back in the news. There really is no need. My point was that it wouldn't take much to get the spotlight back on Sony. Right now it's likely that Sony loves that MS is getting so much negative attention. If they felt threatened by it, they could certainly counteract it simply by releasing some actual news on their own console.

boing11840d ago

You guys just wait two weeks. Sony is doing something dev centric in London. I'm sure some stuff will leak out.

Why o why1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

my 'mindshare' is narrowing my potential purchases. It has taken a step down from a definite purchase in regards to the 720 as the ps4 is my primary console like the ps3 is this gen so MS' s nextbox was always a secondary purchase and not at all a launch purchase. That, of course, could all change.

Negative press and speculation isnt endearing in my eyes especially if little effort is made to quash it. They've had ample time and the opportunity to do so.......They, like sony, have had form in killing false rumours so its not like MS's stance on NOT dealing with fud or rumours has always been their MO.

Maybe there's some truth to them therefore not point lying by denying. Other theory of don draper proportions is that MS will debunk all these rumours at an event, be it e3 or something else, giving the overall impression of a mega reveal manifested from people's relief the fud wasnt true....that would make ms marketing geniuses in my eyes because ms could actually show less but that less be percieved as better. It could happen.

Cueil1842d ago

You're "mindshare" has nothing to do with your purchase preference right now... for all you know Microsoft could announce free games for all and that's about as likely as them making it so you can't play games without a connection to the internet.

Why o why1842d ago

I quote myself

'That, of course, could all change.'

thanks for coming, have a good day

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