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Xbox 3 & PS4 - A Fair Race?

GalacticEmpire | 734d ago
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First off I’d like to congratulate MS for well and truly forcing their foot into the door of the industry that we all love, gaming. They have created a brand that is recognisable and popular (in some parts of the world), as well as introduced a lot of interesting new IPs to gamers. During a questionable start with hardware reliability they still managed to grab a lot of sales and 3rd party support, although much of this was done with next to no competition, it’s still an achievement. Microsoft came out guns blazing in a wild rush that paid off in a lot of ways but, my question is, without the advantage of a head start and Sony’s various slip ups, will MS be able to keep the market share they’ve grabbed?

Looking at it from an optimistic standpoint I could point out the differences between last gen Xbox sales and 360 sales and easily assume that the two totals create an upward trend. However a good scientist knows that more evidence would be needed and there are many factors that could make 360’s success appear as nothing more than an anomaly. The price, for example, 360 has been cheaper than PS3 for the entirety of its lifespan, making it the more attractive choice for non-gaming parents everywhere. There is no indication of any pricing for next gen systems as of yet, which means that the advantage of price could disappear; especially when you consider the rumour that MS intend to force a new (probably more expensive) version of Kinect onto gamers. Judging from past consoles, it’s nearly always the cheaper option that sells best in the US and probably UK too, would this mean MS resort to ‘gimping’ specs in order to maintain a price advantage? It could very well be.

The second advantage in Microsoft’s favour came from the early release, although, as mentioned, this may have backfired slightly with RROD. They still had over a year to themselves on the market and it’s something that has given them bragging rights for almost this entire generation, which is odd considering PS3 has managed to sell just as many units in less time. In fact, if you look at it closely you can work out exactly how much faster PS3 sold:

Although official figures aren’t released just yet you can bet they will be pretty close so for this example I’m going to say both are neck and neck at 80m right now.

Xbox 360 has been on market for 8 years (ish)
PS3 for 7 (ish)

So Xbox has sold (on average) 80m divided by 8 years, which is obviously 10m per year.

PS3 has sold (on average) 80m divided by 7 years, which comes to 11.4m per year (rounded down), which is made slightly more impressive because of the higher price point. Obviously this is just rough approximates but it does go to show that PS3 has done well in spite of the disadvantages it has faced.

Anal analytics aside, the advantage of time is something that MS, most likely, no longer have, well, that is unless they release the 3rd Xbox in the next couple of months, which is ludicrous. Sony has stated a “holiday 2013” release for PS4 putting any chance of another long MS competition free timeframe to rest.

It’s the loss of these advantages that is making next generation so interesting for me; we may get to see clearly, without so much confusion and misdirection clouding the truth of things. What I’m trying to say is that it could turn out to be a fair race this time and it’s anybodies to win, these are exciting times.

chrismichaels04  +   734d ago
you raise a very good question. Many people feel the way you do that the only reason Xbox maintained a small sales lead was because of the 1 year head start. Most would agree the PS3 had a weaker start and a stronger finish while the Xbox had a stronger start and a weaker finish. Either way it adds up to an overall great generation for both companies (and Nintendo as well). I for one just look forward to another great upcoming generation.
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NeverEnding1989  +   734d ago
Oh, another sales blog.

When all is said and done, the Xbox 360 sold threefold what its predecessor did, while the PS3 only managed 50% of what its predecessor accomplished. Tens of millions of PS2 owners switched to Microsoft, Nintendo, and PC this gen.

What will be interesting to see next gen is that you can bet devs and publishers are well aware of M$'s sharp growth and Sony's decline; which platform would you be more confident in putting your game on knowing this?

I think we'll see SONY desperating searching for their own Mario or Halo with a variety of new IP's. Many will flop, but I can see them really finding something and making the PS3 just a bad memory. If they can't penetrate the market as the PS2 did and if they continue to lose market share, I think we could see a SONY exit from the console race within one or two gens.
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   733d ago
NeverEnding........When will you EVER STOP TROLLING.
MrBeatdown  +   733d ago
"What will be interesting to see next gen is that you can bet devs and publishers are well aware of M$'s sharp growth and Sony's decline; which platform would you be more confident in putting your game on knowing this?"

Nintendo's 500% growth between the GameCube and Wii has devs falling over themselves to get their games on Wii U. The same could be said for the 50% growth between PS1 and PS2. Devs flocked to the PS3 early on.

Oh wait. That didn't happen. Because publishers aren't dumb enough to think growth equals permanent growth, and decline means permanent decline.
MysticStrummer  +   733d ago
It would have been tough for MS to avoid gaining market share this gen. It would have been tough for Sony to avoid losing market share this gen. Sony owned last gen and MS barely showed up. What did you think was gonna happen? MS rushed a badly designed product out the door so they could be first on the market. The result? A third place finish when all is said and done, even after massive spending on marketing and timed exclusive DLC.

I think we can see that devs and publishers are more than happy with the PS4, but continue your delusional way of thinking. It's entertaining for the rest of us. : )
jessupj  +   733d ago
Enjoy your always online DRM and no used games, is all I say to that drivile.
GalacticEmpire  +   733d ago
I write a blog about the potential level playing field in the up coming generation and people have jumped on the relatively small section about sales and started trolling -sigh-

Thanks to chrismichaels04 & MrBeatdown for putting the trolls in their place for me, bubs for you both.

Again I'd like to spell out my intent for those with low reading comprehension:

It's my opinion that the advantages Microsoft have had in this generation will not exist in the next generation, which would put both the PS4 and Xbox 3 on a clearer and much more even playing field. This means comparisons will be much easier to draw up with little room for fanboys to distort facts in their favour, hopefully meaning less misinformation and greater competition among manufactuers leading to better experiences for gamers.

This is NOT a sales blog.
soxfan2005  +   733d ago
Get off your high horse. One of the guys you congratulate (chrismichaels04) for "putting the trolls in their place" was the FIRST to comment about sales. Plus, when DK286K respond to his sales comment with a detailed sales comment of his own, chrismichaels04 goes further off topic by spouting his opinions of certain games - a subject that wasn't even mentioned in the blog.

I guess as long as he's saying what you want to hear he's NOT a troll in your book. You're in no position to accuse anybody else of poor reading comprehension.

Breaking down the sales as you did - right to the decimal point - is clearly your way of bragging about a particular console's sales. If you didn't mean it to be that way, fine, but that's still how it reads, and that's why you're getting the replies that you are.
GalacticEmpire  +   731d ago
First off what high horse, I congratulated those guys because they argued against the people who were making an illogical argument in anger instead of relating to the real topic at hand. Chrismichales may have mentioned sales first but he didnt do so in a troll-like manner, the argument that he did it first is just simply juvenile.

Also, I never broke down sales "right to the decimal point", I clearly stated that the sales were averages and not based on solid numbers.

You're right that I should never have assumed it was reading comprehension that caused the issue, it was certain peoples clear intent to ignore what they read in favour of trolling.

The small sales bit in my blog is based entirely on what has actually happened, you can spin them and twist them as much as you like but the truth is that ON AVERAGE the PS3 has sold more every year, I'm sorry if that's hard for some people to take but it's a fact.
OWWO  +   733d ago
its not about cnsole its about games..i will get that one which has better games
jessupj  +   733d ago
And with all this praise coming from so many developers for the PS4 it's looking mighty good.
fei-hung  +   733d ago
I think there are other factors to take into consideration:

1) The PS3 launched 1-1.5years after the 360. The 2nd largest market - EU didnt get the PS3 until 1.5 years of the initial 360 release.

2) Unlike the 360, the PS3 for its price and lack of support in the early years was bashed to high heaven by journalists, compared to the 360 which not only had the media behind them, but an amazing marketing campaign throughout the generation, more capital to play about with and a lot more developer support.

3) Sony on the other hand lost a lot of developer support due to the difficult system architecture and it took them a longtime to get their support back.

4) As a result of the bad press and other factors, Sony lost Exclusive rights to some of their biggest games that drove sales of the previous console e.g. GTA, FF, DMC and Tekken

5) not only was it a more expensive console, but there were further costs added on top of the cost of purchasing the console. Most of my friends didnt buy a PS3 until they were able to afford a HD TV and HDMI cable, unlike 360 owners which weren't pushed as much into that direction.

In the end, all based on opinions as facts can be made to swing anyway depending who is driving them. However, logic is a different matter all together.

1) There will not be a huge difference between the 2 consoles launching

2) The PS4 has already got a huge amount of support from Indies right up to the big AAA developers and publishers due to its simple to use architecture and simple subission process.

3) unlike the PS3, now there is a ready and fully fledged eco-system ready for publishers and developers to sel their content on, ranging from the home console, to handhelds, to tablets and mobile phones and with Gaikai, maybe even TV's and PC's.

It is hard to comment on the next XBOX due to the lack of official information, but I suppose we will be able to have more informed discussions when this information is made available.
UnitSmiley  +   733d ago
Well said!
Clarence  +   733d ago
@ level up gamer
The 360 had several price drops not 2.
November 22, 2005
Launch of Xbox 360 Premium (20 GB) – $399.99
Launch of Xbox 360 Core – $299.99

April 29, 2007
Launch Xbox 360 Elite (120 GB) – $479.99

August 6, 2007
Price cut on Xbox 360 Premium (20 GB) – $349.99
Price cut on Xbox 360 Core – $279.99
Price cut on Xbox 360 Elite – $449.99

October 27, 2007
Launch of Xbox 360 Arcade – $279.99
Discontinuation of Xbox 360 Core

July 13, 2008
Discontinuation of Xbox 360 (20 GB) (price cut to $299.99 for remaining stock)

August 1, 2008
Launch of Xbox 360 Premium (60 GB) – $349.99

September 5, 2008
Price cut on Xbox 360 Elite – $399.99
Price cut on Xbox 360 (60 GB) – $299.99
Price cut on Xbox 360 Arcade – $199.99

August 28, 2009
Discontinuation of Xbox 360 (60 GB) (price cut to $249.99 for remaining stock)
Price cut on Xbox 360 Elite – $299.99

June 19, 2010
Launch of Xbox 360 S 250 GB – $299.99
Discontinuation of Xbox 360 Elite (price cut to $249.99 for remaining stock)
Discontinuation of Xbox 360 Arcade (price cut to $149.99 for remaining stock)

August 3, 2010
Launch of Xbox 360 S 4 GB – $199.99

Nice try but your lying.
edonus  +   732d ago
You confuse a price cut and price shift.

Products sold in tiers need to stay grouped in tiers to find the real trend. Look at the highest price offered and the lowest price offered and see how many time they change.

This might be a little advanced.
Simply put if someone was going to buy the most valuable system at any given time that price would be the norm. So if the system launched at $399 and came out with another system that took that price away from the other version its a shift not a cut.

If a system starts out at $399 and then the price goes down to $299 and there is no other system or version that costs $399. That is a price cut.
Clarence  +   732d ago
It states price cut on certain skus. No confusion I know the difference.

Don't try to talk down to me with this my be a little advance remark.
The elite started at 479 and went down to 249 before it was discontinued. That's 4 price cuts.

You have the option to buy the new console at the new set price, or you can buy the older console that just received the price cut.

That might be hard for you to understand. Let me break it down for you.

A sale is when a item is marked down for certain period of time, then goes back to regular price.

Your trying to make more advance than it needs to be.

A price cut is when a item marked down and stays that price. Regardless of how many skus are out there. In our sales meeting we called this a price cut. On my inventory print out this was called a price cut.

I sold suits for sears for 5yrs.
When all said and done the PS3 beat the 360 this gen.

M$ NA but that's pretty much it. They are barely outselling the PS3 by 30k.
You need more than NA to get the advantage. That giant lead is due to the year head start. 360 was on the market all by its self for a whole year. That's not going down this time around.

The advantage goes to Sony, they already have other territories, and now there getting NA back as well.

It's a wrap next gen Sony will come out on top.
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MysticStrummer  +   733d ago
Before I was sidetracked by the delusional and math challenged MS defenders up there, I was gonna say it's too early to ask the question about a fair race between 720 and PS4. Way too early.
jessupj  +   733d ago
I agree.

It will be very interesting if they both release very close to each other and at a very similar price.

Hopefully people do their research and actually buy the console that's right for them, but judging by this generation that's probably asking too much.
edonus  +   732d ago
I see MS having a few big advantages.
People on site like this are normally stuck in an echo chamber so they hear the same things over and over but it is only the same idea bouncing back and forth whether it right or wrong.
Fanboys and loyalist ignore and leave out major factors so they dont have to deal with the realities of the world. This is one of MS biggest advantages.

Going in to this gen MS had too launch the 360 early. The Sony brand was too big to compete with. They couldnt be side by side they would have got murdered based on brand recognition alone.

This time its way different. In the US MS hold a giant lead over Sony still and the US is still the biggest and most lucrative market. Sony beats MS in Europe but not by much at all they are a pretty balance market and is the second best. Sony dominates MS in Japan which is by far the weakest market. They dont buy the games of this gen and have lost tons of influence on what get made. The sales Sony gets their are like when your parents buy the candy you were suppose to be selling for school. The fact that they sold doesnt make them great salesman it just pads their sells so it looks like they are doing the task.

This time MS is in a good place. It has the biggest exclusives in the industry all the big games sell best on their console. Kinect has been a super success and broadens their appeal. You may get people that say the core gamers arent going to support MS or that they are disappointed and left but there is no data that shows that. All the core games like AC3 and DMC Skyrim Mass Effect3 Farcry3, and BF3 have not dipped in sells, Halo and COD still sell like gangbusters on the 360. I dont know were they get this stuff from unless they are basing their ideas off of gaming journalist hell bent on trying to convince everyone motion gaming is a fail and kinect dont work (despite the numbers). The sysem has experience any unnatural drop in hardware sells and Sony hasnt had an unnatural spike so it not like something has really shifted.

With all that said I think all MS has to do is make a good console throw some money at a couple games. Make a good marketing campaign and thats it.

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