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Who is to blame for franchise fatigue?

fsfsxii | 774d ago
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We all know how much stagnant the gaming industry is as of now. Many existing franchises get sequels after sequels after sequels, which is getting old by every installment of the series.
I ask why?? If a certain franchise has fatigued, why do people keep buying them?? An example is the Assassin's Creed series, its a franchise that has fatigues long ago, ever since the 2nd main installment in the series was released (2009) the series went downhill with every installment, with AC Brotherhood, there was nothing that was worth noticing aside from the online portion of the game. And with Revelations it became even worse, and finally with the 3rd main installment (AC3) the series just really was... awful. Aside from the new animations everything was so bland and boring.
Ok, we're done with AC.

Now we talk about why games such as COD, AC, etc... get yearly releases. Well, people who are fans of a certain series, ask for improvements upon the next installment, the next half-assed installment releases with almost no changes AT ALL!. The certain company sees the top 10 chart for gaming, they see their games doing better in terms of sales than the last year, and they assume that the fans are happy with the game, and voila, i just summed up the AAA industry.

By reading the paragraph up a head, i think you probably know who's fault it is; the so called GAMERS. Yes, its all our fault, we ask for innovation, and we get squat, we then again ask for innovation and improvements, we then again get squat, why?? because the publisher sees no indication that the fans aren't happy, if a publisher's franchise is breaking records after records each year. The publisher won't do ANYTHING.

Innovation is there, plenty of new IPs release each year and they BOMB! Publishers are afraid to release new IPs because gamers are afraid aswell to leave their comfort zone. So the major public doesn't support new IPs and the result is the same rehashed games every year. Though, its not all the gamers fault, some publishers push their expectations sky high, and over budget their games.

Another problem is shady DLC practices. DLCs are like a plague in the industry.
Most DLCs are actually things that are already in the game but locked away (I'm eying you Capcom) until you buy the key for a certain price. Things like map packs, extra fighters in fighting games, extra cars in racing games. Things like these should be on disc because i paid for a full game and i should get what i paid for, not pay extra to get the things i should've gotten when i bought the game.
Sure, there are some well made DLCs such as Red Dead Redemption's Zombie DLC, and entirely new experience with loads of new content for 10$. I'm not a fan of the game but gotta give credit where its due. The problem is why do half cooked, over-priced DLCs exist?? Because gamers eat them up, and thats about it.
And things aren't looking well for next gen.

The way i see it, the video game industry is becoming like the movie industry every day, budget in millions, lack of innovation, rehashed games. I think its entirely the gamers fault for the current state of the industry.

dark-kyon  +   774d ago
i blame also to gamers what only buy games what get great scores in metacritc instead of buy games what can gives new experiencies,the review system sucks,award the games what are more of the same and punishing the games what try new thing or what are niche genre.
caseh  +   772d ago
Agreed. Gamers are the one who buy the product at the end of the day. People cry about too many sequels yet flock to the latest GTA or CoD and welcome prequels with a raptuous round of applause.

If journalists are being blamed thats another finger you can point at gamers.

It's quite straight forward, as a collective group 'gamers' are retarded and easily led. There, i've said it, bring on the hate.
metalgod88  +   770d ago
The latest GTA? GTA only comes out once ever 4-5 years. COD, I could understand because it comes out every single year, but Grand Theft Auto? I think you have the wrong idea.

Maybe you were thinking of Assassins Creed instead?
EXVirtual  +   774d ago
Gaming journalists are to blame to. They give great reviews to games that are absolute shit *cough*IGN*cough*. I think it's because they're paid to do so. And then they give bad reviews to games that are different and innovative. I don't know what you'd have to be on to give Black Ops 2 a 9.3. They also get people who don't like certain games to review said games. SomeCallMeJohnny is way better.
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memots  +   773d ago
That is why a game that tried to be different get 6.5 and 7.0 scores. *yes i am talking about Beyond: two soul.

I for one getting a general gaming fatigue and i have high hopes for Next gen. I still get very excited for any racing games but the rest for has reached a plateau.

Platformer : Rayman is good.
Indie : playing Seplunky and loving it.
Shooter : Still play bf3 on my PC and nothing else is getting my interest ( apart from KZ:SF coming up )
Adventure/action : the last good one was TLOU but who is going to beat that?

As long that COD bring Billion of dollars to Activision we will keep getting the same game.
As long that AC makes money will get the same go here kill that gameplay.
As long that GTA does a billion dollars in a few days the sequel will keep on coming.
GamingTruth  +   773d ago
i love that same game talk its the myth that keeps on pushing
juhis815  +   773d ago
For me, Need for Speed: Rivals just doesn't click on me, and The Crew game seems to be more interesting than any recent game on Need for Speed series.

Also, before someone argues with me that Need for Speed doesn't fit to this article, I can prove that since 2002 there has been at least one Need for Speed game released on yearly basis.
e-p-ayeaH  +   772d ago
Need for Speed as been getting yearly releases since the PS1 days just like any sports game from EA.
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juhis815  +   772d ago
Please, first NFS game was released on 1994, while second game wasn't released until 1997, so how you can prove this to me?
Pintheshadows  +   773d ago
It is very dependent. I think most publishers and developers are scared of being brave as they see that as a way to lose money. Instead they would rather stick with what is familiar, established, and brings in the cash. You blame many areas of the industry for it. You even see other developers aping the games that do well to try and cut themselves a piece of that pie. It rarely works but they try anyway.
GrandpaSnake  +   773d ago
i always just buy what i want no matter how bad the scores are and make a judgement myself. Most journalist talk out of their ass anyways.
BillytheBarbarian  +   773d ago
If I listened to critics I wouldn't have played one of my favorites of all time...Shenmue.
coolbeans  +   773d ago
Most critics were over the moon about Shenmue 1 + 2 back in the day (and now).
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BillytheBarbarian  +   772d ago
Nah man, EGM, Gameinformer, and GAMEPRO magazines all called it a mediocre tech demo. I still have the magazines.
coolbeans  +   772d ago
I'm sure there were a few that didn't like it, but the majority of critics did in fact praise the heck out of it.


StockpileTom  +   773d ago
Hold on now... I also have to point to the vast majority of publishers being too afraid to advertise new IPs... The informed gamers usually do find the great new IPs out there but due to the lack of commercial success they never get sequels.

The majority of gamers like it or not usually fall into the uninformed category and will only consider buying games they have seen in ads. If you want gamers to have confidence in a game they need to put their advertising budget where their mouth is.
Roccetarius  +   772d ago
If gamers took a more informed approach, instead of being bent over each time, then publishers would notice the sharp drop in numbers. They're then forced to think outside of the box, just to get back those sales.
R00bot  +   770d ago
If you think about it, we could be heading towards another videogaming crash. It's showing all the signs of the last crash, now we just have to wait until people realise they're getting ripped off and stop buying the games. It's as simple as that, once people realise, there will be a videogaming crash. And that might not even be a bad thing since a crash could result in more games trying to diversify themselves from each other.

I'm tired of shooters.
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Roccetarius  +   769d ago
Gaming is simply too big now, but i think a crash would still have sizeable ripple effects.

The question is just a matter of when.

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