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Why does every Open World game revolves around "Killing"

Open World games such as GTA, Saints Row, Just Cause, etc. Have been around for long. In each of those games i mentioned why does the main objective always revolve around killing people with no foreseeable goal??
From my playthrough into those games, i got bored easily. I played GTA4 and returned it within an hour, got SR2 and played it for a couple of hours and now its collecting dust somewhere. Just cause has kinda pulled me into that genre but i couldn't continue the game, it was fun for the first few minutes, but it appeared to have a huge map with absolutely nothing to do other than killing.

I've never been a fan of open world games. Well, you may ask why, because i played most of them and felt that they're pointless, with no decent story, interesting setting or characters, something worth doing other than doing nothing but crime. I would also like to point out why do open world games have such a HUGE world that is dead with lack of rewarding for the exploration you do.
Until recently when i put Yakuza 3 into my PS3 system. I was greeted with the intro movie and got a bit excited, i played the game for a couple of hours, in the beginning it wasn't really good, until you leave Tokyo to Okinawa, the game takes a couple of hours for its true potential to kick in.

After 4 hours of playing the game, i got the ability of going to the town of Okinawa near the Protagonist's orphanage. I'm not sure i remember what my objective was going to the town, but i was blown away by the level of interaction and the diversity of the side missions i stopped caring for the story, spent some time in the town doing side missions and fighting baddies, after that, i continued the story and was blown away again by how deep the story and how interesting the characters are, and i'm not gonna forget how the game portrays the gritty side of Okinawa and tokyo.
All in all, Yakuza 3 addressed my concerns about open world games, with a solid story, interesting setting and characters, diverse missions that do not revolve around picking up a gun and laying people to rest. With all that, it still retains a very solid combat system that is very brutal too. And IMO i think its the only game that did open world right.

Lets get back to the main subject.
Lets move away from open world games a bit, here is what i aways think of: Why does the gaming industry or the AAA games are centered around guns and killing?? Why is murdering people such a cool thing to do?! With all those big budgets killing is now VERY detailed with gruesome ways. Why can't gaming be peaceful??
I might be seen a hypocrite but this is too much killing. I can't remember when we got a game that is peaceful and fun. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy games of all kind, but there should a balance.

So, thats it, i think i'm done.
I would also like to ask you what do you think of my first attempt in blogging?? I hope you liked it. :)

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fsfsxii1769d ago

I forgot to add Arkham City. Its another game that did open world right.

Donnieboi1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Good blog. You might like Sleeping Dogs. Although later in the game there will be gunplay, but early on your an agent who fights with his fists in an open world game. Good story/plot in it too.

Also there are some simpsons open world games, that are not too violent while staying open world.

Bimkoblerutso1769d ago

I'm with you all the way, man, and good blog too.

I obviously like my fair share of violent games, but even from an artistic perspective, I feel like the industry's obsession with violence is stifling creativity far too often.

Valenka1768d ago

There's no "right" or "wrong" way to do open world games. There's plenty of open-world games that don't revolve around "senseless" killing. You need to get out more and do your research.

Elder Scrolls
Harvest Moon
Legend of Zelda
Dragon Age
Need for Speed (MW, HP, Carbon)

To name a few.

zeal0us1769d ago

There's plenty of peaceful games that doesn't revolve around killing. It's just you're looking in the wrong genre. The most popular open-world games(outside of MMOs) are the M-rated ones.

TopDudeMan1769d ago

Yeah, I think most wind up like that because if you give someone the freedom to do whatever they want, that's what they'll do.

bunfighterii1769d ago

I don't think they're focused on killing, you just have the freedom to do that if you want. I spent more time in GTAIV being a tourist than I did killing random people. I was happy to just drive safely around, or get on trains, and marvel at the world Rockstar made.

fsfsxii1769d ago

Its not like Yakuza where when you're in the city you get distracted by the amount of awesome side quest. While in every other open world game, every body tried to clone GTA. I dunno why.

YodaCracker1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

You say GTA IV revolves around killing but you returned it within an hour. There's no killing in the first hour of the story and not for quite a while if I recall correctly.

fsfsxii1769d ago

The first few things i did was killing and driving a car. Instantly turned off the console

VicodinViking1769d ago

No one wants games where hippies hold hands and molest trees.

Killing is always going to be a mainstay and I see no reason why it should be lessened just to appeal to people who get offended or annoyed by it easily.

Games like GTA have far more appeal based on the amount of things you can do past the storyline, as opposed to playing a game that only has story and once you're done it, there's nothing else to do. Replayability is greater than wasting 60$ on something you'll only play 2-3 times and then never pick it up for a long time, if ever again.

Don't see too many people that would care to play games that were peaceful, those would be far too boring to waste your time with.

VicodinViking1768d ago

The 4 disagrees must've been hippies who want to molest trees?

Killing games are here to stay, people. OP & the like are not the type of gamers companies give a crap about.

People want options in games, not restrictions. Removing an element that so many games utilize is a death sentence. We're better off ignoring the miniscule percentage of individuals who don't like violence or killing in a game anyway.

Disagree all you want, but these hippies and 'moral ALL the things' types are not going to be the bulk of sales. So appeasing to them is a colossal waste of time.

plmkoh1769d ago

When you give GTAIV as an example of why there is too much killing. Look at where it's made and who they serve, and there's your answer.

porkChop1768d ago

Where it's made? Let me guess, you're talking about America. Last time I checked all Rockstar North games are made in Scotland.

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