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Playstation Moves Weightlessness

Forbidden_Darkness | 2148d ago
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It was roughly 9 months since Playstations motion controller was officially unveiled at E3 2009 and the potential it offered. Then finally at GDC 2010 its official name, Playstation Move, was announced and a bunch of games ranging from Dukes to Move Party were shown to the public. The games finally showed Moves potential in actual gaming form, even though a lot of you will disagree (i'll save that for another blog), it was defiantly a 60 flight staircase (yes, that many steps) ahead of the Wii (and 360).

While GDC 2010 was happening, numerous sites got a chance to play the Move controller and some stated that the Move controller felt light, to a point being kind of cheap (like the first PS3 controllers did). Some people may think that’s a dumb move by Sony, but I’m the complete opposite of that, we’ll get use to the weight of the controller like we did the first PS3 controller and having a light motion controller means when you throw a punch in Dukes or trim some hair in Move Party, it’ll feel like you’re actually doing it, not some controller. It gives you the feeling of augmented reality, while still having the precision of Playstation Move in your hand. It’s something that goes beyond waggling or Eye Toy Plus (hint: I’m not talking about PS Eye ether).

Playstation Moves Weightlessness in my opinion will add a lot to augmented reality, changing the way we game (atleast for some of us), because having motion controls with such precision will make us feel like we’re in the game and having to make split second decisions to dodge out of the way and such. It’ll immerse us into games like never before. It’s just too bad we have to wait so long before we get our hands on Playstation Move.
Reader Questions: Will you be getting Playstation Move? Why or why not? What Playstation Move games do you expect to see at E3? What date do you expect Sony to launch Playstation Move? What’s the first Playstation Move game you want to play?

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ukilnme  +   2148d ago
Not getting the Move.
I already have a Wii. I'll use my PS3 and 360 for hardcore gaming.
riddlesticks  +   2148d ago
great review / article.
I initially didn't think the Move was for me. But now, depending heavily on the price, I can seriously see me getting one of these.
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Meryl  +   2147d ago
cool blog and yes i'm buying ps move:):)
ChozenWoan  +   2147d ago
same here.
I'm getting at least 2 of them on Day1!!!
OnlyOnN4G  +   2147d ago
Me too, plus a sub controller. I hope RE5 is patched the day of PSMoves release.
claterz  +   2147d ago
100% getting this, it's good that Sony have so many people putting their money down before it's even been shown at e3 2010 lol.
DigitalHorror81  +   2146d ago
I will definitely be an early adopter. I hate the Wii's majority of its library, and am not crazy about the remote. What I love about the Wii is its ability to follow the screen. The Move promises to immerse us even more in gaming, and hopefully without all the shovel ware. Sony knows who its fan base is, and I don't think they're going to disappoint the hardcore gamers like Nintendo has. The potential of GREATER gaming on the PS3 is upon us with the Move. First day purchase for me.

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