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Early 2010 Has Too Many Games

Forbidden_Darkness | 2102d ago
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Before to this holiday season we all thought we would miss out on a bunch of games, like Bioshock 2, Mafia 2, Red Dead Redemption and ect. Than slowly, but surely games started being delayed until next year, giving us some hope that we would beable to enjoy them without being broke (especially with the economy the way it is) and now as most of the holiday releases are over, we come yet again to our worst nightmare, a bunch of great looking games being released very close together.

Now the first quarter of 2010 is looking like this holiday season was suppose to look like:

Jan. 5: Bayonetta and Darksiders
Jan. 12: Arm of Two: The 40th Day and Dark Void
Jan. 26: MAG and Mass Effect 2
Feb. 9: Bioshock 2, Dante's Inferno, and Star Ocean PS3
Feb. 23: Lost Planet 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction
Mar: MLB 2010, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, God of War 3
Mar. 9: Final Fantasy 13
Mar. 23: Just Cause 2
Q1 2010: Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5, Dead Rising 2, Eye Pet (US), Split/Second, and White Knight Chronicles

That’s Atleast 20 games coming out in a three month period, and a lot of us still want to buy some of the games released this holiday. Than that still leaves with some games during the 2nd quarter. Publishers really need to schedule games better and more during the summer (I enjoy being outside during the summer, but i wouldnt mind play games during the night or when its raining).

There’s just too many great looking games coming in such a short period of time that most of us wont beable to enjoy and that’s a shame because I’m sure it'll be games like Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, Eye Pet, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Bayonetta and Dante's Inferno. Not only that, some game developers wont get the money they deserve for their great game.

Its a lose, lose cituation for both gamers and developers alike.

Reader Questions:
What 5 games are you for sure going to buy during the first quarter of 2010? Which 5 games will you least likely be buying during the first quarter of 2010? How many games from this holiday season are you still looking to buy? Out of all the first quarter games, which do you think will get the best metacritic score?

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randomwiz  +   2104d ago
If i could only choose 5 games, my top 5 would be:
1. GT5
2. GOW3
3. ME2
4. BF:BC2
5. SCC or Bioshock 2

Notable games: MAG, Bioshock 2, Heavy Rain. (I've played MAG plenty, and it was plenty of fun, its just that I'd choose the others over MAG)

I don't agree that its a lose lose situation for developers and gamers. Gamers have so many great titles to choose from. Developers might not see immediate sales, but they'll definitely grow over time.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2102d ago
My 5, in no particular order
1) Bioshock 2
2) Dante's Inferno
3) Battlefield: Bad Company 2
4) God of War 3
5) Just Cause 2
dgroundwater  +   2101d ago
Mass Effect 2
Splinter Cell Conviction
Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Did not buy MW2)
Final Fantasy XIII
Bioshock 2
syanara  +   2100d ago
Modnation Racers,
God of War 3 (kick ass demo)
heavy rain
White knight Chronicles and
Finaly Fantasy XIII
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RandomGamer  +   2102d ago
Luckily for me I don't care about most of those Games
Actually there's only 4 games I'm looking forward to.
1.Final Fantasy 13
2.White Knight Chronicles
3.Mass Effect 2
4.Just Cause 2

5 games I won't be buying
1.Heavy Rain
3.Dante's Inferno
4.Dark Void
5.God of War 3

I've actually bought all the games i want this holiday season.
which do I think will get the best metacritic score is kinda tough to guess, I would assume FF13 should average 90s but so could 3-4 others as well.
Jinxstar  +   2102d ago
God of war 3, last guardian, heavy rain, Darksiders, bioshock 2
RandomGamer  +   2102d ago
ROFL ppl disagreed with me
That's funny ppl disagreed with me considering it was just my opinion and it's not like anyone has to buy what I am going to lol ppl on here sure are funny.I don't plan on buying 4 outta 5 of the games the person above me stated but i never gave him a disagree since It's his/her choice.

Oh ic must be the God of War 3 fanboys, since i put that in my not buying list.
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peeps  +   2100d ago
"ppl disagreed with me considering it was just my opinion"

maybe you phrased it wrong, or are you really saying someones opinion can't be disagreed with...
baum  +   2100d ago
You must be mentally handicapped if you can't understand why people disagree with you
I'll explain: If you state something you will do and people disagree, it doesn't mean people think you won't do it. Nobody cares about what you're going to do. So if people disagree, it's because they will do the opposite.

Next time, save yourself the self-ownage.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2102d ago
That's a lot of games right there. I expect some of them to get pushed again further into 2010.

(no particular order)

1. Mass Effect 2
2. Bioshock 2
3. Just Cause 2
4. Dark Void 2
5. Splinter Cell Conviction
6. GoW 3
7. Heavy Rain

Sorry couldn't list just 5. The rest are probably going to get overlooked maybe DR2 but it's looking like garbage compared to the first.

2010 looks great!
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Saaking  +   2102d ago
Great times for gamers. If I had to choose five I'd choose

2. Bioshock 2
3. Bad Company 2
4. Mass Effect 2
5. Heavy Rain
SpoonyRedMage  +   2102d ago
My first quarter is going to be something like this I think...

FF:CC: Crystal Bearers
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Just Cause 2
Mass Effect 2
Red Steel 2
Monster Hunter 3

...and probably a lot more, especially on the DS front.
The BS Police  +   2102d ago
Unfortunitly Winter/Spring is the time of the year where things at work slows down, so I won't be getting as many hours clockled in as I ahve been in recent months.

There are only three games I will be getting in that time period...

1. Perfect Dark (XBLA)
2. Mass Effect 2
3. Splinter Cell: Conviction.

I will most definitly have alot of games though to play over the summer which is good to know, also let me add that next year is gonna be such a great year for gamers. This year was a disapointment in my eyes, there just was not as many AAA games as their could have been throughout this year.
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Digitaldude  +   2102d ago
Games im buying.
Heavy Rain
Possibly white knight chronicles and MAG
RadientFlux  +   2102d ago
My Top 5 of Q1
01. Mass Effect 2
02. Divinity 2
03. Heavy Rain
04. Dante's Inferno
05. Bioshock 2
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Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2102d ago
From that list...

Mass Effect 2
Bioshock 2
Lost Planet 2
Splinter Cell
Dead Rising 2

Most likely I'll still be playing multiplayer Forza 3 & MW2 and still trying to catch up. UGH! So many great games so lil time.
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Rhythmattic  +   2101d ago
Halo3 MLG Pro
UGH! So many great games , 2 consoles and so lil time.
fucadastates  +   2099d ago
you need a ps3. your missing out
Dakinggamer87  +   2102d ago
Yeah!! No kidding
Games I will buy in Q1 2010:

-Final Fantasy XIII
-Mass Effect 2
-No More Heroes 2
-Heavy Rain
-Lost Planet 2
-God of War 3
-White Knight Chronicles
-Bioshock 2

Maybe Dark Void, Dead Rising 2 hopefully some of these change release dates.
Convas  +   2102d ago
Screw the 1st quarter, because I'm such a completionist, I've already decided to limit my self to 8 games next year.
(1)Halo: Reach
(2)Lost Planet 2
(3)Just Cause 2
(4)Battlefield: Bad Company 2
(6)Mass Effect 2
(7)Splinter Cell: Conviction
(8)Merc Inc (if it's out next year)

Because if you think about it, 5 games in the first Quarter is $300. I dun know about you, but that is overkill. Plain and simple.
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fucadastates  +   2099d ago
only 8 games for a year!! this is when you think... i need a ps3 to get some great games!
Eric Cartman  +   2101d ago
Spot on
I share your concern too. Q1 is way too overcrowded as well as the rest of the year with high-quality games to a point that there's a chance we'd call 2010 "Year of the Flops". There are many chicken games too whose publishers were too scared to release them in Q4 this year because they were afraid of MW2. I don't think their decision earns them any more sales than they would have gotten had they released the games this year.

Of particular concern to me is Heavy Rain, a game which I am eagerly anticipating. It's a new game, new ip, and it's not as mainstream as the rest of the games. It's also a PS3 exclusive, which automatically prompts many to bash it. So if Heavy Rain doesn't make it past the 1 million landmark, then it'd be really sad since the developers will be disappointed (and depressed?) and we will no longer see games like this one which are heavy on story-telling.

I'm sure many gamers who are fans of the good old PC adventure games (like me) would love Heavy Rain, but then again, most PC gamers refuse to leave their PC-only-anti-console cult and buy a console.

As for what games I'd buy, I will most definitely buy Heavy Rain, probably more than a copy, as well as God of War III, White Knight Chronicles, Bad Company 2, and FF13 (just to confirm that it's as sh!tty and girly as I expect it to be).

MAG will be a flop and I will be surprised if it won't. Sony will and should take the blame.

Bayonetta looks like a promising game, too bad the disproportionate Sarah Palin prevents this game from being a day one purchase for me. Dante's Inferno is a complete God of War ripoff, but it looks like a game that can stand on its own and I may give it a shot.

GT5 is a no-brainer, but I doubt it will be released in Q1 since that's the Japanese release date.
SinnedNogara  +   2071d ago
Agreed. As for the games I'm going to buy, I don't really know yet, but I know Just Cause 2 won't be on there. No More Heroes 2 is definently going there though.
carcher69  +   2101d ago
im only interested in 4 games next year
-Bioshock 2
-Aliens vs Predator
-Halo Reach
-Splinter cell

looking forward to aliens vs predator the most which btw also comes out in Q1 next year.
Forbidden_Darkness  +   2101d ago
I didnt actually know anyone really cared about AvsP...
kissmeimgreek  +   2101d ago
you forgot Alan Wake.

Top Five:

Alan Wake
Splinter Cell Conviction
Bad Company 2
Heavy Rain
Forbidden_Darkness  +   2101d ago
I was looking on IGN and it said Alan Wake was releasing in Q2, thats what i went by...
kissmeimgreek  +   2100d ago
last time i checked it was march...
RockmanII7  +   2100d ago
I heard April/May so yea... it's second quarter.
Immortal321  +   2101d ago
the best part about it
i'm not going to be able to play 2 games.
TiberusX87  +   2101d ago
Top 5 for Q1 2010
1) Final Fantasy XIII
2) Heavy Rain
3) Mass Effect 2
4) Bioshock 2
5) GOW3
Bloodraid  +   2101d ago
I've yet to buy a lot of games that I want from this year, and there's only really 2 games I want on the Q1 of next year.

1. MAG (Beta is Amazing)
2. Heavy Rain
- The rest are from this year -
3. Uncharted 2
4. Borderlands
5. Demon's Souls
XDF  +   2101d ago
Just spread out your months
Here is my strategy

Jan Darksiders
Jan Masss Effect 2
Feb Bioshock 2
Feb Splinter Cell Conviction
Mar GOW3
Mar FF13W
Apr Battlefield Bad Company 2
Apr Bayonetta
May Alan Wake
May Heavy Rain
Jun Lost Planet 2
Jun Super SF4
Jul Crackdown 2
Jul Red Dead Redemption
Aug Dark Void
Aug Dante inferno
MelaDarkwood  +   2101d ago
I guess it's good that I'm only getting a few of those...
For certain:
Lost Planet 2
Dead Rising 2
AvP3 (probably.)

Heavy Rain
Eye Pet
Star Ocean

Not interested in the rest/I have some interest, but not enough to cause me to go into debt. I'll probably get a few more if/when I have some extra money.

When Starcraft II comes out, though, I'm definitely getting that. First day. Screw the rest. =)
UltimateSin  +   2100d ago
Might want to add Heavy Rain into February. I heard that's when it's coming out but Q1 2010 is easier to write.

Outta the list I would only pick 3 games to get (Heavy Rain, Just Cause 2 & M.A.G) and only 2 to maybe get (BF:BC 2 & Splinter Cell: Conviction). Not too into the other games but if a demo comes out for most of them i'll try em and maybe my mind will change.
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BYE  +   2100d ago
1. Gran Turismo 5
2. Heavy Rain
3. Super Street Fighter 4
4. Alpha Protocol
5. Yakuza 3

And most likely/maybe Final Fantasy XIII, Mass Effect 2 / God of War III.
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shazui123  +   2100d ago
obviously GT5 takes the top spot, if its released in Q1, by far the best game there I think, even GOW3 isn't that good IMO
2. GOW3/The Last Guardian
3.Heavy rain
4. MAG
5. FF13
6. Splinter Cell conviction
dont really think much of Alan Wake. The constant screen tear is too offputting for me, plus the story and atmosphere is a bit... Alone in the Darkish. Thats not a good thing.
peeps  +   2100d ago
yeh after the long wait my first impressions of Alan Wake haven't been great. theres more than enough good games to play tho and it wasn't really a game that i was looking frwd to.
UltimateSin  +   2100d ago
I'm looking forward to Metalocalypse: Dethgame. If anyone has seen that show, you know it's gonna be awesome.
peeps  +   2100d ago
it wouldn't surprise me if some games get pushed back again tbh. My only worry atm is that the start of the year is gonna be amazing but then we have a massive chunk of the year with no big releases. i know summer is usually quite but as for the games on my radar, they're all out at the start of the year!
sakura2009  +   2099d ago
only games i will be getting is modnation racers and 3d dot heroes fragle moon. my dad will mostly buy the rest so ill just borrow them from him
fucadastates  +   2099d ago
geting poor
will buy:

MAG - White Knight Chronicles - Final Fantasy 13 - God of War 3 - Lost Planet 2 - Star Ocean PS3(i lovet it on the box) - Bioshock 2 - Heavy Rain - Gran Turismo 5. how to only make a list of 5 is crazzzzzy. but if so, it will be ps3heavy.

may buy:
Mass Effect 2 - Bayonetta - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Just Cause 2

wont buy:

Darksiders - Arm of Two: The 40th Day - Dante's Inferno - Splinter Cell: Conviction - MLB 2010
Syaz1  +   2094d ago
too many games will be released in q1 2010. competition will be tough. it only benefits gamers with fat wallets. probably some publishers will delay some of those games. there aren't many games q2 - q4 2010.
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