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A New Generation Is Good For All, Stop Arguing.

So, the only thing that I see in the comment sections of this site are people creating dumb arguments to justify why the next gen platform of their preference is better than the others. Who cares, if one console is stronger than the other? The only thing that matters to us, the consumer, are the games. If you guys were developers trying to decide what platform you wanted to develop your games for, maybe all the stats you are all so quick to throw around would have a purpose. However, as a consumer, the end results are all you should care about. Not how much and how fast the PS4's DDR5 memory is.
I mean seriously, how many times have multi-platform games this gen been so far apart that you could obviously tell that one of the platforms was stronger? This is what systems that vary wildly in hardware AND software. The Xbox one, and PS4, will have way more in1 common this gen than last, so why would this result in one system looking wildly better than the other? It wouldn't, if anything this will create a ton of games to look damn near identical.
Now as far as exclusives are concerned, this is always much harder to compare, since guess what. You can't. The game doesn't run on both systems, so you can't say for certain if an Xbox One exclusive would look better or worse on the PS4.
So, once you get past all the silly console bias, you can focus on what the next generation actually means for gaming.

1. Better Resolutions: There were many games I played on 360 that I knew weren't native 720p, and I was ok with that since they came close enough. I still enjoyed Halo 4 even though it would slow down at times, it was a fun game. However, I'd be lying to myself if I said I wouldn't have preferred it to be at least stable at native 720p. With the next gen consoles at least 720p, and more than likely higher resolutions, (holding my breath that the consoles will actually achieve 1080p in games) will be the minimum resolution for the upcoming generation.
2. Better General Gameplay: There will be more CPU power in these consoles, they should, in theory be allowed a little more wiggle room to play with things like more advanced AI, in game Physics, and other things that may be offloaded onto the console’s CPU, while the GPU handles more demanding tasks.
3. Both systems seem to have good social integration; I will admit the UI on the PS3 was slow, and clunky. It would take ages to load the XMB when playing games. The 360 gave me much less of an hassle when managing friends and sending messages. Luckily, both systems seem to have that running smoothly next generation, so it won’t be anything we actively think about anymore.

There's likely more stuff I'm glossing over, but ending message is. Shut up about what the other system can or can't do, just get the one you're gonnna get and be happy with what you have.

Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for gaming to finally start getting more ambitious games as the years go on, and devs get more used to the platforms.

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SilentNegotiator1702d ago

It's fine that all of the consoles are improvements on their predecessors, but better does not mean good. Some will be fine with where this or that 8th gen console is and others won't.

Godmars2901701d ago

Actually its not good for all.

Since both were built with online and online services in mind, the XB1 more so than the PS4, then that means those with poor to on internet who buy the systems will likely be getting less than half of their money's worth. Less so when they buy games that also have online related content.

Feralkitsune1698d ago

How does this differ from the PS3 or 360? Most people who play the consoles a lot relied on the online features. The last console I can think of that didn't was the PS2.

Godmars2901698d ago

Given that both the PS3 and 360 were made with online in mind, with the industry further developing towards online reliance, they don't. But at least when the 7th console gen started out there was some attempt to make it so that a system could never be online. A game saw advantages when online was available rather than necessity.