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Adam “The sky is falling!” Sessler

I used to respect him as a game journalist, I really did. I used to watch X-Play all the time back in the day (I love you Morgan Webb!). I watched that show back when it was on Tech TV, before G4TV even existed (I also watched it on G4).

Lately he's lost all credibility and any respect he once had from me. I knew he was always biased in favor of Xbox, but that never bothered me. Everybody has a preference, even people with all consoles have that one that they hold a little more dear. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, it all comes down to personal preference and experiences with said console. But lately I'm wondering if it's just a matter of simple preference or something more, but I digress, I'll get into that later. Let's get on with this rant..

It started with his FUD, doom and gloom twitter freak-out. You are a journalist, it is your job to provide us as the consumer with information that others in the industry might not be willing to share. People follow you on twitter and youtube and everywhere else that you want to give us info. If you have some kind of issue that doesn't effect us or that you don't want to openly speak about then don't post vague things that can incite paranoia or uncertainty in your fan-base without at least shedding some light for them on the issues at hand. It's not fair to keep us, your supporters, in the dark. I understand there are some things that don't need to be said to us, but that's just it, then don't post it on SOCIAL media for the whole world to see.

These are things that should have been shared between you and your peers privately. You also posted just barely enough info on the ordeal that everybody knew who it was that you were having issues with, while also being so vague and depressing that it actually seemed like a legit thing to be worried about. That is also not fair as it leads to uncertainty in a company's practices, when nobody actually even knew what issue was in the first place.

Then the hypocrisy and contradictions ensue. At the Screw Attack convention after E3 he openly stated how important 1080p 60fps is, he mocked consoles for not having this as a standard. Just the other day he posted a new video called “Resolution Gate” about how resolution and what-not doesn't really matter because he's seen games that were 720p that he wouldn't be able to tell if they were 1080p or not. A total contradiction of what he said right after E3...

Something doesn't add up, I was hoping when he released his next video he would clarify that things with Twittter and what-not got blown out of proportion. I was hoping he would earn my respect for him as a journalist back. Instead I got nothing, he acted like nothing even happened and on top of it totally contradicted something that he was so passionate about earlier this year. The hypocrisy was staggering. I actually wonder how his reaction would've been if it would've gone exactly this way, but from the other side. I genuinely wonder if he would've openly, even blatantly, criticized Sony for this if the shoe was on the other foot.

These events have actually made me wonder if there is more than just a simple little bias or preference for him. I mean look, his show was called “X”-play, the website he works for now has this as a logo:
Now, what does a green “X” conjure up in your mind as far as consoles go? Now I admit, I might be reaching here and I might need to take off my tinfoil hat, but after everything that's gone down lately I legitimately question whether he just prefers Microsoft or whether he's a paid shill.

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fenome1592d ago

I would've posted this back when it happened so it would be more relevant, but I didn't know how to post a blog..

Hatsune-Miku1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I believe he probably got paid by Microsoft for his resolutiongate video. I cant believe how one can go from saying 1080p @ 60fps should be standard on next gen to saying that its perfectly ok to have 720p @ 30fps and how he cant discern a difference. His contradiction is like two months later right along with other apologists saying that 720p is totally ok for next gen consoles.

Within the past month there has been a spate of industry insiders and fanboys alike apologizing and saying that 720p is ok on xbox one and how it doesnt matter that the ps4 is more powerful.

xHeavYx1591d ago

What pisses me of is that he hasn't acknowledged this issue. He is probably waiting for people to just forget about it

sAVAge_bEaST1590d ago

Agreed, Sessler showed his paid shill colors, over the course of this last month.

fenome1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


That's what pissed me off the most about the whole thing! He never once just cleared the air, or anything. He just acted like nothing ever happened and swept it under the rug. Everything's all gravy now, he got his engraved PS4 like the rest of the media. It's pathetic, I was honestly hoping he'd clear the air.. at least on twitter, that's where this BS all got started BY HIM in the first place..

Guess we're just not even worth his time on explaining his situation... whatever...

Kryptix1586d ago

I got this feeling Microsoft sent him a free Xbox One with a lot of other goodies and a note that says, "you know what to do." lol

dedicatedtogamers1586d ago

It wasn't just Resolutiongate. He has always been needlessly critical of Sony while brushing off similar concerns when it comes to Microsoft. He makes a habit of creating controversy out of thin air by the way he reports rumors.

When the Xbox One was revealed, he was standing on the front lines to defend the Xbox One, even going so far as to make up weird comparisons (like saying the PS4 was actually as expensive as the Xbox One) or letting Microsoft off the hook for their behavior.

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_FantasmA_1591d ago

Sorry but 720p may look good to this blind fanboy right now, but what about in 2,3 or even 5 years. Launch games never look that good, but wait a few years and they will blow your mind. Plus with 4k and technology moving at light speed, 720p won't look like its HD anymore pretty soon. He must have been offered a lifetime supply of Doritos to be a puppet.

JakemanPS319941591d ago

At the end your really grasping at straws for the whole Microsoft/Xplay/Rev3 X conspiracy....

fenome1591d ago

I agree, and I do admit to this. It's just hard not to scrutinize him after everything he's done lately. Plus, it was brought to my attention that Xplay actually stands for "extended" play. I just figured that if he gets to rant and rave like a lunatic, then so do I.

Fireseed1591d ago

You want a video clarifying why those journalists were having an issue? It's not Adam Sessler but Marcus Beer did cover it.

fenome1591d ago

Thanks for the vid! Haven't seen that one yet. Here's another good one about what happened and also the secrecy and information control in the game industry

Fireseed1591d ago

Was just about to post that video as well! But yeah the whole level of secrecy Adam kept it made things a much bigger issue than it had to be. But at the end of the day I can understand why he was so panicked.

Sleet1591d ago

Sessler is a classic example of someone dissapearing up their own ass. He seems to be conflicted by what he wants to be true and what reality is which is why he is having these contradictody meltdowns.

I think that at E3 he had heard from MS that 1080p 60fps was what they were aiming for with the xbone and so he backed his favourite horse and did his first speech about how that should be the standard. Now thats gone tits up he is trying to backpeddle much like the other MS employees did.

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