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PC and Nintendo platforms suck. Are the next gen consoles weak?

EXVirtual | 803d ago
User blog

Ha, got you with that title didn't I? No, I don't think PC gaming sucks. For a while, before I got my PS3 in 2011, I did play on Steam a lot. But now... you'll find out.

I also love Nintendo. I really do. I just thought it'd be fun to test a trap title. :p

The real topic of this blog is the idea that the next gen consoles are too weak to be called 'next gen'. I've seen PC fanatics all over the web, saying that consoles are now irrelevant and that they're already in the next gen and PC master race FTW... you've seen it.

I could not ignore this. So let's get into why that argument is BS. I'll get to Nintendo guys later.

A lot of these PC only gamers have the idea that this gen is gonna last 10 years. I think there's a misconception. I think what Sony and MS meant by 10 years was that that's how long they're gonna produce the consoles for, at the least. Whether or not I'm wrong about that, you can't tell me that next gen is actually going to last for 10 years. That's completely absurd. Have you ever heard of a piece of hardware that hasn't been updated or replaced in a decade? Including PCs? Like really? Also, the XBO is 50% less powerful than the PS4. So really, you guys should be calling the XBO underpowered.

Now to talk about how they're too weak in general. Let me ask you this question. You're really gonna compare a $400 console to a $900+ PC? Because it's very obvious which one is going to win. It's stupid to really compare consoles to PC in the first place as when the console releases, the specs stay the same. With the PC, you can upgrade it anytime you want to. And upgrading the PC is no joke, especially if you're talking about NVidia. If you look at amazon right now a single Asus Geforce GTX Titan costs $1,105.34. Yeah that's right. Over a thousand bucks for a graphics card. That's gonna get you very far my friend. Without a doubt you'll be able to run BF4 at least ultra settings. Some people (not gonna name names but you know who I'm talking about) have said that the next gen consoles should be able to run BF4 on ultra settings at 1080p @60 fps. Lolwut?! Do you know how expensive that would be? Even on ReviewTechUSA's collaboration video with 3KB and that comment section was FULL of PC fanboys. One guy who got the top comment said that they should be able to destroy 1080p. Do you know what that means? He's basically saying that they should be running at 4K resolutions for games. What the hell are you talking about? To run 4K resolutions, you'll need one of the highest end PCs on the market. Do you know how much that costs?
My point is, the main point of consoles is accessibility. One of the main factors in this is a reasonable price. Over a thousand bucks is not reasonable for the average consumer. It's not that they can't afford it, it's just that they would not be willing to spend that much money on for a gaming platform. I also think that on top of that, PC gamers would only criticize consoles more, due to the fact that they would be expensive and they'd have games would be at a higher price too. We all know it.

Now that brings me to Steam. Steam is a good service. Like I said I did use it regularly up until I got the PS3 and this day, I still do, even if rarely. Aside from that, from about 2009-2011 I played on the Wii. So I don't hate the PC in any way shape or form. But ever since I got the PS3, I've just loved consoles even more than I did in the PS 2 era. But back on topic, Steam is the main reason PC gaming is where it is today. But there is a fact that you cannot avoid: Steam is not going to last forever. It isn't going be any time soon, but it's not going to last forever. Fact.
What I do think what will come to a close sooner rather than later (3 years or so) is the system Steam users are used to. I'm talking about the prices to be exact. Game development costs are continuously going up and through the gen, they're gonna get higher. Not to say that game prices are gonna go up, I just think less and less publishers will be willing to sell games for $40 on Steam. The summer sale will still be there, being the main attraction of Steam, with noticeable price drops, but the day to day system is not gonna last that long. Now that's an opinion backed with reason. Not a fact.
But this is a question that I've never seen asked before: If and when Steam goes down, or when games are the same price as console games, what will you do? Go back to consoles? Handhelds? Quit gaming? I really want to know.
You'll still have higher resolutions and textures and all that stuff, but how big will PC gaming be when Steam goes down? Because I don't want to say it was irrelevant, but before Steam the PC was the last place you'd go to play games. Just Saiyan. On top of that, don't go thinking the PC is gonna get every AAA game in the book. And before this whole architecture thing for the consoles came into play, most of you guys were saying that the PC has more support from indies, the only innovative devs left in the industry. Now, you guys are thirsty for that AAA wood. Lol.

As well as the PC fanboys, the Nintards came out and were saying that the PS4 and XBO were irrelevant... Lolwut?! I mean, I plan to get a Wii U soon enough, but let me ask you this. Did the Wii U get as much demand as the PS4 or even the damn XBO? Hell. NO!
Now the tablet controller is innovative, but people have actual tablets. So that's almost irrelevant. Now some people are saying that the Wii U runs games like Bayonetta 2 @ 1080p @ 60 fps. Now that is true but shall we go down the list?
Smash Bros is a fighting game, with graphics slightly above the 360. I think that the whole KI thing for the XBO was just being bad with optimization. Which one do you think is better? Sora, or Double Helix? The people that brought us Smash Bros melee, or the people that brought us Silent Hill Homecoming?
Mario Kart is a racing game, with unrealistic visuals. I personally do prefer a creative art style, but they aren't as demanding as realistic visuals.
Bayonetta 2, is a game with visuals just above PS3 level. Again, not completely realistic art style.

Nintendo fanboys... please listen, Nintendo is struggling with the Wii U. You shouldn't feel threatened though, as Nintendo has a lot of money, so they can survive a lost gen or 2. But you guys just settle for it and act like nothing's wrong and that's why they're slacking. The PS4 is gonna be a great console because of a very hard lesson with the PS3. That's how it is with Nintendo.

Anyway, most of this stuff is just my opinion, so please don't hate me in the comment section too much. And I know there are console fanboys. I made a blog about that too, but that got a lot of flak. That's not to say I won't do it again, I'm just saying. So you don't need to give me a lecture.

Thanks for reading and this blogs recommended music is below.

TwistingWords  +   803d ago
"The real topic of this blog is the idea that the next gen consoles are too weak to be called 'next gen'. I've seen PC fanatics all over the web, saying that consoles are now irrelevant and that they're already in the next gen and PC master race FTW... you've seen it. "

But there are also idiots who think the PS4 is 50% more powerful than the Xbone.
SilentNegotiator  +   803d ago
That must have gotten that "silly" idea from all of the professional game developers and Digital Foundry saying so. Silly fanboys. Good thing you know better than the professionals.

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TwistingWords  +   803d ago
With no factual evidence to back their statements up with, no SSTA referencing, no datasheets to stipulate the CPUs propagation delay nor for the RAM, no gate delay references with regards to the CPU and what about contamination delay for the RAM CLK... Oh yeah, it's a software guy coming out with 'facts'.

Sorry all I have to offer is an MSc in Electronics Engineering and 20 odd years experience as a PAL and FPGA designer, but if a programmer said it, then pardon my ignorance.
XboxFun  +   803d ago
Let's also ignore all the other silly game professionals that said both systems will see minimal differences, or that the whole 50% more power comes from anonymous, unnamed sources or actual sony developers.

Good thing we get to think for ourselves and let the actual games do the talking and so far the X1 is right there with the PS4.
#1.1.2 (Edited 803d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(17) | Report
SilentNegotiator  +   802d ago
"or that the whole 50% more power comes from anonymous, unnamed sources or actual sony developers"

Digital Foundry, People Can Fly, Avalanche studios, Gaijin Entertainment, Just Add Water, etc, etc, etc are anonymous sources? Because they all say that Ps4 is significantly more powerful and some of them ALSO said 50%.

"Sorry all I have to offer is an MSc in Electronics Engineering and 20 odd years experience as a PAL and FPGA designer, but if a programmer said it, then pardon my ignorance"

Your ignorance is pardoned, detractor of programmers' knowledge and he who has not gotten a Xbox One or PS4 himself (unlike the people he poorly attempts to discredit).
#1.1.3 (Edited 802d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(5) | Report
KwietStorm  +   802d ago
You can have all the experience and degrees you want. You have zero experience with either the PS4 or Xbox One. Therefore, you cannot sit here and say those claims are false, not as a fact.
XboxFun  +   803d ago
Funny how everyone here calls PC fanboys elitist because they always shove their supposed superior hardware/specs on everyone. Constantly talk about their games in 1080p, and how their platform is the best for Indies.

No wait...that's exactly what the sony fanboys on this site do.

How can you sit there and call PC fanboys elitist or the master race when you guys do the exact same thing for Sony and the PS3/PS4?

That is just mind boggling to me. You guys love downing the WiiU/360/X1 but when a PC guy starts talking specs or anything it's "ugh, you're an elitist!" or "No one can afford a $1000 dollar gaming rig". But then when Titanfall or another great X1 console exclusive is on PC then all the sony fans have these great rigs to play it on.

Yes this is your opinion but I see a lot of what you are saying just wrong on so many levels.
"Steam is not going to last forever. It isn't going be any time soon, but it's not going to last forever. Fact."

This statement is too funny. Steam has been around for 10 years, that is just as long as the PS2. And it is still going on strong, how can you even THINK that it won't last forever. Your reasoning behind it is even more ludicrous.
EXVirtual  +   802d ago
Nothing lasts forever.
My reasoning is for the second thing about steam. Not that it'll go away for that reason.

I really don't think that xbox fans are completely clean. You guys were getting all excited when the dGPU rumor came up.

Like I said in the blog, it's not that the average consumer can't afford it, it's because they're not willing to throw that much money into a gaming platform. Simple as. I personally don't care about Titanfall, but I think that you're right about some Sony guys apparently having rigs. That being said, do you really think EA is going to make a game for one console? Especially when the other on is going to sell a significantly larger number?
ZHZ90  +   802d ago
With all do respect.
"That is just mind boggling to me. You guys love downing the WiiU/360/X1"

Not all people from PS side love to downgrade WiiU/360/X1, you right some do like to do it but others(That is alot) like just to express reasons for getting PS3/4 over WiiU/360/X1.
So as well some people from Xbox side love to downgrade PS conosles and WiiU but others(that is alot) just like to express their reasons for getting Xbox console over PS console and WiiU.

"but when a PC guy starts talking specs or anything it's "ugh, you're an elitist!" or "No one can afford a $1000 dollar gaming rig".

But there some PC gamers still like to show off(So as well some PS gamers and some Xbox gamers as well do)

"But then when Titanfall or another great X1 console exclusive is on PC then all the sony fans have these great rigs to play it on."

Question to you, XboxFun, don't you also want you to have Agent(Rockstar game)(And Sony funded LA Nore and then they didn't minded that game be multiplat so Rockstar will have to give Sony a favor, Versus XIII aka FFXV wasn't funded by Sony at all) to be on your X1?
(I have read your comments actually)
It's same thing PS side wants Titanfall(Which isn't funded by MS at all).

(A reply please)
#2.2 (Edited 802d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
XboxFun  +   802d ago
I have no problems with anyone who just like to express their reasons for getting whatever console they choose. But there are ways to do this without bashing the other console or making fun of people who do prefer another console.

This is mainly who my comment is directed to. To the EXVirtuel's and such who can't seem to make any comment without bashing another system for no reason.

Some PC gamers show off, but it is no different than what other do as you pointed out. But then if everyone is talking about their machine is a beast then why not recognize that PC is without calling them elitists?

Again this is only directed to the folks I mentioned above.

And who says Rockstar owes Sony anything. Rumor is Sony pulled funding when Team Bondi couldn't meet deadlines. Perhaps they repaid what Sony put in and now owe them nothing.

If this is the case then that means Agent can be a multiplat game.

Out of bubbles, I'll have to PM you if I reply next.
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jcnba28  +   801d ago
Well said.
dark-hollow  +   802d ago
"Nothing last forever"

Same applies to consoles.

And about The "elitist" attitude, just look at any DF ps3 vs 360 comparison of multiplats. People nitpicking over the tiniest of the details, and the fact that the majority of the hottest news on this site is about graphics this, graphics that. Huma, gpgpu, ddr3 and gddr5, and the rest of the technical terms that am sure %90 of commenters have no knowledge about. So don't get mad when pc gamers state the obvious, and brag about their rigs capabilities.
#3 (Edited 802d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Software_Lover  +   802d ago
That is what I was thinking. Everyday we here about which is better. 1080p vs 900p :). 60fps vs 30fps. We have more grass. Your version has texture pop in. Our version is on one disc. Your version is blurry. Our version is brighter.

It gets ridiculous. Granted, I actually think its just the same people going back and forth with different accounts.
s45gr32  +   801d ago
Yes that is true and really they don't want to talk about the loss of free unlockables, cheat codes, the rarity of map editors on consoles (almost every xbox/ps2 shooter, x sport like snowboarding, etc had a map editor), the lack of mini games. All of this has become DLC ugh.
duducus  +   802d ago
One game you didn't mention for Wii U was Monolith Soft's "X" What do you think about that graphically?... Because I have no idea about the graphical department... I just play the games that I think are fun... lol
GamingTruth  +   801d ago
the point is why do pc nerds even show up to many forums and posts and videos in comment sections, that have nothing to do with pc at all all their crap talk about gta5 and ignorance over how its the 'definitive version' of which no one knows if it exists if pc is trully this super mega superior platform to consoles then the platform should be able to speak for itself not having you all try to force it on us like a brainwashing which we must not obviously believe or see as pc having 'better graphics' i certainly dont
Bladesfist  +   801d ago
You can't see why an upgradeable platform outputs better visuals than a static one?
GamingTruth  +   801d ago
multiplats yes, and only cause the developers purposely make the pc versions look better
Pandamobile  +   801d ago
GamingTruth is probably one of the most misinformed and ridiculous posters on this website. You will be wise to ignore anything he says.
Bladesfist  +   801d ago
This has nothing to do with PC gamers. All gamers like to compare their platform to an inferior one but not many have the stomach to compare their platform to a superior one. I see PS gamers bashing Xbox gamers on this site over the tiniest differences in visuals. In this very article you seem to be upset at PC gamers for doing this and then you start comparing the Wii U to superior platforms. Hypocrisy.
#6 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
EXVirtual  +   801d ago
With all due respect, let me explain my reasoning for saying that.
As I said in the article, it's stupid to compare an upgradable $900+ PC to a $400 console that is not upgradable in any way, aside from the hard drive. Now when comparing 2 or 3 consoles to one another, that's different. These machines are going to stay the same for the whole gen and are in the same price range (sort of). I am getting a Wii U as I said in the blog, mainly because of X, which looks like the best Wii U game in terms of graphics and scale (to me at least).

With PC gamers, my point is that it's pointless comparing a PC to a console in terms of power, because PC wins every time, because of the upgradable function. I don't hate them (I have very close friends who are PC only gamers) and I'm not really upset. I'm just seeing the same thing over and over again in a console based video or article, with PC gamers calling the consoles weak because they don't run BF4 at ultra settings or something (even though I'm sure not everyone will be able to run that game especially at ultra settings at 1080p @ 60 fps).

Either way, I respect your opinion.
s45gr32  +   801d ago
Ultra settings for a PC game is basically 2500p resolution or 2000*1920 resolution. The frame per second is 90, 120, even 200 frames per second. That's ultra settings, 1080p and 60 frames per second is high or mid range settings for a PC game usually high settings. In some cases high settings is possible to get 90, 80, 70 or 100 frames per second. I play on PC and 1080p is pretty much a given as far as PC gaming goes 60 frames per second though does require a mid range or high range PC. So we are talking 8 core APU for consoles, plus 8 gigs of ram and still can't get 1080p resolution that is a major concern, already, my wimpy 480 gts graphics card is capable of running 1080p PC games that is a 2011 graphics card ; yet, a console with a much newer card cannot doesn't make no sense.
Letros  +   800d ago
Why do you care? Does it hurt your feelings that someone doesn't share your opinion on a piece of tech? I'm a PC gamer, have been for a long time, but I'm still buying both these consoles because I love games.(X1 first as it has more appealing launch titles) Maybe one day you'll get into PC gaming too, it has a lot of perks and is a really diverse platform.
Rageanitus  +   801d ago
All I can say is Multiplatform games are USUALLY superior on a PC in terms of graphics, and YES you can connect a controller or your PC so you can play in front of your monitor or even your tv. It just shocks me how console only players are SO CLOSED MINDED.

It's even more shocking that console only players believe they are the only ones who have exclusive games

Cost in terms of hardware becomes quite irrelevent when you take into consideration the constant game deals a pc gamer has and worst case scenario if your PC is not really that good you know in the future you will be able to play it. Full backwards compatibility! And NO you dont have to upgrade every 6 months (yes hardware comes out every six months but that is how manufactures roll)

But hey we hear it all the time gameplay this gameplay that.... like PC games DONT have gameplay. We have seen many Indie games and exclusive games from large studios for the past 25 years. Hell just look at the 360 a good chunk of the games are on the PC also.

Sorry to say this... but all the articles I see recently have been the PS4 crowd comparing the POWER vs Xbox (hypocrites).

Can we just stand back and buy the games we enjoy. I am buying the Ps4 for the exclusives, xbox for their exclusives, playing on my PC for the exclusives and multiplatform games. That should be sufficient for my gaming needs.
#7 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
s45gr32  +   801d ago
Well said but it worries me that console gamers must pay to play online via xbox live gold or PS Plus. My worry is what happens if say game developer shut down the servers of say online game do you as a consumer get a refund no, is not like PC were in certain situations the PC gamer can still play the online portion of say game via private servers like Halo 2, Phantasy Star Online, etc. This also explains the shift of mmo from pay to play into free to play.
Oschino1907  +   800d ago
It goes both ways yet too many are focused too much on their personal choice and don't even consider the other sides point of view and benefits.

Having said that often a console only player just doesn't know any better (tech/spec wise), but just as often PC guys act as if they know all (everything under the sun) yet are just as bad when it comes to ignorance and being close minded.

The debate could go on forever and both sides have more then enough pluses to back their cases and make valid points. No side is clearly better for all without a doubt but here we are in another comment section with some speaking of facts in an obvious blurred line world with so many variables to consider.

In the end rather then argue/debate I think everyone should fight as hard to rebute and challenge their own view/personal choice as those they debate with because unless you can sell both sides to yourself you're never gonna have a well rounded unbiased view.

Choose sides if you feel strongly but don't negate points of view because they aren't your own.
#7.2 (Edited 800d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
jholden3249  +   801d ago
I'm a Nintendo fan and Wii U owner, and I'm not saying the PS4 or Xbox One is irrelevant. What are you on? Matter of fact I even have both of them pre ordered. No one's saying Wii U is the only worthy console, we're just saying that it too, is a worthy console, RIGHT ALONG SIDE the PS4 and Xbox One.

Your statement about the Wii U gamepad being "irrelevant" because people own tablets is both uninformed and baffling. The purpose of the gamepad is not to imitate a tablet, or substitute for an iPad. That's totally missing the mark. Just because the controller has a screen DOES NOT MEAN it's a play for the tablet market. Nintendo has been using dual-screen mechanics for 30 years. Game & Watch, Gamecube GBA connectivity, DS, 3DS, and now Wii U. It's a natural evolution that was bound to happen as soon as technology allowed for it.

And nobody's "threatened" by Wii U having a slow sales year, just like we weren't "threatened" when 3DS had slow sales it's first year, just like Sony fans aren't threatened by Vita having slow sales its first 2 years. It is what it is. Sales mean nothing. I'm not a shareholder, I'm a gamer. It sells what it sells. Won't stop me from enjoying the hell out of it though. And for the record, it's all about perspective. Instead of trying to minimilize Wii U's graphical output, why don't you try looking at things in a different light. Like, I couldn't imagine Mario Kart 8, or Smash Bros 4, or DKC Tropcial Freeze, or Super Mario 3D World, looking any better regardless of how many gigs of RAM the game is running on. And that's what counts. When I play these games, the last thing I'll be thinking is "damn, the graphics just aren't good enough"
#8 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
s45gr32  +   801d ago
Goodness gracious this blog is full of crap, first off the PC for once has major advantages like free online gaming, full backwards compatibility, steep low low price for games (counter attack piracy due to game developers either lower the price of their games or see their games being pirated plus with the wii u as a current generation console developers have no choice but to support the pc because the more platforms their product is on the more profit and revenue they make). To top it all off full customization for say games , make mods turn say mods into commercial games make money like Dear Esther or counter strike (mod for half life)...... PC gaming will dominate this upcoming generation of gaming not the consoles
EXVirtual  +   801d ago
Completely your opinion. As I said in the blog, the PC is a very expensive platform. That is, for average consumers.
I get that you have the free online (which I didn't even mention in this blog, but ok). Did you even read it fully? And no, the whole backwards compatibility thing is not legal.
What I'm talking about here is specifications. Alright? Not who has free online and mods.
#9.1 (Edited 801d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Letros  +   800d ago
what isn't legal about backwards compatibility?
s45gr32  +   799d ago
I fully respect your opinion and while building a PC may cost $800.00-++ during a regular day; whereas, during a holiday like cyber Monday it may cost around $500.00 to build a gaming PC. It's possible to finance the parts for your PC along with building your PC piece by piece My argument is 1080p resolution is a standard resolution for mid range PC that even includes 60 frames per second for certain games. Ultra settings is basically 2000*1200 resolution , 90, 100, even up to 100 frames per second. So with that in mind playing battlefield 4 using a titan graphics card it means the user will experience battlefield at 1200*2000 resolution at most likely 90 or 80 frames per second and no loading times. There's a couple of reasons why PC games are cheap one due to no brick and mortar retailer middle man, no manufacturing costs for discs, traveling warehouse costs, etc. To reduce piracy along with lots and lots of digital store front competition. Now is it possible for the PS4 and Xbox One to last a decade yes thanks to its cloud computing. Meaning while this upcoming console generation may start traditionally over time console gamers will see less and less physical game copies and more and more games being streamed through the cloud. Also, while the PC may be fully upgradeable it's starting to become irrelevant to upgrade a gaming PC why well if a user has owns a gaming rig with 16gb of ddr3 ram do they need more ram, no. If it has a pile driver CPU or an ivory bridge cpu is it necessary to change the cpu no. My point is the only computers that need constant upgrades are those designed for video/photo editing, animation, special effects, benchmark, etc. Now you can't compare a console vs a gaming PC due to one is a luxury item and the other is a tool that facilitate human lives. Also the PC is already ahead of consoles in terms of power, technical prowess, etc.
With PC gaming is already possible to video chat with fellow gamers while playing online. Social services are already integrated into PC games like spiral knights with Facebook, like I said 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second have been the standard for mid range PC gaming machines since 3 or 4 years ago, tessellation, anti aliasing, etc have already been accomplished on PC. Ustream, twitch tv has been in use for PC gaming since 2-3 years ago so has video game capturing. So of course PC is already ahead of consoles all of these things I mentioned are barely coming out for consoles.
#9.1.2 (Edited 799d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
wtopez  +   801d ago
Yeah PCs are the worst. That's why BOTH consoles are basically PCs with their x86 architecture. As Mark Cerny would put it, PS4 is a "supercharged" PC. I'm not gonna argue the pros and cons of PC vs consoles again; might get better results talking to my dog. Still I'm happy that consoles are stripped down PCs. Means I probably won't encounter another terribly coded PC port seeing that developers are gonna have to code in a multi-threaded architecture. Thanks new consoles! Nobody loves you more than PC gamers!
The_HarryEtTubMan  +   799d ago
weak laptop PCs at that. Console can't even care to PC and I've gamed on console ever since being a young lad.
fsfsxii  +   800d ago
Oh god, no, not the blog section. It used to be the best place for gaming discussions, now its all about fanboys. I thought we'd be cool if idiots like dragonknight stopped blogging and worshipping their fav console, but here comes another one -__-
Could you guys keep your console wars in articles??
The_HarryEtTubMan  +   799d ago
PC gaming sucks? XD

..............righttttttttttt (Dr. Evil voice)
lawgone  +   799d ago
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