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4 Common Complaints About Wii U that Aren't that Valid

AKR|1753d ago |Blog Post|16|

It's hard to believe the Wii U is almost a year old. No seriously, in just two months - the Wii U will turn 1. Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

Unfortunately though, the Wii U hasn't had a very successful first year by any means. For the last half of the year - this thing has been riddled with flack. From devs announcing over and over that they won't be bringing major titles to the system, to some even slamming the ban-hammer on it. Then there's the analysts and journalists who declared so much doom-&-gloom, you'd think they were getting paid to do it (read: of course they were). And finally - there was the normal gamers ~ some cheering the system on, trying to focus on the positive notes - then there was everyone else...the much, much bigger crowd who joined in with the devs and analysts and decided to keep showering the system with 'golden-colored' words of hatred and negativity.

But alas - it seems things have calmed down quite a bit. There's very little to no doom-&-gloom articles, and the only dev who still thinks it's cool to knock on Nintendo and the Wii U right now is Bethesda. Seems like even EA has decided to shut up.

But yet, even after the major announcements of a long-awaited price cut and a roll-out of major first-party titles; people are still whining. So that's what I'm here to discuss; Five popular complaints about the Wii U that hold little to no water. Let's begin, shall we?

Complaint One:

"Nintendo Isn't Marketing It"

~ One thing that has plagued the Wii U from since release is a general confusion as to exactly what it is. Many times, people have mistaken the system - or more directly - the Gamepad, as an add-on for the original Wii. It seems like only the 'hardcore' Nintendo fans, and other 'hardcore' gamers - who congregate on sites such as this each day to stay in the know about any-and- everything that relates to gaming ~ are the only ones who actually know that the Wii U is Nintendo's brand-new 8th-generation home system. Walk up to a random person and ask them and what a Wii U is - and more than likely - the response will be: "Oh, isn't that the new controller for Wii?"

Many have blamed this confusion on Nintendo themselves - saying that they've done a poor job at marketing the system. But in actuality - Nintendo HAS actually been doing a rather decent job. Why do I say this?

. They've held several tours featuring Wii U
. They've handed out flyers showing the direct difference between Wii and Wii U
. They sent an email out to all original Wii owners, notifying them that there's a new system and they should really think about upgrading.
. They partnered up with Best Buy to bring some of their E3 titles to the public.
. They painted Chicago's "L Train" with a 'Super Luigi U' decal.
. They sponsored TV broadcasts of the Tour de France with Wii U.
. They not only changed the design of the game cases - they painted it a completely different color.

. . . The way I see it ~ the very fact that people don't know that the Wii U isn't a new system by now isn't necessarily Nintendo's fault - it seems to lean more to the reality that most people these days don't pay attention. They need to be told things as plain and straightforward to understand. Are they dumb? No. They're just lazy. They don't want to think. They don't even want to simply Google "Wii U" - which of course will tell them in black-&-white: "Hey, look. It's the Wii U. Nintendo's brand new system."

Complaint Two:

"It's not next-gen! It's too weak!"

~ Yes - I'm going there.

Nintendo has never really been keen to announce the full specifications of their systems. They just give you the basic rundown - and leave the devs to play around with it and find out for themselves. Even though Digital Foundry "leaked" the specs of the Wii U ~ it's still considered to be more of a theory than fact. Too be honest - at this point - the only people who REALLY know what this thing can do are Nintendo and their second-party development groups. And as far as they're concerned - that's all who really needs to know. Why do they operate like that? I haven't a clue.

Either way, even though we don't really know exactly what Wii U is capable of - we DO know that it isn't as powerful as the Xbox One or PS4. There's no mystery to that statement. But it seems that some want to use this as an excuse to call it weak and "current-gen". And both those words don't add up to the full thing. Why?

Looking at history - from the 3rd generation up until now; the weaker system has always been the one to take the crown for '1st place.'

SEGA Master System < NES
Neo Geo < SNES
N64 < PlayStation 1
XBOX < PlayStation 2
PS3 < Wii

As you can see there - just as I've already said - from gen 3 straight up until gen 7 ~ the weaker system has sold in a greater quantity than the most powerful system of that generation. So as to why everyone suddenly believes that PS4 will instantaneously become king just because it's sporting the most powerful tech is beyond me. Even take a look at DS and PSP or 3DS and Vita. Both of Nintendo's handhelds are weaker than their competitors - but DS whooped PSP's backside and 3DS is currently delivering a similar treatment to Vita.

Honestly - how many people do you think buy a console because it has 'XYZ' amount of RAM, this GPU, that CPU, or 'XYZ' number of cores?

Now - I'm not saying that this means things can't change. PS4 could very well dominate. Maybe even the Xbox One might surprise us all. But just because Wii U isn't flying as high as either of them in the tech-department ~ doesn't mean it's a console made for 2nd or even last place. If Minecraft should teach you anything is that just because something doesn't look too dazzling, doesn't mean it can't be amazing and popular. Besides; the Wii U already has some impressive looking titles. Games like:

Rayman Legends
Bayonetta 2
Wind Waker HD
Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
Super Mario: 3D World
Pikmin 3
The Wonderful 101
Sonic Lost World
Trine 2: Director's Cut
... These titles look absolutely amazing - and like I said before; the Wii U is only one. Take a look at games like The Last of Us, Battlefield 3/4 and GTA: V running on the near-decade old PS360. Don't they look pretty darn amazing? If devs can get games of that caliber running on those ancient things - imagine what they can do on the more powerful Wii U?

Complaint Three:

"It Needs More Storage Space"

~ In September of last year; Nintendo revealed the Wii U's official bundles. 'Basic White' which offered 8GB (4GB) of space and 'Deluxe Black' which offered 32GB (28GB) of space. Nintendo took this route so that people could have just enough space for a few demos and system updates. Is that being cheap? Not really. It's called being economical, and frankly, flexible. By only offering a budget-chunk of storage ~ those who wanted to go full-on digital could simply buy an external HDD, which mind you, aren't some type of unattainable jewel. You can get a 1TB HDD for $70 ~ $10 more than your average game.

That's why I don't understand why people are complaining about the system's limited storage capacity. Not everyone is going to go full digital. Some might prefer physical copies. Some just want the space for a few apps, VC games and demos. And if that's the case - 28GB seems alright.

Complaint Four:

"The Gamepad is Unnecessary. It Should be Removed."

~ After Nintendo announced the 2DS - it seems like that's caused even more people to give a giant thumbs down to the Wii U Gamepad and they think that Nintendo should pull a similar maneuver and release a Gamepad-less SKU.

But really; it doesn't just work like that. Why? Well the 3D features that the 3DS offers are more optional than core. That's why Nintendo put a depth-slider ~ so you can turn it on or off. The 2DS isn't necessarily a sign that the 3D-feature is pointless ~ it's just a budget-friendly, kid-resistant 3DS.

Taking out the Gamepad from the Wii U is a different scenario. That's a core feature. Imagine a Wiimote-less Wii. That wouldn't be right, now would it? The Gamepad is what sets the Wii U away from everyone else. The Gamepad is like it's ID Card. It may have the Pro Controller to fall back on - but that doesn't mean that the Gamepad should just be scrapped. I won't argue that there isn't much games that really utilize it and make it seem like a necessity - but there are a few games that show that the Gamepad isn't such a bad idea after all. Games like:

Nintendo Land
New Super Mario Bros. U
Splintercell: Blacklist
Rayman Legends
Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
LEGO City: Undercover

...come to mind. Just like with Wii ~ devs are going to have to think of fundamental ways to properly use the hardware. Put it this way; the DS has been out for basically an entire decade. 10 years, people. If devs don't have a basic idea of how to handle dual-screen gaming ~ then something isn't right.

In Conclusion:

...Wow. This was a long one. If you actually read everything, congrats. For those that just skimmed - TL;DR ~

These excuses don't hold as much water as most would make you believe. In fact, most of the people I see who actually make these complaints aren't even owners or potential owners. These are people who usually end their little rants with something like: "This is why I'm getting a PS4", or something along those lines.

Do I think that the Wii U doesn't have any problems? Nope. Of course I do. Nothing is perfect. But that doesn't mean I'm going to try and amplify tiny little problems to try and justify my choice in a rival system.

Alright then - I've given my two cents. How about you?

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SilentNegotiator1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

"Nintendo Isn't Marketing It" seems more like a complaint about Nintendo than their system itself. And I think that's mostly a complaint about a lack of TV spots and internet banners than painting Luigi on things, flyers, and emails to the Wii owners that Nintendo has the emails of. You've hardly proven the complaint "invalid"

"It's not next-gen! It's too weak!" isn't just a gamer complaint; it's a developer complaint. The Metro 2033 dev, the Dynasty Warriors devs, Ted Price called it curent gen, Avalanche Studios isn't happy with it, DICE isn't happy with it, etc, etc, etc....unless you think your opinion is worth more than professional game developers, you haven't proven the argument invalid (at least the second half of it; the part that isn't defensive hyperbole).

And none of those weaker systems to take first place had a post-launch anywhere near as rough as Wii U, and while I would normally agree that the weakest system is practically a shoe-in to do the best, Wii U has a lot riding against it in comparison. Especially with so many devs/pubs already waving it off. Even if they pledged support if Wii U sales were up in a few months, they wouldn't have too much ready until 2015.

"It Needs More Storage Space" isn't even remotely "invalid". Just because "Not everyone" wants to buy a lot of digital titles, doesn't mean that a lot of people do not. Not everyone wants to have an external drive hanging off of the system when Nintendo could have added a decent harddrive in a time that harddrives are so cheap. They could have at least had multiple versions with more memory.

"The Gamepad is Unnecessary. It Should be Removed." sounds like an opinion to me.

Oschino19071752d ago

These blogs from this guy are becomming a total joke am I right?

First thing that popped into my head were "wtf does this person even care so much.".

It reminds me of a TV episode where this kid just can't the fact that some people (happened to be the majority) just don't like him. In the episode he trys relentlessly to get the other kids to like him because he can't see why they wouldn't as his family and small group of friends like him, but for who he is despite his flaws which he can't acknowledge having himself.
By the end he either annoys or alienates all his friends to the point of them backlashing and making him feel even more unliked then before he started worrying so much about it.

But please if these blogs keeping being posted rep reality for us SilentNeg cause not many have the patience for this kind of zealot.

zeal0us1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

"wtf does this person even care so much.".

Who knows maybe he haven't had his morning oj yet. I know Monday I didn't have my oj and boy was I spouting some crazy stuff.
Just my opinion but Nintendo overall has a done a poor job marketing the WiiU. They're still is having a hard time trying to convince some Wii owners to upgrade to WiiU. Some probably till this day still think it's just addon.

The WiiU may be next gen by Nintendo standards but to a lot of developers it not. It just a little stronger than the current gen but far behind the X1 and PS4.

28gb can get filled fast if someone were to go full digital. My 20gig hdd for my 360 used to get filled up fast from all the games I downloaded. External hdd is good option for those need more space but given the fact storage is pretty cheap it really wouldn't had cost Nintendo that much by going with a 120gb or 250gb option.

While I don't think the Gamepad should just be scrapped, I do think Nintendo could offer cheaper bundles by not including it. They could offer a WiiU with Wiimotes or Pro controller instead for a price under $299. This could help sell more units.

The title to the blog should be "Rant about the Nintendo and the WiiU."

SilentNegotiator1752d ago

It's sometimes a biweekly thing and it's the same stuff over and over; downplaying of Wii U's problems to a zealous degree (filled with hyperbole to attempt to make anyone critical of Wii U's situation look stupid), propagating that rumor about the Nintendo-EA Origin thing, or blaming third parties for not making Wii U successful.

AKR1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

This is simply an opinion article. I talked about those complaints from my perspective of things.

"It's sometimes a biweekly thing and it's the same stuff over and over; downplaying of Wii U's problems to a zealous degree (filled with hyperbole to attempt to make anyone critical of Wii U's situation look stupid), propagating that rumor about the Nintendo-EA Origin thing, or blaming third parties for not making Wii U successful."

..You do realize you're not obligated to read my blog posts, right? Since the topics are write about are SO much of a problem and I write them SO often - then why are YOU usually the first to comment, if not the second or the third? My material must be really interesting at the fact you just click on it to whine about it.

So what if I'm defending the Wii U? I have the rights to speak my mind on this website. I have the rights to write up a relevant blog post as often as I choose. If it bothers you so much - then why don't you just stay away from them?

I don't see you making noise about people running around screaming and cheering for PS4. So why is it so bad that I'm running around thinking positive of Wii U?

SilentNegotiator1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

"I don't see you making noise about people running around screaming and cheering for PS4. So why is it so bad that I'm running around thinking positive of Wii U?"

Oh, I'm sorry. Which users post biweekly blogs about the same stuff with the same weak arguments to downplay issues regarding Ps4? If any user posted stuff like this for Ps4 even HALF as frequently as you did, I would be there.

I have just as much right to criticize your blogs as you have to post them. Welcome to the internet 2.0.

Oh, and I tend to post first because I found this magical link that most users don't frequent:

Dark_Overlord1752d ago

"Nintendo Isn't Marketing It"

Maybe in America they are, but over here in the UK, I've seen 0 marketing for the WiiU, not even in my local shop windows.

s45gr321752d ago

So basically no tv adds, Internet ads, etc how will the wii u will sell on the UK.

lex-10201752d ago

"Nintendo isn't marketing it" I agree with SilentNegoiator on this point. A lot of that comes from the lack of TV/internet ads. Marketing 101 is don't make people research your product. You are trying to get them to buy it right then and there from what you've told them. If someone doesn't know what your product is it's not because they didn't know and should, its because your marketing failed. Think about it like this. There are millions of products on the market right now and the majority of people who bought the Wii are casual gamers. They aren't going to spend time researching a product that they may or may not have ever heard about. If they've never heard about it that's Nintendo's fault, and if they don't have any clue what it is that's Nintendo's fault as well. Marketing is about giving your potential customers just enough information to sell them a product and Nintendo isn't doing that well enough.

"It's not next-gen! It's too weak!"
This is where Nintendo is going to suffer again. With the Wii it was definitely to weak to compete with the current generation and that caused publishers and developers to stay away from it completely, resulting in a lack of games for it. That's sort of the same thing that's happening now. Hardware wise the Wii U is about the equivalent of this generation, which means that when games start being developed for PS4 and X1 the developers are going to have to downscale and port the game to the Wii U, resulting in extra expense for a console that has staggering low sales. Here's a perfect example of this already happening: this article also links to an article where EA announced that they have no games in development for Wii U. Ouch. One of the big three publishers (Activision, EA, Ubisoft) is completely ignoring your console that's bad news. Also I want to point out that you're sort of wrong in your list of consoles:
SEGA Master System < NES
Neo Geo < SNES
N64 < PlayStation 1
Gamecube< XBOX < PlayStation 2
Xbox 360< PS3 < Wii
The Gamecube was the by far weakest system of last gen and it absolutely did not win. The "trend" of the weaker system being first is really only a trend of this generation. And judging console quality by sales is like judging hamburgers by sales. McDonalds sells more hamburgers than any other company (and probably more than them all put together) but it's hamburgers aren't anywhere close to the best.

"It Needs More Storage Space"
Nintendo's fault entirely. There should be no reason I have to go and buy an external hard drive. Like you said HDDs are cheap. So why doesn't Nintendo add one to their console? I get that it was a good move money saving wise for Nintendo, but give an option for a console with more memory at a little higher price at least.

"The Gamepad is Unnecessary. It Should be Removed."
This one I completely agree with you is invalid. While the Gamepad is interesting and definitely a core feature of the Wii U it also has some interesting things that Nintendo hasn't marketed right. I can start a game at my house, send it to the game pad, go to school, connect to wifi and continue playing my game from the gamepad from 35 miles away. That's incredible, but Nintendo didn't market that. In fact I didn't even realize I could do it until I saw one of my friends do it, and he said he tried it cause he figured it'd work.

lex-10201752d ago

My biggest complaint with the Wii U isn't anything listed above. It's the same complaint as with the Wii. There aren't enough games that interest me. Sure some of those titles above look cool but I'm not really interested in any of them. What I want on the Wii U, and probably the only thing that will make me turn it on again, is Super Smash Bros and a new Fire Emblem.

gamejediben1752d ago

Honestly all of the above stated complaints are small issues in the long term. The real issue - and one this blog neglected to mention - is the lack of a killer app. You mention a few good upcoming titles (and the just released Pikmin 3). But it has almost been a year and the closest thing the Wii U has to a killer app is New Super Mario Bros U and Pikmin 3.

That is a serious problem. Potentially fatal, even. In it's first year:

Dreamcast had Soulcalibur, Power Stone, Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, DoA2, RE Code: Veronica and Power Stone 2.

PS2 had Tekken Tag Tournament, SSX, Onimusha Warlords, Twisted Metal Black, GT3 A-Spec, Klonoa 2, Ico, Silent Hill 2, DMC, Ace Combat 4 and GTA III.

Xbox had Halo: CE, DoA3, Jet Set Radio Future, TES III Morrowind, Shenmue II and MechAssault.

Gamecube had SW Rogue Squadron II, Super Monkey Ball, Pikmin, SSB Melee, REmake, Eternal Darkness, Super Monkey Ball 2, Super Mario Sunshine, Animal Crossing, RE Zero and Metroid Prime.

Xbox 360 had DoA 4, TES IV Oblivion, Dead Rising, Saint's Row, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Gears of War.

PS3 had Resistance FoM, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ratchet and Clank future: ToD and Uncharted Drake's Fortune.

Wii had Wii Sports, Zelda Twilight Princess, Super Paper Mario, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Zack & Wiki and Super Mario Galaxy.

For a year to go by with such a lack of a killer app... I mean the most appealing thing the Wii U has for most gamers in it's first year is Zelda: Wind Waker HD. A game that's a decade old! This goes beyond disappointing, this is completely shameful. To a long time Nintendo fan like me, this is an insult. Nintendo has no one to blame for the bad press and poor sales but themselves. And you shouldn't be defending them.

Nicaragua1752d ago

Here's my complaint and i believe its quite a common one - where are the goddam games nintendo you massive inept shower of shit ???

Seriously, guess what im currently playing on my WiiU - super metroid. Im playing a 20 year old 16 bit game on my (allegedly) next gen console. And its not because i dont have any of WiiU's flagship titles - i have Mario which is decent, i have pikmin which is ok, and i have lego city which is great if you like loading screens.

The games so far have been underwhelming, and the console is clearly underpowered even compared to current gen. There is no justification for the frequency and length of loading screens in lego city unless the console is technically retarded.

And Nintendo's marketing sucks - its worse than sonys during the ps3 era and that takes some doing.

zero_gamer1752d ago

I agree with most of your comment except you said it's underpowered compared to current gen which it isn't true. It may not be much better than a PS3 or 360 in tech but it's definitely not worse. I really don't know where you're getting that information.

Nicaragua1752d ago

Im getting my information from the games i play on the console in front of me.

Why does lego city take 60 - 90 seconds to load every time you enter a building or change mission? In fact it has about a 10 second load every time you access the inventory screen - thats not acceptable for an exclusive title built from the ground up for the system. Infamous 2 dosnt have this problem, in that game i can go from one end of the city to another without ever seeing a loading screen.

Pikmin 3 has really shitty textures - again this a flagship title.

So i dont care what the specs say, im going to judge the results - and the results say the console is underpowered.

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