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If The Wii U's First-Party Blowout Can't Save It - THEN It's Dead

AKR|1698d ago |Blog Post|17|

It's hard to believe that it's almost been an entire year from since the Wii U has been released. Wow, time sure does fly!

Most of the time that it has spent on the market - things have been very dormant...VERY dormant. Despite Nintendo promising it wouldn't happen - the '3DS Scenario' once again reared it's ugly, ugly head. Here we had a nice system, but no nice fact, barely ANY games. Left, right, front and center - insult, upon insult, upon insult was being slung on the poor thing - and not just from fanboy-trolls. Nope - Analysts, journalists and even a few developers decided to take a smack at the Wii U, seeing that generating baseless hate against Nintendo seemed to be the coolest thing ever at that time (and still - although to a lesser extent - is today).

"Nintendo is doomed!" "Will the Wii U be Nintendo's last home console?" "Is the Wii U dead?" "Does the Wii U stand a chance?" "Should Nintendo scrap the Wii U?" - Oh yes...the doom-&-gloom articles kept flying every single day. Several of them, all asking the same questions and trying to make their little apocalyptic-fantasies seem like undeniable-truth.

But now - all of that is set to change.

As of July - the Wii U has been getting a major first~party (or third-party exclusive) release every month. July brought us "Pikmin 3" and now this month - August - has delivered "Wonderful 101". As we look on the horizon - Wii U owners have this to look forward too:

September: "Wonderful 101" (America)
October: "Sonic Lost World", "Zelda: Wind Waker HD", "Wii Party U"
November: "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze", "M&S: Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014", "Wii Fit U (?)"
December: "Super Mario: 3D World"

With titles like those under it's wing - it's hard to imagine that the Wii U won't get off the ground even just a tad bit, this holiday season. Yes - it has to compete with two new rivals and an influx of 'AAA' games on these systems that won't be making a homestead appearance - but with franchises like these; that shouldn't be much of a problem.

Now then - let's get apocalyptic for a second. Let's pretend that this DOES fail and none of these games re-kindle interest in the Wii U. Only then, can everyone justifiably lose their heads and declare the console dead. Only then can it legitimately be called "Dreamcast 2.0" or even "Virtual Boy U" BUT - Until that happens - then the Wii U, hypothetically, is just fine.

This really isn't the first system to have growing pains. Very rarely is that NOT the case, for any game system - past or present. Just recently we saw the 3DS do a 180. You know that rap-song by Drake? How did it go...."Started from the bottom, now we're here." That was 3DS. It really did start from the bottom - the very bottom. Then, Nintendo slashed the priced, gave it a Zelda remake, and two new Mario games - and boom - now it's been topping charts for months. How's that for a comeback? If the 3DS can do it, why can't Wii U?

It probably won't be getting the price cut - but instead of 3 games - it has EIGHT potential life-savers. And don't forget ~ that's only THIS year. 2014 still packs other titles like: "X", "Bayonetta 2", "Mario Kart 8" and "Super Smash Bros."

If this doesn't save the Wii U - Nothing will.

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Donnieboi1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Iwata needs to start kissing some serious 3rd party booty. Having to get by on 1st party games alone is brutal in the HD era since it takes so long for a new batch of games to be developed. At least he's looking into indies like Sony did for thw Vita (and MS is starting to do too).

SilentNegotiator1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I've said it once and will say it a million times; they cannot rely solely on first party.

Wii's dynamic was different and allowed it be incredibly popular because it reached a new audience with an interesting gimmick; Wii U, without that dynamic, will not see that same success. If it must make it on first party alone, it will sell Gamecube to N64 numbers. SNES sold about as many as those two systems combined, thanks to its strong third party support. We can use hyperbolic words like "dead" and "doomed" but it's clear that Wii U is going to sell "disappointingly" if things don't change.

Also, stop comparing Wii U's situation to 3DS or Ps3 or whatever. Its progress is in no way "similar" to those systems. Unless they announce a 30% price drop, it is NOT the same situation as 3DS and unless someone invents a time machine and fixes Wii U's ultra-low sales pattern over the past 7 months, it is not similar to PS3 or any other console with mere "growing pains"

The fact that Iwata thinks that he can sit back, and wait for their first party games to be completed and that will fix the situation with their system that barely competes with the upcoming systems on price and has no unique dynamic, shows how out of touch he is.

admiralvic1697d ago

"Wii's dynamic was different and allowed it be incredibly popular because it reached a new audience with an interesting gimmick; Wii U, without that dynamic"

The Wii U has both, but it doesn't seem to be as popular. This is surprising, since you can see how much people praise / love the remote play on the Vita. Sure that functionality has a lot more freedom, but a good number of people mentioned simply wanting to game while the TV was on another channel. The Wii U Gamepad also doubles as a remote, so Nintendo did put some thought into this gimmick, but it just has yet / will not take off.

"Also, stop comparing Wii U's situation to 3DS or Ps3 or whatever. Its progress is in no way "similar" to those systems. Unless they announce a 30% price drop, it is NOT the same situation as 3DS "

Then you clearly forgot / have no clue what happened with the 3DS. The 3DS launched with a price people thought was too high (exactly the same as the Wii U). Nintendo also took a step back at the launch / pretty much first year so third party devs could shine, but no one took advantage of it (the Wii U launched with better first party titles, but that is about it). Around a year later the system got a price cut and more importantly a number of solid games were revealed / coming out and sales soared. In either case, they don't need to repeat everything in other for it to be similar, just have the issues / problems that relate to their problems. In this case, everything relates to lack of games / cost.

SilentNegotiator1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Super limited remote play won't bring in the masses. That's the thing about a gimmick that reaches a wide audience; it HAS to be popular. My point about it differing from Wii stands.

No soccer mom or retirement home gym is going to rush out to buy a system for its in-room "remote play" touchscreen ability, like they did for Wii with motion controls.

NO ONE is rushing out to buy a Wii U for having a single-touch touchscreen that you can play the game on. Kids have their own TVs these days and adults use their TVs how they please.

NO ONE is going to go up to a Ps4 or Xbox One in store and say "WHAT?! No controller screen? Screw that!"

"they don't need to repeat everything in other for it to be similar, just have the issues / problems that relate to their problems"

3DS saw the improbable event of having its price shaved by AN ENTIRE THIRD OF THE PRICE. It's silly to suggest that Wii U will bounce back because 3DS did, and that's the only reason it is being compared to 3DS.

s45gr321696d ago

No argument here but very spot on

Brucis1697d ago

I personally wouldn't call it 'dead' until Smash Bros and MK8 come out and they flop, which seems highly unlikely given their huge popularity. And if it does become Gamecube 2.0 then...oh well. I mean, I obviously want Nintendo to do well, but so long as there are good games on it and they manage to turn a profit then that's all that really matters.

Kevlar0091697d ago

You're right, Nintendo has yet to release a Killer App for the WiiU. Until we see what happens to Smash and Mario Kart (games with the biggest appeal) we can't say 100% what the WiiU's future is

Nintendo's biggest problem atm (other than games) is the lack of product awareness. People still think the gamepad is just a peripheral for the Wii. They need some heavy marketing so when the heavy hitters show up people will instantly think of and reach for a WiiU. Even if they need to have a banner on their ads saying "Only for WiiU" new all over it to get the point across the "WiiU console" exists, then so be it.

People need to know what they're buying each game for, that the game is leagues above the Wii in terms of power and gameplay

admiralvic1697d ago

"Nintendo's biggest problem atm (other than games) is the lack of product awareness. "

I think their biggest problem is the PS4 / Xbox One. Way too many people are focused on that for Nintendo to make big waves. Even with Smash Bros information coming out, we're still seeing less hype than All-Stars had. Maybe after the other next gen consoles release they can focus on doing better, but right now they're just getting destroyed due to them.

hollabox1696d ago

Agree, Nintendo really lost some steam not having an huge E3 presence. Some people said it wouldn't matter but now the only thing I hear is doom and gloom regarding Nintendo. Mr. Iwata came and said they need to diversify their software. Which is a step in the right direction, but most importantly they need to advertise to their hearts content. Otherwise Nintendo might be better off cutting bait and releasing something new in the next 3 years.

s45gr321696d ago

Not just only that but the wii u marketing department is sleeping or has left the building. Getting those major first party exclusives like Zelda and such is cool but without hype, marketing , is pretty much pointless. The wii had very good marketing campaign remember the we want to play commercials or appearing at the Oprah Winfrey show. Were is that type of marketing for the wii u

GenericNameHere1696d ago

Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 WILL sell several millions of software and increase Wii U hardware sales, that's a given fact. What it won't do is make the Wii U as successful as the Wii. They're not targeting the casual crowd anymore like they did the Wii, so sales from that market are gone. But hey, GameCube 2.0 isn't too bad. That console had awesome games.

OldGirl1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Meh they will be fine with their first party titles, they just need more of them for people to justify a purchase. I know a lot of people at least no hardcore gamers aren't running out to buy a system for just one game.

They will be fine though kust like they have always been. People can't get enough of them.

Now I think it would be correct to say that Nintendo cannot rely on third parties to sell the system to well which has been proven time and time again.

They will need more first party titles as again Pikmin 3 really hasn't helped the system itself all too much. Sure the game itself is selling well but its mainly people who already have a Wii U that are buying it. Sure its sold a few console but it definitely isn't enough to get it out this rut.

I don't know why people even care about any of this. How many freaking times have people said a system is doomed and the complete opposite happens. I don't know how many times I have to use the 3DS and PS3 as an example, two top selling system now that all received worse treatment during their launches. The PS3 took good two years just to bounce back..

So just give it some time. This isn't Sega here with the Dreamcast making a system when they were already going bankrupt. Sony and Nintendo have plenty of money to spare to keep these systems alive, they always have before especially even Sony which I think should be noted. I mean if Sony can keep their systems going with all the financial trouble they have ran into, no one should be worried about Nintendo either.

They have far more money stored away from the 3DS alone. These companies aren't known for giving up on any system they have ever made. So I can't begin to understand why people think now they will.

admiralvic1697d ago

No one does it to predict the future... they just do it for views and use trivial facts to prove their points.

Reality: Wii U has a small install base, The Wonderful 101 didn't have a lot of marketing, Only 30,000 copies were said to ship in Japan = Low sales, but understandably low.

Hate posts: No one wants a Wii U, The Wonderful 101 didn't impress Japanese gamers, a pathetic 10,000 or so copies sold = Wii U is doomed.

Aeronishun1695d ago

I disagree with this article.

People seem to forget that a console's best year is rarely its first year. This has been true for everything except maybe the Wii, but it catered to the Blue Ocean and thus was an exception.

People also seem to ignore that they're conveniently chocking up the system as a failure in profitability, while ignoring the fact that the PS3 took till 2011 to become profitable itself.
If the PS3 can recover from a profits slump that massive, then Nintendo can easily pull forward, but it's not likely to happen this holiday season.
Because Nintendo has yet to release its most impressive titles, like X from Monolith Soft, or the new Zelda that's being designed specifically for Wii U.

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