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The Wii U Now has a Voice - But will it be Heard?

AKR|1724d ago |Blog Post|12|

- It was not too long ago when gamers, journalists, and even some developers were chanting the "Wii U is DOOMED!" slogan.

Every single day, there were multiple articles - all asking the same doom-&-gloom questions:

"Is Wii U Doomed?"
"Will the Wii U be the end for Nintendo?"
"Should Nintendo Just go Third-Party?"

Then we had articles like:

Developer: "We simply don't have any ideas for Wii U."
"We can't develop for the system - it's too weak."
"We're not bringing this game to the Wii U."
'This engine doesn't run on Wii U.'

...It's no secret that Nintendo's infant console has had a rough start. Ever from since 2013 swung around - it's been getting more and more heaps of bad news. Countless of people spitting on it's existence - and many others IGNORING it's existence.

Then - Nintendo brought out the "Wii U Direct" which ignited a flame of hope. And finally, at E3 2013 - Nintendo gave more information about it's up-coming plans for the system. As of recent times, they've been trying to ramp up their production for Wii U. Admitting their mistakes and pitching their ideas to fix them. They've also advertised the console's existence in a major way - from e-mailing Wii owners about the new system, to partnering up with Best Buy to allow shoppers to try out up-coming titles.

All of this - in an attempt to get the Wii U going; in a sense - to RE-launch the system.

Nintendo has announced many games coming for the system - all of them attention-grabbing. From August onward - the Wii U will have one (and in October's case - two) titles releasing up until the end of the year. All of these titles are different - but they all have the same mission:

To re-invigorate passion for the Wii U. To get software sales going and to attract newcomers.

But will it happen?

The Wii U is in a unique position, right now. On one side - it has the two veteran systems - PS3 & 360 - which are still racking up sales and have a vast and active release schedule for the next coming months. On the other side - the Wii U's main competitors - the PS4 & XBOX One - will be releasing at the end of the year, with a myriad of titles; some that will be coming to the U and many more that won't.

Being in this position - will the noise that Wii U makes at the end of the year be enough to get it rolling again, or will it be drowned-out by all the commotion from the other guys? Will this be the time when third-parties might start flocking to the system, if it hopefully starts flying off shelves?

There's a great amount of mystery, worry and lament surrounding the Wii U. This is an awkward situation - that can be fixed. But WILL it be fixed?

Your thoughts . . . .

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PopRocks3591724d ago

Honestly, my thoughts are that I have no idea. I have hope for the Wii U, but right now as far as it regaining some element of consumer relevance, I'm not entirely sure. Being the cheapest console will help win some families over, I'm sure. But as far as the masses? It's really difficult to see which way it will go. It can honestly be just as bad as it can be good.

Smash Bros., I think, can earn it a couple million units sold. People went nuts over Brawl. The indie games on it can also get some attention. It presently has more confirmed indie titles than the other two.

So we'll definitely see what happens.

Parapraxis1722d ago

Being $50 dollars cheaper than the PS4 may bury them.
I'm a WiiU owner, and I'd like to see more games coming to it.
A price cut, at this point, seems like the only rational thing for Nintendo.

s45gr321721d ago

Not just a price cut but it needs to release at the very least this year not 2014 smash brothers and Mario kart 8. That's the problem this holiday season the wii u has a Mario game, wii fit u and wii party u; however, next year on 2014 smash brothers, Mario kart 8, bayoneta 2, X2 (rpg game with mechs), etc. To make matters worse all those games are coming to the 3DS for $20.00 cheaper and look as good as the wii u versions. So Nintendo should copy Sony by letting gamers play their wii u games on the 3DS. I mean Nintendo should restart and relaunch a new console.

pixelsword1722d ago

The Wii has a chance, Nintendo just has to humble themselves because I don't see how that tech is making the price so close to the PS4 when the power of each console is not so close; I'm still trying to figure out how the Xbone is $100 more when it has a $30 camera attached to it.

AKR1721d ago

- The Wii U is expensive because it has the Gamepad. Miyamoto already said that if Sony and Microsoft had a similar device included with their consoles; the price would jump by at least $100.

- Same with Kinect ~ it's making the entire thing expensive.

- Nintendo is actually selling the Wii U at a lower price than what it takes to produce it.

pixelsword1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

I didn't know that, that makes sense because the tech is pretty nice.

That would make cutting the price hard, but what they could do is lower the price on games, perhaps; even if they're just 1st party games.

s45gr321721d ago

The gamepad is utterly useless ; thus far, zombie u is still the only game to use its capabilities. The rest of the wii u games work fine with the pro controller. It lacks a hard drive or at the very least a cloud storage. I don't know it would of been badass if the gamer were to play wii u games on the gamepad at the DMV office, local park, bus, etc. Unfortunately Nintendo could not bring this feature due to it would of cannibalize the market of the 3DS. So pretty much is $350.00 +tax for the useless gamepad yay.

Fullmetalevolust1721d ago

at this point only first party games and indie games can help it, as third parties already sell well on ps3/xbox.
People wanna play Nintendo franchises, Zelda, Mario, fun innovative party games,etc...
they'll do well to churn them out as quickly as they can without compromising quality.

s45gr321721d ago

Nintendo is taking forever to release their first party games. Yes there is a half ass 3D Mario game coming which is just Mario 3D land or super smash brothers u in 3D, wii fit u and wii party u are also coming this Christmas or around Christmas. Sadly the rest are coming next year or in 2015. Is just bad

s45gr321721d ago

This blog was terrible not that I hate Nintendo but was I the only one that saw that the major wii u titles are coming next year (smash brothers, bayoneta 2, X2, etcétera), that these games are going to be available sold separately for the 3DS at $20.00 less. That none of those games were using the gamepad in any meaningful way. Was not that the Nintendo Direct or did I watch something else entirely. Nintendo needs to relaunch a new console pronto. The wii u is done, weak system, keeps gamers waiting and waiting for Nintendo staples Zelda metroid star fox and such. No third party support a useless gamepad wannabe tablet at $50.00 less than the PS4. I mean is all bad news is just sad. Were are Nintendo next generation game experiences, games that push gaming forward nowhere to be found. Ubisoft at least show gamers the future of gaming via the crew, the division, watch dogs, etc. ........

hoopstar131720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

I think there is much untapped potential in the wii u. When the concept for the console first debuted I vividly remember a woman targeting a mii styled character hiding in a window in a sort of wild gunman/duck hunt kind of demo using the wii u tablet combined with a wiimote and nunchuk attached to make a "gun". I was hoping for a little more arcade styled novelty with the wii u tablet. Once I saw what they were doing I thought "Ok. They could produce games in the vain of Ghostbusters, Gears of War, GTA, Call of Duty and the like with this alternate control scheme and people will definitely be interested in trying it out as long as the games play well. They sort of touched on the concept with Zombi U but, I haven't seen that kind of implementation on a fully committed scale from any of the games I've played or seen since. I appreciate having the option to play the traditional way with the pro controller but, I think nintendo would do themselves a better service to thoughtfully pursue a little more commitment to tablet control integration options when deciding how some of the games should play.

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