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My Feelings on the XBOX One

AKR|1851d ago |Blog Post|6|

I watched the reveal last week and let me tell ya... it left me much less than impressed. More on the 'iffy' side. Here's why:

1.) The Console (Design and Specs)

- ...Why Microsoft? Why would you make your new gaming system look like a cable box of all things? Sure; it truly doesn't completely matter WHAT the console LOOKS like. What really matters is what's INSIDE the system. But even so - the XOne doesn't *look* like a gaming console. Yes, all game consoles look different - but they all share a distinct look. The XOne doesn't have that look. It's like Microsoft looked at a DVR/VCR/Cable box and said "Let's take that design and slapped the 'XBOX' logo on it. Yeah, that's genuis!"

..At least it's specs are better. With new x86-architecture (which brings it more in line with PC), 8GB of RAM and 3 operating systems - the new XBOX can is just a few notches weaker than the PS4 - just like how the 360 was a few notches weaker than the PS3.

Either way ~ I don't like how the system looks. The design turns me off and it looks like it'll take up a bit too much space. Forget trying to stand it up horizontally next to your T.V either.

2.) The Controller (Design and Functionality)

- "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." That seems to be the quote the XBOX Team was sticking to when they were designing the XBOX One's new controller. It's design is virtually the same as the 360 controller. There are some visible differences - but it seems to be the same old, same old. Not that it's actually a problem - seeing that the 360 controller is amazing. Seems like they've FINALLY fixed the D-pad (I still think the person who came up with the 360's D-pad should be behind bars for life). But what as added? IR Signals to be used with the new Kinect.... oh yeah... that thing...

3.) The New Kinect

- Erm...... I need an adult. In all honesty; This is what turned me off the most. In 2010 - I was seeking to buy my first ever game console. It was between the Wii and the 360 (the PS3 was too expensive at the time). I had seen the Kinect in commercials and I loved it. I had also tried out the Wii extensively, and was quite interested in it (not to mention their was a certain Sonic game that was released at the time that I NEEDED to play).

So, I went to Best Buy and saw a Kinect kiosk. Alright, showtime. Sluggish - frustrating - unresponsive - tiering. Those are the words I used to describe my Kinect experience. I hated it instantly. Didn't like long for me to switch gears to the Wii completely. The only Kinect games I can really say *worked* was Kinect Adventures and Dance Central 3 - both I played at a friend's house. Other than that; simply no.

Now, Microsoft has decided to re-launch the Kinect... or should I say Kinect ONE. They seemed to have improved it...hopefully. Unless all that Kinect action at the reveal was just simulated. But what really gets me is that it's no longer OPTIONAL but now MANDATORY. This is a problem. What if Kinect One is no better than Kinect 1? (yes you read that right) What if it still bites? Then what? That's what I'm concerned about. Until I try the Kinect One for myself; I will continue to hold that as a major downplay for the One.

4.) The Name

- When I heard the name announced; I had to take a double take. I thought I was hearing things. Then "XBOX One" appeared on the screen. I understand what they're saying - that it's an all-in-one system. But technically, the XBOX *1* already exists. It was your first system, Microsoft. If you wanted to emphasize the all-in-one functionality of the new system - you should have called it "XBOX AiO" or something like that. It would have made more sense.

5.) The Entire Conference

- Meh. In all honesty, it was...okay, but not encouraging at all. The 360 is a giant right now. I can't see how Microsoft could spring off such a successful system and come up with...this. The conference focused more on how Kinect makes watching TV more *interactive* and *cool*, instead of showing off what most (if not everyone) was interested in - GAMES. It's like they were trying to hype everyone up for "Kinect TV" instead of "The Ultimate 8th-Generation Home Console - XBOX One" It was a blunder, to be honest. Microsoft is really going to need to pull up their socks at E3, if they expect me (and it seems like several others) to buy their console this new generation.

It's a game console Microsoft - not a Smart TV. It's cool how Kinect enhances your TV experience - but I don't really watch TV, anyway. And aside from that; you seem to be putting more effort in the TV side of things, than the actual game. It's like you were pretty much saying "Here's the new XBOX. It makes your TV a hundred times better with the new Kinect! Oh... and it plays games too..."

No, just plain no. You're adding features that virtually nobody cares about and that's bound to up the price into the $500+ category. That new Kinect, plus those specs? Oh yeah... Woo-hoo.

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Qrphe1850d ago

It'll be marketed as an entertainment device so it's not only competing against the PS4 and Wii U but also against AppleTV and Roku 3 (for example). It'll try to make up for its price by adding value to the device so I do expect to be more costly than the PS4. While the Wii and Kinect 1 expanded into the casual gaming market, the X1 is expanding into pretty much anyone with a TV.

If everything you're looking for is a device to play games without hassles just get a PS4/Wii U. If you don't care for your privacy (most apparently don't if they have a FB or smartphone) and you're looking for entertainment well beyond gaming also then buy the X1.

DaThreats1850d ago

The next-gen controller?
Yeah... it still uses batteries. It's a failure.

colonel1791849d ago

Yeah, that was a disappointment. When they said they got rid of the battery "hump" I immediately thought it would have rechargeable battery like the DS4, but I was wrong.

bobtheimpaler1849d ago

For the X1 to succeed it will need the games. Considering the existence of smart TVs and PVRs. The fact that the console doesn't really replace anything as it doesn't record TV and it doesn't replace people's cable boxes. There's no real added convenience...No actual problem is solved. I really don't see the masses rushing out to buy one.

ABizzel11849d ago

I agree with everything except,

"..At least it's specs are better. With new x86-architecture (which brings it more in line with PC), 8GB of RAM and 3 operating systems - the new XBOX can is just a few notches weaker than the PS4 - just like how the 360 was a few notches weaker than the PS3."

After further details have come out, the PS4 is looking to be a good deal ahead of the Xbox One as far as gaming specs. go.

They have similar 8-core CPU's, but the Xbox One has to dedicate 2 cores to the media and Kinect. Sony hasn't spoken on more details, but this could be the case for them as well, but I see only 1 core being used for PS Eye.

The PS4 GPU is 50% more powerful than the Xbox One. Which was technically true last gen as well, and there was little difference outside of first party games. The difference here is that last gen they were only pushing 240 and 260 GFLOPS so a difference of 20 GFLOPS. This gen they're pushing 1.23 TFLOPS and 1.84 TFLOPS a difference of 0.61 TFLOPS or (610 GFLOPS). That's a pretty significant difference and as John Blow said more PS4 games will run in 1080p @ 60fps with better graphical fidelity, while the majority of X1 games are only 1080p 30 fps.

Finally MS confirmed 3GB of the RAM will be used for media, kinect, and the 3 OS running on X1 leaving 5GB of RAM for games. The PS4 is rumored to have 7GB for games 1GB for it's other features. The PS4 already has significantly faster RAM and now they have an extra 2GB of RAM over the X1 making it worse for MS.

Fortunately MS can change some of this. They can reduce the footprints on the RAM giving them more memory for games in the future. They also plan on moving physics, lighting calculation, and more processing features to the cloud granting less work for the console and giving them a bit of extra power in the process. The problem is Sony can also do all of this as well.

BillytheBarbarian1844d ago

My guess is the XboxOne looks like it does simply because they want it to have enough air and not overheat like with the 360. Hopefully they learned from the RROD. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony's PS4 ends up looking similar.