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Sonic Will be a Nintendo-Exclusive Thrice ~ So Why be Mad?

AKR|1835d ago |Blog Post|6|

. . . On April 17th 2013 - history was made. What would have been a laughable dream almost two decades ago; became a eye-opening reality. Nintendo and SEGA are partners, tied by a contract. A contract that shows that the next three Sonic games will be coming exclusively to Nintendo.

1.) Mario & Sonic at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games
2.) Sonic: Lost World
3.) ???

For many, despite being shocked out of their socks, this was some pretty good news. As for others - they hate it so much, they've decided to create and sign a petition against this:

That's what I'm here to talk about... Why get mad?

1.) SEGA Wasn't Really Doing the Wii Justice 'till the End:

Sonic Unleashed Wii was a half-baked masterpiece-of-wasted-time. The Sonic "Storybook Series" was facepalm-worthy at best. Outside of M&S and SEGA All-Stars (Tennis & Racing) games and Sonic 4: Episode I - Sonic Colors was the only quality Sonic title released on the Wii.

2.) The Wii Didn't Get Two Quality-Sonic Titles and Two Re-Releases:

Sonic Generations skipped the Wii due to it's "lack of HD graphics" (yet a mediocre 3DS version was made). Sonic 4: Episode II also skipped the platform, as well as the re-release of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic CD.

3.) SEGA Needs the Funds:

SEGA hasn't been doing good financially until recent times. Remember, they nearly sent themselves to the depths of bankruptcy at the beginning of the century when they released the DreamCast. Sonic has been selling best on Nintendo systems ever from since he first started appearing on his ex-rival's systems. SEGA could make even more mullah from this contract.

4.) The Wii U Needs the Exclusives:

So far, the Wii U DID have two third-party exclusives in the form of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge and Rayman Legends. After release on Wii U, NG3 was also released on the 360 and PS3. Two weeks before release, Rayman Legends was delayed for months due to being stripped of it's Wii U exclusivity - thus resulting in release on the 360 & PS3. Many have been saying that Nintendo needs to start securing exclusives, right? Now they have.

To Conclude:

I get why many are upset over this, especially the Sonic fans. Unless you have a 3DS or Wii U - you won't be able to play the next 3 Sonic games. Bummer, it is. But is it the end of the world, no? The contract is only for these three games. It's not like Nintendo announced that they've bought SEGA and now every future Sonic game will be exclusive to Nintendo platforms. This is a limited deal, so chill out. Who's to say they don't even have something in development for Sony and Microsoft's consoles to? Just calm down and be patient. Sonic will continue to live under SEGA. The deal is not forever.

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PopRocks3591835d ago

I can't understand why even Sonic fans are mad about this. Since when are they bias toward Sony/Microsoft? Last time I checked, people liked the exclusive Gamecube games as well as the Wii/DS exclusive Sonic Colors games.

HonestDragon1834d ago

Totally agree. I really liked Sonic Colors. Plus, it's no mystery that the Wii U could use the exclusives. I think what would be cool is if Nintendo and Sega finally did a full fledged adventure game with Mario and Sonic. That would be awesome.

rainslacker1834d ago

It's really no different than the whole Bayonetta thing. There will be people that feel slighted, and do their best to make others feel the same. In the end it won't amount to much. Sonic is not lost forever to Nintendo's hardware as it will eventually come to other consoles as well.

For Nintendo this is actually a good business move. I'm a huge Rayman fan, and the fact legends was coming for it made me finally decide to get a Wii U. I won't be getting it on Wii U now because it's going multi-plat, but that's a different thing. People that are just as much a fan of Sonic may do the same for these games.

Technical World1834d ago

I feel like Sonic is more successful on Nintendo systems anyway. I mean at the start of the last generation which game was better, Sonic 2006 or Sonic and the Secret Rings? Which version of Sonic Generations got better reviews? Which series was better, Sonic Rush or Sonic Rivals? I mean I could keep going. Sonic has better ties to Nintendo and the Nintendo fanbase so it makes sense to release these games for the Wii U and 3DS. People who play games like Mario and Donkey Kong are probably more inclined to buy Sonic than somebody who's off playing even something like Ratchet and Clank anyway.

juhis8151833d ago

I myself have Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, and while this isn't exactly good for those who don't want to invest on Wii U, but I sometimes don't get it why fans get mad at certain things. I don't consider myself an hard-core Sonic fan on this respect, but maybe casual Sonic fan under this sense.