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Nintendo May Have Lost EA - But Now it Has SEGA

AKR|1832d ago |Blog Post|10|

About 2 decades ago - this would have been taboo. It was already a shocker to see a Sonic game on a Nintendo console, when "Sonic Adventure 2: Battle" released on the Nintendo GameCube, but what was even more of a shocker was when Sonic & Mario actually appeared in the same game, with the release of "Sonic & Mario: At the Olympic Games" on the Wii.

Recently, SEGA announced that it has 7 releases planned for the Wii U. Two of those seven releases have just been unveiled:

- New Mario & Sonic: Even though it's just another mini-game compilation, the Sonic & Mario series has picked up quite a lot of steam over the years. It's now immensely popular, and a new iteration is set to release later this year. With the power of the Wii U - the new game will now be boasting some (decent looking, if I may add) - HD graphics and full motion controls with the use of the Wii MotionPlus.

- Sonic Lost World: Rumors have been swirling from since the beginning of the year about what the next mainstream Sonic title would be. After missing releases of both "Sonic Generations" and "Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II" - it seemed like SEGA was pretty much ignoring the Wii when it came to Sonic games, outside of the M&S series. Now we know why. SEGA and Nintendo have partnered up for a new major Sonic title named "Sonic: Lost World" - which will be coming exclusively to the Wii U and 3DS later this year.

To Conclude:

EA may be giving the Wii U and Nintendo a very striking cold shoulder right now, but it seems like SEGA is the one who has the true "unprecedented partnership" with Nintendo. Like I said before, two decades ago - this would be unrealistic. Nintendo and SEGA were dukeing it out to see which was the best. Now, they're BFFs. Who knew? SEGA may not be as big of a publisher as EA, but one can't deny that they do house some pretty popular franchises, nonetheless. With that being the case, coupled with another major studio - Ubisoft - the Wii U might end up getting some decent third-party support after all.

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PopRocks3591832d ago

I think the loss of EA will hurt at least a little bit, so simply denouncing it is a little silly in my opinion. But having Sega exclusively could help soften that blow. There are lots of Sega fans out there and the Sonic series in particular falls right into Nintendo's nostalgic, family friendly alley.

JohnDread1832d ago

From a business/financial point of view, Sega is crap compared to EA. Sega (or should I just say Sonic?) still has a fanbase that now goes to Nintendo, but I really don't see that helping in the situation Nintendo is now in. Getting bashed from all sides, massively losing support from western developers...
I consider myself a Nintendo fan. I owned every console/handheld from the Gameboy onwards. I never imagined Nintendo could get in so much trouble in such short time. Luckily for Nintendo, 3DS keeps them afloat. It honestly saddens me that it had to come this far and the last thing I want to see is Nintendo following Sega. This partnership has a symbolic meaning to me...a negative one.
I still hope Nintendo can make it out of there. They managed to do well without major help from 3rd parties on the Wii. I hope the heroes of my childhood stay heroes, but the signs are just utterly bad.

AKR1832d ago

Do you really think it is NINTENDO following Sega, or the other way around?

Think of it - Last-gen (7th~gen) - the Wii and DS got a bunch of exclusive Sonic titles, and it didn't seem like it was Nintendo who was the one asking for them. Seems to me like it's Sega who wanted this partnership and Nintendo was smart enough to follow through with it.

dedicatedtogamers1832d ago

I know everyone is jumping on the "lol Wii-U is doomed because no EA" bandwagon, but I'm curious: when has EA ever contributed anything meaningful to a Nintendo platform?

They begrudgingly ported their games to the NES because the board of directors forced Trip Hawkins.

They shunned the SNES and put their sports and action games on the Genesis.

Once again they shunned the N64 and Gamecube.

EA didn't outright shun the Wii, but I dare anyone to claim that EA was putting their best teams on Wii development.

And Nintendo's handhelds? EA has never really cared about them.

What everyone seems to forget is that EA has always ignored Nintendo, and even when EA did show up (the Wii) it neither sold the hardware, nor did we get top-quality games from EA.

I'll take SEGA any day of the week, especially if Nintendo starts snatching up other SEGA ips like Phantasy Star (the original RPG series, not the MMO), Shining Force, etc.

PopRocks3591832d ago

"when has EA ever contributed anything meaningful to a Nintendo platform?"

Funny thing, I brought this question up to a friend of mine on this topic and he came up with a damn good retort. Boom Blox on Wii, and its sequel were apparently both very successful games, both published by EA.

Not that any of EA's megafranchises were on Wii of course. A lot of EA is doing now is obviously pretty different from Boom Blox. And I'm with you; Sega > EA. Big time.

dedicatedtogamers1832d ago

Hey, ya got me there. Boom Blox was successful, now that you mention it. Then again, it was hardly the sort of "gamer games" that EA puts on the HD Twins, and that's all I was trying to point out.

BeZdaBest1832d ago

they forgot yakuza is coming to wiiu in japan

RTheRebel1832d ago

Nintendo will buy Sega Soon......

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