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Will the PS3 and 360 Trip Their Successors?

AKR|1676d ago |Blog Post|5|

Some of you may have just looked at that question and started laughing. You may be thinking "What is this idiot talking about? When PS4 and 720 come out, people will be running for the shelves!"

Well, that could be true, but when it comes down to the launches of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720 - I can't help but think that the strong presence that their predecessors now have will most likely stagger launch sales for each of the two new systems.

Just think about it. The Xbox 360 and the PS3 are selling like hotcakes right now. Quality releases seem to be torrenting out on the two systems almost every other week. Tens-of-thousands of people are purchasing these systems day after day. All of that is excellent, especially considering how the PS3 was declared doomed not to long after it launched, and how early Xbox 360's were impaled with the terrible RROD defect. Despite being nearly a decade old, these systems are prized possessions amongst millions of gamers and have thriving online communities. They have an incredibly diverse software library, and even now - with their successors looming over the horizon - they don't seem to be dwindling in activity.

This, is a problem. How?

Well - when the Xbox 720 and PS4 come out; what will the millions of people who just bought PS3s and 360s either this year or within the last 2 years do? They just spent hundreds of dollars buying these systems, and buying accessories for these systems as well as games. How many do you think will turn around and fork out even more cash (which is looking to be at least $400+) in order to obtain these new systems, even though their current systems are still new to them and have a constant stream of games as well as thriving online communities? Unlike in the 6th-gen to 7th-gen transition, BOTH Sony & Microsoft have active veteran systems. Before, it was only the PS2 which was still active. The original Xbox's activity had already subsided, so moving to a 360 wasn't a hard task. Speaking of the 6th-gen to 7th-gen transition, the activity of the PS2 is what also kept a cap on the PS3's sales for a bit.

Could that same fate happen to the Xbox 720 and PS4? Will new owners of the veteran 360 and PS3 be able to afford to purchase these new systems, or will they rather hold off until the activity has dwindled?

Just a little thought to ponder on. Let the world know how you feel about the matter, by commenting below . . .

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SilentNegotiator1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

People just "sticking" with their current systems will always happen, at least for a duration. But I don't think that will really "trip up" next gen systems. Support will dwindle, and gamers will decide that it's time to upgrade. I don't see it being substantially worse this upcoming gen than others.

PopRocks3591676d ago

That's something for a wait and see approach. Analysts seem to believe the general adoption rate of these new consoles will be slower than previous generations. It's unlikely, but there's no real way to know for sure until those consoles are released.

MrBeatdown1675d ago

I think new consoles will do just fine. The 360 is eight years old. The PS3 is seven. Lots of people bought their consoles six, seven, or eight years ago. I was one of those people, and I feel like I've seen everything there is to see, so I'm more than ready to take a step up.

People who bought consoles in the past three or four years probably won't be interested for a few more, but I think a lot of those who bought their consoles early on have had their fill of the current generation, and will be more than enough to get new systems off to a good start.

zerocrossing1675d ago

It's bound to effect sales negatively to some extent but I doubt it will be substantial.

Many gamers are ready to upgrade, those who aren't and have just purchased a new PS3/360 will follow suit in due time, the big question is pricing, that is what will effect sales more than anything else.

maniacmayhem1675d ago

I for one won't be picking up the new consoles at launch especially since most of the games coming will also be available for 360/PS3.

I will at least wait till next holiday season to pick one up.

Unless of course there is a game that comes out that I just have to play.