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Charles Hamilton the Hip Hop Gamer

If you don't know the clown wearing the pink headphones, I'm not surprised. His name is Charles Hamilton aka Sonic the Hedgehog and he's a rapper signed to Interscope records. Alter ego's could be a good thing. They could help the people get a better understanding of an artist. That's cool and all, but I have a question for Mr. Charles Hamilton.

When was the last time you played a video game?

Out of all of the names you could have stolen for your alter ego, you chose to go with the mascot who hasn't been in a good game since at least 2001. Other rappers couldn't use that against you. Not at all. You probably would have been considered a strange nerd back in the 90's, but almost 20 years later you seem out of touch. Maybe you should take off your pink headphones and do your research. You would have more street cred if the name of your alter ego was Princess Peach. Oh yea that's right, the rap game is too insecure about it's sexuality.

Come to think of it Charles Hamilton and Sonic are somewhat alike. They were both homeless at some point in their lives, they both show they have the strength to survive, and they are also familiar with failure. That's pretty much where it ends between the two. Sonic knows what mainstream success feels like, he represents a character that is sure of himself, and he's definitely not an arrogant prick like this hip hop gamer.

Have you ever thought about copyright infringement Charles Hamilton? It's bad enough you attempt to take credit for making other people's beats. Let's not forget the fines you could get for the samples you use that will never be cleared. Has Sega told you how they feel about your alter ego? It's pretty clear why they wouldn't do anything now, but let your luck change and I bet you'll find out. Hopefully they don't laugh their way into your pockets.

I say that to say this. Charles Hamilton step your game up. Do you want the joke to be over so soon?

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xino3225d ago

GTFO and take your hate with you!?

Who da fark is Charles Hamilton? and why the hell do you want us to know about him!? Yet you want us to know about him by hating him.

Seriously who is this guy!? at first I thought you were talking about one of the members of HHGS:/

I mean who cares if he wears a pink headphones. People's mind are demented and farked up.
I see kids wearing all these jackets and puffy coats (for winter), they wear them while it's hot and sun is shinning bright.
Idiots who thinks they are cool by dropping down their trousers.

And what the hell do you mean about "nd he's definitely not an arrogant prick like this hip hop gamer."

So now, gamers are now divided into categories? You have the geek gamers, casual gamers, hardcore gamers and now you have hip hop gamers??? what next? Rap Gamers?

I still don't understand this blog post, it's like you wrote it as a message for this Charles guy.

3224d ago
windphantom0003224d ago

i dont why u hating on him right now he is one of my fav new rappers lol ur hate has no basis

n4g-gamer3224d ago

Wait I though rap died a few years ago. People still make garbage music. :/

midlouisiana3224d ago

only garbage music is rock and lay lol rock and lay dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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