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The Motion in the Ocean

Microsoft's inFamous strategy of going first proved to be pretty effective at this years E3. Their vision of the future involves no controller which kind of trumps the PlayStation's Motion Controller.

Sony's Motion Controller doesn't have a catchy name. For the sake of this article, lets call it the vibrator. The vibrator is cool though because it has the ability to change into various things during a game such as a baseball bat, crossbow, and a golf club to name a few.

Sony took a different route in declaring it's jump into the motion control phenomena. They tried to show the connection the vibrator has with the gaming community as a whole. Instead of showing a video of a family playing with the vibrator, they had a guy who represents the 18-35 demographic play with it live on stage. They didn't bring out a big name to tell you not be afraid of it. They told you right off the bat that yes the vibrator is for the casual audience, but the possibilities are endless.

Sure you can build blocks, paint, and play dominoes, but Sony is hoping to enhance other aspects of gaming with the vibrator (it really needs a catchy name.) They insist that a controller is necessary for motion sensing because some genres require buttons such as a first person shooter. It would be kind of weird to use your arm to aim and not be able to press something to pull the trigger is what Sony's thinking. They're also hoping the vibrator can also enhance other genres such as sports games and real time strategies to name a few. I guess we'll have to wait until the next decade to find out just how important motion is as the PlayStation Motion Controller is slated for a Spring 2010 release.

... and where is the price cut Sony???

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Shnazzyone3302d ago

because if it is it's not spectacularly effective. In fact it seems vaguely passive aggressive. You can't just walk the line between humor and article... too subtle. You end up confusing the reader.

I get the vibrator joke and everything it's very humorous. My problem is you don't seem to have a real point past making the vibrator joke. That no price cut thing just seems phoned in. I mean i'm not a fan of sony by any stretch of the imagination (check my history). But if your going to post a blog to attack them... be more creative and don't just stop with one joke... I mean you could have made a joke about how the vibrator might interact with a hannah montana psp or perhaps how MS seems unimpressed by the vibrator because they feel they can do everything they need to do with their fingers and arms.

Pictures might have been nice... crap i lost my point... Okay but probably not approve worthy. I can't approve this because i feel it's just a publically posted thing that is better off in the open zone or on the forums. Sorry man :/

a_squirrel3275d ago

hooray, you said something intellegent! Keep it up!