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The Mainstream Revolution... Project Natal

Errol James | 2416d ago
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"The only experience you need is life experience."

Judging by the rumored late 2010 release of Project Natal, it's not looking like much life experience is left for the Xbox 360. Before you know it, GameStop will no longer accept Xbox 360 games for trade in, and the 360 itself will be disowned by Microsoft. Hopefully Project Natal goes with it.

The Nintendo Wii brought this mainstream revolution with it which is exactly why it's winning the console war right now. They made the controller look like an everyday remote control, added a motion sensor to it, and made games so simple anybody could play. Microsoft ups the ante by removing the controller and replacing it with a camera that tracks your movement. They even brought out Steven Speilberg (I thought he was all about the Wii) to back this up.

The thing that's funny to me is that games have always been known as a lazy persons sport. Not saying that the people who play games are lazy, but sitting on the couch and staring at a screen doesn't climb high on my list of physical activities. Project Natal looks like a pretty physical EyeToy. The girl that was showing how it works at Microsofts E3 press conference seemed a little tired after she finished that game which title escapes me at the moment.

Ever been told that you need more friends? Project Natal's got you covered. Meet Milo, your new best friend. It's great because now your imaginary friend can be seen by the rest of the world. No more setting up tables and saving seats for your friend. Guess you don't have to leave the house now since your friend is inside your Xbox...

a_squirrel  +   2407d ago
natal doesn't look too good...

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