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Now Launching The Nintendo Gamecube

Seriously, what the hell is this?

Nintendo must have asked themselves that question when they realized the Gamecube was behind both the Xbox and the PlayStation 2 for the crown of a generation.
The Gamecube is an interesting system. I remember a bunch of my friends looked away because they thought the Gamecube was for kids. You really can't blame them for looking away. A majority of gamers have been saving Princess Peach since they were kids. Gotta grow sometime right?

Just look at the launch titles for each system.

PS2 had 29 launch titles in the United States. 11 games were rated E for Everyone, 16 games were rated T for Teen, and 2 games were rated M for Mature.

Xbox had 18 launch titles in the United States. 9 games rated E for Everyone, 8 Games Rated T for Teen, and 1 game with a Halo around it was rated M for Mature.

Gamecube had 12 launch titles in the United States. 7 games were rated E for Everyone and 5 games were rated T for Teen. Not a single launch title was rated M for Mature.

The PlayStation 2 had the benefit of a year to release more games. The Xbox started off with a Halo. The Gamecube began it's life with Luigi cleaning a dirty house. Fun

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Steyene3299d ago

I think it was aiming more for the old school/casual gamer market then the Xbox and PS2. Interesting blog post, tad small though, and bit out of date.

SinnedNogara3299d ago

Uhhh....why are you talking about the GameCube??

Anyway, I liked that system.

Shnazzyone3296d ago

the point of this blog is.... where's your opinion? Camecube was pretty dammned good uh but still... i don't get this blog at all.

Errol James3277d ago

I was pretty much bored as hell because I had nothing to play and I started writing. Never thought it would get approved, but since it did I'm mad I didn't get to respond to the comments earlier... Thanks for your input and from now on I'll post things that have a point.