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Console Colours

(Excuse the aforementioned "typo" in the word colour, this is how we Canadians - and Brits - write color)

When's the last time you saw a coloured console before? And I don't mean white or black, those aren't colours of the rainbow. I mean back in the last-gen days and before when you had access to a purple GameCube (forget the black) or a red Virtual Boy. Um...

All we had to choose from this gen was between a white or black Xbox 360 and Wii, and a black PS3. Sure, you had those limited edition Halo Green and Simpsons Yellow Xbox 360s, but you can't buy those in any store. And forget 360 faceplates or spray painting over the console, that's just ridiculous.

Couldn't you imagine going to Wal-Mart (or GameStop) and spotting one of those Pretty Precious Pink Xbox 360 consoles laying on the shelf just waiting to be bought by a customer lucky enough to actually like the colour pink? Maybe not, but a mix of colours would actually look good on a Wii or a PS3, and probably attract mom's or pop's attention to buying one.

We're far enough in this gen for sure, but it wouldn't hurt to release rainbow consoles on discount for the remaining consoles in production right now.

I get it, it's too late and the idea itself of having colourful consoles is both stupid and impossible at this point, but isn't life already boring as it is? Do you always wear a white shirt and black pants when you don't go to work? If you do, I would recommend a bargain store to buy a few pair of pants and some shirts, but that's not the point.

All we need in life is a little colour and happiness here and there, and when a gaming console reminds you of happiness, it makes you HAPPY. I don't want a black PS3 to remind me of the BP oil spill, I want something to remind me of flowers... and rainbows... and puffy clouds... and sunshine.........

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Nate-Dog2752d ago

Hehe, nice blog, and I agree, the bland colours of the PS3 and Xbox are a bit dull to look at. Sure the PS3 is nice and shiny (for a while...) but colourful would look better. I've always infact liked the more bright colour of the X360 and the little sections of green on it myself as opposed to the bulky and dark PS3 look.

You can always buy sticker covers for your PS3 and controllers if you need to (got myself a red-lightning look just to change things up) and I think you can get different X360 covers, right?