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Next Generation Gaming.. Seriously ? I'm still playing catch up .

So the next Gen race has started... well in a sense.

Sony kicked it off with a display of eye candy in the form of "next gen" games which in my opinion looked like High quality FMV sequences. But where the hell was the actual hardware..?

All that money spent on a glitzy piss up which in fairness didn’t really give all that much away other than the fact were getting a new Dual Shock with a touch screen which most of us that are ham fisted will end up touching a lot and end up doing something ridiculous whilst in game .

As well a newish controller there is Gaikai integration which means streaming games and demos which in fairness will rely on you having some super duper optical broadband that costs a fortune to be of any benefit and to be fair we just manage to get decent broadband in the UK on a good day seeing as our Government is intent on saving as much money as possible and leaving many of us with phone lines that were still around when the Dinosaurs were roaming ..

So all in all apart form the eye candy on show minus the hardware Sony didn’t really make a big a splash as many thought I think and not to mention judging by the price point that Sony had for the PS3 you had best get right now.

Now Microsoft have yet to show anything and will be frantically putting the final touches to the big piss up, sorry announcement in April so as to steal Sony’s thunder but what the hell name will give this new console as Durango doesn’t sound very next gen does it ...

For me Im hoping Microsoft are getting rid of the god damn dashboard and replacing it with something a little more user friendly and so you are able to find stuff as well as getting rid of those adverts which when you mistakenly click onto and have a volume that is intent on bursting your eardrums and TVs’ speakers and inadvertently waking the entire household.

There will be some eye candy and Kinect bollox and some overpaid exec spouting crap no doubt but seriously Microsoft show us the hardware so we can get accustomed to the look of the box of tricks that will be sat in our front rooms for the foreseeable future...

I’m quite content with this Generation of Gaming seeing as I can just about manage to afford a game every other month. But on the grand scale of things it may well be a good time to start saving seeing as the price points for the new consoles will be ridiculously priced as they always are in the beginning although they are saying games will cost the same as this gen but I’m not holding my breath for now seeing as I’m still playing catch up...

The whole article may be a little negative but it was wrote as a way of conveying feelings to the whole way the next gen is going seeing as we are being charged for ridiculous DLC and the price of gaming in general and in fairness there is not a great deal of new ideas in regards to gaming nowadays and many of us are struggling to keep up seeing as its quite expensive now seeing how the economy especially here in the UK is nigh on fucked at the moment and wallets are getting squeezed..even more so if you have a family to look after and constantly working to just get by which for many of us now getting on leaves Gaming on the back-burner even if it is a loved hobby.....

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OcelotRigz1913d ago

I wouldn't agree with your overall negativity but i do agree with certain points you made.
The presentation maybe didnt live up to the hype but what really does these days, things get hyped out to the last so its always hard to live up to it.
They told us what their aim was with the console, they showed us its features, specs, some gameplay footage and release time. They didn't show the actual console but i couldn't give a crap what it looks like, why would i, its not a fashion item. Also they didn't give a price which i didn't expect anyway. I agree regarding Gaikai, it sounds great but like you in the UK, here in Ireland the internet speeds still feel behind everyone else.
All in all i was pleased with it and though it was enough to leave us wanting to see more at E3.

As for Microsoft, well there's nothing but rumors so i cant give an opinion about their next console, but i would say i hope they dont go too casual and put too much focus on kinect, again. There needs to be competition on the gaming front.
Games is wheres it at, its all i care about and its why i buy a "gaming" play games on!! Not share crap on facebook or jump around like a retard in my living room.

I kinda agree with you regarding playing catch up, i have loads of PS3 games ive yet to play and about 50 games on steam in my backlog, with that said im still excited about next gen consoles but its just matter of 'when the hell will i get to play all these games'.

As for the price of games, i completely agree, console games are ridiculously priced. I saved up and built my own PC before Christmas and after a Steam sale ive now 70 games in my library because the prices were so low. Also ive come across these sites who sell game keys you can use on steam, all legit, and the prices are ridiculously low.
It will cost you to build a good PC, cost me €550, but its worth it in the long run regarding the cost of games and you decide whenever you want to upgrade.
But then again you made a good point here:
" fairness there is not a great deal of new ideas in regards to gaming nowadays and many of us are struggling to keep up seeing as its quite expensive now seeing how the economy especially here in the UK is nigh on fucked at the moment and wallets are getting squeezed..."
True in regards to the lack of new ideas and our shitty economy that thinks of new ways to legally rob you everyday.

Anyway, your post was really a random rant about a few aspects of the next-gen, but at least you're honest and say exactly how you feel. Its refreshing.

Cam9771912d ago

My backlog is huge so I'm fine with this generation right now.

juandren1912d ago

So how has your day been Dugstar? You seem angry. Want to talk about it?

wishingW3L1912d ago

be more selective with your games and problem solved.