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Battlefield 3 - Its not that bad really...

So Battlefield 3 has been sat in many a Gamers Xbox 360 / PS3 disc tray for the past week or so ..if your anything like me of course.

Anyway after a fairly chaotic start online for Battlefield 3 in regards to the quick match not working and rubber banding and not to mention horrendous lag and having to find games with what I thought was going to be a great addition the Server Browser and not being able to Squad up .Its not been a greatest of starts for DICEs baby has it …

Now I must commend DICE for actually listening to the faults and issues about the game as over the past week things have really picked up and games are a hell of lot smoother and actually enjoyable to play the past few nights and actually getting the “just one more go“ feeling with the game which is in my opinion a sign of well designed game.

Now I played the Engineer class in BFBC2 and must admit the Engineer class has well and truly been given a new lease of life in Battlefield 3 (as have all the classes) but of course I love the Engineer class seeing as it’s the class that gets some of the best toys such as the Stinger and Javelin and a good selection of Carbines and anyone who bums the class will tell you there is nothing better than locking onto a Jet and letting loose some rocket death and seeing the “Vehicle Disabled” appear on the screen a few seconds later. Along with taking out that pesky tank camping the flag on Conquest or taking out a squad huddled behind that window with your trusty SMAW or RPG. Although I do occasionally play Recon its very rare but must AGAIN commend DICE for making sniping fun without the need of having to Quick scope which in fairness is quite hard due to the mechanics of bullet drop in this Battlefield outing.

So after a week or so of playing TDM and Conquest and SQDM its turning in to a good purchase for me and countless others I think as DICE have gotten on top of the problems and smoothing them out in a timely fashion. I’m enjoying the steady unlocks and camaraderie of teamwork and the like as well as the maps which I might add are ridiculously huge although 64 players would have been amazing on console, maybe it’s something for the next generation of consoles …

Now In fairness if there is anything too moan about with in the game then there’s a few little things I wish were added in development like the option to quit out of a match after its ended and not having quits added to your Battlelog stats as well as having a option to show what upcoming unlocks there is as having to keep checking Battlelog is a chore sometimes . But as I said its little things ..

So all in all DICE have done well although maybe not well enough to outsell or take Call Of Dutys crown but its damn fine effort by DICE all the same in my opinion…

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RememberReach2475d ago

Recon class is absolutely useless in my opinion. I've barely even used it. You can't do anything to help your team whatsoever. The other three all have their merits. Unless you've got the SOFLAM and a squadmate has a Javelin, there's very little you do to help your team while you're sitting back and spotting or sniping. If you're defending an MCOM, that's fine. But in conquest or the attacking side of Rush, it's damned near useless.

BiggCMan2475d ago

That's not true. I constantly use the spawn beacon to help my teammates get closer to the objectives. Just place it in a strategic area where it's hard to get damaged by stuff, and it can benefit everyone greatly. You can even switch your class while it's still on the field.

RememberReach2474d ago

I completely forgot about the spawn beacon. It just seems like I never have the teammates that take advantage of it. I use it personally to get behind enemy lines, but once it's there, I switch classes to something that I can be more productive with.

Hufandpuf2475d ago

the only thing recon is good for is the spawn beacon. the assault and engineer are the best classes.

Cenobia2475d ago

Support is useful too. I usually choose support. With the C4 you are able to take vehicles down, making it way more useful than assault when a tank drives by.

I forget which map it is, but the raining map where B objective is in the middle of a street, the support people basically hold that point. I get a 200 round clip gun up on a bipod there and unleash a crap ton of covering fire. The people that pop up just see a bit of muzzle flash before their brains pop out the back of their heads.

Spitfire_Riggz2473d ago


MidnytRain2475d ago

That's not true, BiggCMan gave a good example. You did, too; spotting can be very helpful. Also, the main the problem tends to be people not knowing how to use the class properly, and not the class itself.

yourgodisdead2474d ago

Support is one of the best classes, Any LMG with the bipod and you can easily hold a position by yourself.

RememberReach2474d ago

You're right, I did phrase it wrong. The class is difficult to use properly, which leads to idiot teammates not helping the team out with it.

It just seems like a very..."passive" class. For example, Recons in BC2 had the option of equipping C4, which allowed them to take out tanks and the like. BF3's recon class doesn't really have a piece of equipment like that. They can only spot stuff for other people to destroy.

That's not necessarily a BAD thing, but it does sort of make it a less rewarding class to use. Like someone else said, with support you can lay down 200 bullets in the direction of an enemy to suppress them and keep their heads down while your teammates push up. You can also run up and C4 a tank. With Recon, you're stuck in the back. At least in my experience.

Elite-uk2474d ago

i beg to differ,both the spawn beacon & MAV are very useful items.... when used correctly, more so in rush though.

mrsatan2473d ago

Doesn't stop half of your team using recon because they want to camp and be bush wookies. I am personally glad they made the recon class less powerful. Having a sniper and the ability to take out tanks was a bit over powered.

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Montrealien2475d ago

So Bf3 is a good game? Glad I read this blog to figure that out.

I forgot thought, we live in an age where everything must be amazing and better then other stuff, or else it sucks, and you are an idiot for liking it. yay internet.

gamingdroid2475d ago

No, but I think if someone perceives something else to be better it is natural for them to gravitate to that product.

Why play a game you don't like as much as another one?

RememberReach2475d ago

Perhaps you're looking to branch out or get a change of scenery? For example, I never liked COD4 as much as I LOVED Halo 3, but I still played it often. I still liked the game, actually (I believe COD's headed downhill since then, sadly).

gamingdroid2475d ago

I agree, but that is orthogonal to what I'm saying.

A better game based on your personal opinion, is independent on if it is a different game franchise or not.

Personally, I very much enjoyed CoD4 and MW2, so I'm looking forward to MW3. Wasn't a big fan though of Treyarch's rendition of CoD. I gave BF3 a shot too, despite the Online Pass. However, it wasn't for me so I sold it....

Hicken2474d ago

I have to say that my biggest gripe with BF3 thus far is that there are so many people who don't work as a team. They don't communicate with anyone, don't spot enemies, don't drop ammo or health, and so on.

Server problems are more acceptable, as are the bugs and glitches that appear every now and then: I know that DICE will take care of those.

To me, the game is well worth the money.

Nes_Daze2474d ago

Team Deathmatch in BF3 is a mess. Enemies will spawn a few feet away from you, and you HAVE to be watching your back every second. K/D ratios suffer heavily, thankfully sometimes I still manage to balance it out but I die so many times due to an unfair spawn advantage by the other team, same goes for the former side. Every other multiplayer mode is golden, but I have to say that the maps are just not my style. Sometimes you have to sneak INTO the action, which is ridiculous.

Still, I enjoy the freedom online, the classes, and the vehicles. Probably won't sell more than MW3, but MW3 is definitely not the best FPS out there.

Jdub895O2473d ago

so true lol. My copy made its bed already in the ps3 since launch.

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