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The Battlefield 3 Beta - Thoughts & Hopes...

So the mighty Battlefield BETA or demo whichever way you look at it has landed much to the delight of console owners everywhere as well as the PC.

Personally I play both games and both have there own strengths and weaknesses and are played in my opinion by different breeds of gamers,were as COD is a twitch shooter catered to the lovers of run and gunning it were as Battlefield is for the more team based slow tactical style of play. Unless you have been living under a earth sized rock for the past few months Battlefield 3 is touted as sticking it to Call Of Duty this year.

First off I tried the PS3 version first and in all truthfulness I cannot for the love of god get used to the PS3 pad when it comes to shooters..

I think it stems from the fact my hands are now genetically molded to the shape of an xbox 360 pad now. The game itself plays fine just not for a gimpy handed twatbag like myself but after trying it on the 360 all is well and I now feel “at home” with BF3 on the Xbox 360 now ..

Thank you Call of Duty for gimping my claw like gamer hands….

Now on to the BETA/DEMO itself. Each console version plays as well as each other but are plagued by the usual beta style things like glitch’s and dodgy looking scenery and general all round unfinished look .

I suffered a lot of weird bugs like weird colored flashes on my screen as well as loss of sound which I might add happens nigh on every game and some seriously freaky “silent Hill” abomination thingamajig style crawling animations and worst of all - weird low resolution textures making my HD TV want to cry..

In fairness I think a lot of us were expecting some super duper High resolution gaming godliness that was going to kill off Call Of Duty and usher in Battlefield as something that made you one of the super uber “cool kids” but we got something a little erm .. Disappointing.

To bring out a BETA/DEMO this close to release date and touting it as going head to head with the behemoth that is Call Of Duty, Most people will agree it looks fairly poor and doesn’t really play that well with the boatload of glitches with some serious balance issues especially with the UMP

It seems a very bad decision on EA/DICEs part and will no doubt make some people cancel their pre order and the COD only fan boys something to flame bait the BF3 bunch with even if they did release a statement regarding what were playing...

” A lot of what you are seeing in the BETA doesn't exist in the main game already. 1st Party submissions mean we couldn't give a version of the latest code in the BETA but the retail game is well ahead of what you are seeing now with a lot more bug fixes already in place “

In fairness I’m beginning to see through the glitches as well as the graphics quality and trying to enjoy it and hope to god they are not bullshitting in regards to the quality of the game and hope the bug fixes are fixed come release day…

What worries me is the likes of Uncharted and Gears Of War 3 had betas and looked fairly good and released looking more or less the same but the Dev teams had the added benefit of having a fair few months to polish said Games.

Hopefully all will be well come the 28th of October…

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BiggCMan2397d ago

I had a hard time reading this because of the many grammar issues, but besides that, this just seems to be another person crying out like a child. This is in fact a BETA that is a very old build. Destruction has been taken out of this beta, the graphics look a LOT better on the PC version, and will look 10 times better on all versions come release date. People need to stop their bitching, stop comparing this to Call of Duty AND Bad Company, because this is neither of those. This is the next BATTLEFIELD game, the sequel to Battlefield 2, NOT Bad Company 2. People are thinking this game is just another run and gun style game just because of the stupid metro map that is meant for that type of play. They don't think of Conquest on Caspian Border, or all of the other maps that will be available. Everyone nitpicked this beta to death because of all the critics out there putting it up against Call of Duty.

MidnytRain2396d ago

I apologize for the angry nerd above me. XD

"and some seriously freaky “silent Hill” abomination thingymajig style crawling animations..."

Lol, ain't that the truth. I saw one dude suspended in the air as if he was hanged with his body twitching and jerking. I'm confident DICE will release a polished game; a dev of their caliber doesn't put out a game THAT bad. My only wish is for the beta itself to get patched so we can stop having these "underworld spars".

bwazy2396d ago

Well here's the thing. I didn't try any version other than the PC (why would I), and I absolutely LOVE the game, WHEN IT WORKED, even while playing on my Universities top of the line connection, I was getting a stupid amount of server lag, which ultimately made the game unplayable... Every single time.... I thought it could have been my PC's performance (not likely at all), so I OC'd my 5970 anyways... NOTHING changed. This was tested through all graphical setting presets.

If the servers are rock solid come launch date, its gonna be an amazing time waster of a game, if not. I think I'm done gaming for a long while

StayStatic2396d ago

You been restarting BF3 after changing settings ? otherwise they don't take effect , another bug xD

Also since the patch & using the preview drivers MSAA on my OC 5870 is jerky as hell even though frames are high. Still a lil jerky without ; a bit , but i await the release to see the finished results which dice says are much better than the curent beta build , fingers crossed ay :D

Heres hoping for a solid release with stable servers

bwazy2396d ago

Lol yeah i've been restarting BF3 after changing settings.

Dugstar2396d ago

“Silent Hill” abomination thingamajig style crawling animations "

JellyJelly2396d ago

That's some freaky sh*t right there.

Brownghost2396d ago

does gravity still affect bullets or not cause i dont see it, also i wish medals were back and flashlights and lasers can be annoying. i still loved the pc version with 64 players on Caspian border.

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