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Tomb Raider Underworld Limited Edition Street Date Broken

Here I am, another Saturday.. but this one's different, this Saturday was the day where I got the first Tomb Raider: Underworld Limited Edition in the world.
Except for reviewers and the devs themselves; however from what I've seen so far the game is far from what its predecessors were, and that is: It's a lot more fun.

Some fanboys will be happy to know that there are no installs, the loading times are great and the graphics look quite awesome.


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xg-ei8ht3438d ago

Nice Limited edition:)

Looks like a decent tombraider.

micro_invader3438d ago

I reckon the limited edition should've come with your own personal Lara :p

redwingsrock3438d ago

is there trophies in this game?

cicadess3436d ago

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